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Fogo Charcoal vs Jealous Devil Charcoal: A Comparison

Grilling season’s here, and we’ve got a showdown. Fogo Charcoal vs. Jealous Devil Charcoal.

Ever stood in front of the charcoal bags at the store and felt a bit lost? Us too.

This article is our tale from the trenches.

We grilled. We tested. We laughed and maybe shed a tear.

Ready to find out which charcoal really lights our fire?

You’re in the right place.

What is Fogo Charcoal?

Fogo Charcoal is a popular charcoal brand made from high-quality hardwood.

It originates from South America and is known for its long-burning capabilities, low smoke production, and clean-burning properties.

It is considered one of the best charcoal choices by BBQ enthusiasts because its oak-based flavor enhances the taste of meats without overpowering them.

As such, it has gained a loyal following for being reliable and consistent.

Compared to other burnt woods, Fogo Charcoal provides a stable temperature for cooking, making it an ideal choice for various dishes cooked on outdoor grills.

Its high density means that it burns hotter and longer than regular charcoal brands while keeping ash production to a minimum.

It also helps maintain humidity within a smoker or grill dome, which further enhances the flavors in your meat dish.

While Fogo Charcoal comes with many advantages over regular wood or coal options, there is another brand that has been increasingly gaining popularity amongst grillers- Jealous Devil Charcoal.

Its unique manufacturing process involves heating 100% natural hardwood over an extended period using innovative technologies to produce dense carbon pieces that burn longer than traditional charcoal options like Fogo Charcoal.

What is Jealous Devil Charcoal?

Jealous Devil Charcoal is a premium charcoal made from 100% all-natural hardwood.

It’s sourced from Paraguay, which is known for producing top-quality charcoal.

Jealous Devil Charcoal has a unique blend of dense hardwoods, making it denser and hotter than other hardwood charcoals.

It produces less ash due to its low moisture content and burns longer than most other charcoals in the market.

With zero chemicals added, Jealous Devil Charcoal is an eco-friendly choice for grilling and smoking meats.

Differences Between Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal

When comparing Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal, there are some notable differences between the two.

1 – Charcoal Source and Manufacturing Process

Charcoal manufacturing and sourcing processes differ significantly in Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal.

Both brands source their raw materials from sustainably grown hardwoods, but Fogo Charcoal uses a more traditional process of slow-burning that produces natural charcoal without the addition of chemicals or fillers.

On the other hand, Jealous Devil uses an innovative technique to carbonize its wood faster, using technology to obtain premium hardwood lump charcoal.

While both charcoals produce delicious grilled food and boast eco-friendly operations, they are unique in their methods and quality offerings.

2 – Charcoal Composition and Quality

Charcoal is an essential element for grilling and barbecuing.

High-quality charcoal ensures perfect cooking results, making it crucial to understand the composition and quality of charcoal before purchasing it.

A comparison between Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal in terms of their composition and quality helps us make an informed decision.

Both brands offer hardwood lump charcoal composed of different types of wood, including oak, hickory, and mesquite.

However, Fogo Charcoal boasts a higher percentage of large-sized lumps resulting in longer burning time and consistent heat compared to Jealous Devil Charcoal’s smaller-sized lumps.

Moreover, Fogo claims that their charcoal has less ash content than other leading brands.

Fogo Charcoal also stands out with its sustainable harvesting methods and eco-friendly packaging.

The brand sources its hardwood from renewable forests using responsible practices that minimize environmental impact, while the packaging is made entirely from recycled materials.

Overall, both Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal offer premium quality hardwood lump charcoal composed of different types of wood suitable for various cooking styles.

However, Fogo shines with its larger size lumps resulting in longer burn times combined with environmentally friendly practices.

3 – Flavor and Performance

The taste and performance of Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal are significant factors to consider when choosing between the two.

Both brands use natural hardwood to produce a unique flavor profile that enhances meat’s taste.

Furthermore, they burn hotter and longer than traditional charcoal, reducing the amount needed for each session, making them more cost-effective.

The difference in the flavor profile between the two brands lies in their production process.

Fogo Charcoal uses single-source hardwood from Central America, producing a smoky flavor, while Jealous Devil Charcoal blends South American hardwoods to create a mild yet distinct taste.

Overall, both brands provide excellent options for achieving high-quality results on your grill or smoker.

4 – Bag Size and Packaging

This section explores the unique packaging characteristics of Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal.

In terms of bag size and packaging, both brands provide their products in distinct ways.

  • Fogo Charcoal comes in a variety of bag sizes ranging from 8 to 35 pounds. The brand marks each bag with the batch number, date of production, and type of wood used. The 8-pound bags feature easy-to-use handles for hassle-free transportation.
  • Jealous Devil Charcoal offers three different sizes – 20, 35, and 35+ pounds. The bags contain a durable double-ply paper that minimizes risk during handling and transportation. Furthermore, the bags have a protective moisture-resistant lining to avoid exposure to humidity or rainwater.
  • In addition to these packaging details, both brands are committed to using sustainable materials for their bags, ensuring waste reduction as well as eco-friendliness.

Indisputably, choosing between Fogo Charcoal vs Jealous Devil charcoal will ultimately depend on an individual’s preferences for specific features in the product packaging aspects.

Similarities Between Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal

Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal share several similarities in terms of quality and performance.

Both are known for producing high-quality, all-natural hardwood charcoal with no added chemicals or fillers.

Additionally, both brands use sustainable methods to source their wood and give back to the environment.

Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal also provide consistent heat for a prolonged cooking time, making them ideal options for BBQ enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Moving forward, it’s worth noting that each brand has slightly different offerings when it comes to charcoal size and packaging options.

However, both Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal prioritize customer satisfaction through high-quality products backed by exceptional customer support.

These brands are considered industry leaders in the world of charcoal production due to their commitment to excellence.

Tips for Using Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal

Using Fogo and Jealous Devil Charcoal can be a rewarding experience when you know how to handle them.

The right handling technique gives an exceptional flavor to your grilled food.

  • When grilling, make sure the charcoal is properly arranged.
  • Add enough charcoal to the grill.
  • Leave the lid open until the coals are glowing red.
  • Reduce airflow when necessary by adjusting the vents.
  • Don’t use lighter fluid or any chemical to start charcoal to avoid taste alteration.
  • Clean your grill and dispose of ashes correctly after every cook out session.

These charcoals’ differences lie in their density, longevity, cost, and almost smokeless quality.

Fogo has denser chunks with longer burn times while Jealous Devil produces hot heat within a short time for intense searing.

Choosing between them depends on what type of cooking method you’re more comfortable with.

Get the one that best suits your grilling needs and enjoy the smokey flavor.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Customers always look for quality charcoal that can enhance their grilling experience.

Here are some feedback and recommendations regarding two of the most popular options in the market.

Fogo Charcoal:

  • Users applaud its performance in long smoking sessions with minimal ash production.
  • The chunks’ size is even, making it easy to control the grill’s temperature.
  • It might take slightly longer to heat than other brands.

Jealous Devil Charcoal:

  • Users love how quickly it heats up and how hot it burns, ideal for searing steaks.
  • Its drawstring bag makes storing easier than competitors’ bulky bags.
  • Some users report excessive sparking during cooking.

To make an informed decision, consider these aspects while purchasing either of the charcoals.

However, remember that they have their unique qualities meeting different grilling requirements.


Comparing Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal, we can conclude that both are high-quality products catering to different audience preferences.

While Fogo Charcoal is ideal for longer, low-and-slow cooks due to its size and burn time, Jealous Devil Charcoal is great for searing at high temperatures.

Both brands boast high carbon content with minimal ash for a clean burn.

However, when it comes to packaging and price point, Jealous Devil Charcoal has an edge.

Overall, choosing between the two depends on the specific cooking needs and budget of the consumer.

Fogo Charcoal vs Jealous Devil Charcoal: A Comparison

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Fire up your grills as you embark on a journey through the world of charcoal. Compare the qualities of Fogo and Jealous Devil charcoal to achieve the perfect flame-kissed flavor in your culinary creations.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
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  • Fogo Charcoal
  • Jealous Devil Charcoal


  • Choose between Fogo Charcoal and Jealous Devil Charcoal based on your preference and availability.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your chosen charcoal, including the recommended amount to use and proper lighting techniques.
  • Prepare your grill or smoker according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring it is clean and ready for charcoal placement.
  • Arrange the Fogo Charcoal or Jealous Devil Charcoal in the grill or smoker, creating a well-distributed layer for even heat distribution.
  • Ignite the charcoal using your preferred method, such as using a chimney starter or lighter fluid (if applicable).
  • Allow the charcoal to reach the desired temperature and develop a bed of hot coals for cooking.
  • Adjust the vents or dampers on your grill or smoker to control the airflow and temperature as needed.
  • Place your food on the cooking grate and proceed with grilling or smoking according to your recipe or desired cooking technique.
  • Monitor the charcoal throughout the cooking process, adding more if necessary to maintain heat levels.
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