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Crispy Delights: What Does Fried Okra Taste Like?

What satisfies your cravings during a cold and rainy day? Fried Okras, of course.

We all crave something crunchy, spicy, and healthy that fried okras do complete justice to it.

You can always enjoy it as a breakfast, light brunch, and snack anytime and anywhere.

Everyone has different taste preferences when it comes to okras.

Some say it tastes like eggplant or brinjal, and some say it tastes like green beans.

So, what does fried Okra taste like?

Fried Okra tastes almost grassy with a very mild flavor.

And it doesn’t have much strong flavor and smell, making it easier for you to fry those greens by adding ingredients and spices to suit your taste.

What is Fried Okra?

what is fried okra

They say Okra originated in Ethiopia during the 12th century.

And during this time, it is said even the seeds of the Okra were eaten separately by toasting them and using them as coffee.

Okra is a vegetable enjoyed worldwide, and people cook it in different styles.

Some like their Okra cooked and slimy, while some like them crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

But today, it’s all about fried Okra, how it tastes and how it is cooked.

As some people famously call it a lady’s finger, Okra is also a part of the vegetable family.

You can make this amazingly quick and easy snack called fried Okra with okras.

Fried Okra is just Okra cut into small pieces, drenched or coated in buttermilk, and deep-fried till it’s crunchy.

What Does Fried Okra Taste Like?

what does fried okra taste like

Surprisingly, raw Okra and fried Okra taste very different.

Fried Okra tastes almost grassy but not too mild, has a sweet taste, and is creamy, depending on how you prepare and cook it.

Many compare the taste of fried Okra to that of eggplant or even fried green beans.

Fried Okra is also a good source of vitamins and minerals that is beneficial for the human body.

It is also full of antioxidants, and Okra has been known to be good for the bowel system.

Fried Okra might be very light and not as heavy as other fried foods.

However, eating fried Okra daily is finitely not good for the health.

Even if it is a vegetable, you are still deep-frying it in oil which is filled with saturated fats and trans fat that is unhealthy for the body.

There is also a matter of concern when it comes to Okra.

Okra contains a compound called solanine which is toxic for people suffering from diseases like arthritis, joint pain, and other significant diseases.

How to Cook Fried Okra?

how to cook fried okra

It’s very simple and easy to make fried Okra.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind a few things while prepping to cook it.

First of all, you need to wash the Okra thoroughly before you cut them up.

This will prevent the Okra from getting slimy and all mushy.

This is an essential tip while dealing with Okra.

Next, prepare the wet batter in a bowl.

Now, add cornmeal, black pepper, salt, and eggs and mix the ingredients thoroughly till it forms a batter consistency.

You can even use buttermilk and add spices of your choice.

Now, coat the Okra in the batter evenly, and deep fry them in hot oil till it gets golden and crispy.

Garnish it with some spring onions or coriander and serve it up hot.

Another way to make Okra extra crispy is to use bread crumbs.

First, you need to wash and cut the Okra and coat them in a batter of buttermilk, black pepper, salt, and other spices.

After dipping them in the batter, thoroughly coat them in bread crumbs and fry them till golden and crispy.

Another tip to remember while frying the Okra is to cook them in scalding oil.

This will make your Okra extra crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.

Frying Okra in not enough oil will over-cook the Okra, and it will be all slimy on the inside.

One can even get creative and make their recipes in making fried Okra.

Final Thought

Fried Okra is, no doubt, one of the most addictive and tastiest snacks enjoyed by people all over the world.

It is very easy to prepare and cook it.

Anyone can make fried Okra like a pro once they follow the basic tips and tricks.

Now that we are at the end of the article, if you have never tried fried Okra, now you have an idea of what it tastes like.

It is crunchy, soft, has an eggplant texture and taste, and is the best combination with warm tea on a rainy day.

If you have never tried fried Okra, this is the time for you to make your own version of fried Okra and impress your family with this simple yet finger-licking dish.

What Does Fried Okra Taste Like? Does Fried Okra Taste Good?

Wondering about the flavor of fried okra? Wonder no more! Discover the taste of fried okra and find out if it's a delicious choice.
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