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Mysteries of the Sea: What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

Going by the name, one would think Geoduck is one of the species of duck.

But some would be pretty surprised to know that it is one of the variants of clams.

It’s known for its massive size and is considered the largest burrowing clam in the world.

Geoduck also has an exceptionally long lifespan, up to 140 years.

Unlike other clams, this variant has a unique feature that has created quite a buzz online.

Given its outer appearance, it doesn’t look appetizing, if we’re honest.

But surprisingly enough, this seafood is quite popular and relished by people in various parts of the world.

This post will serve as a guide to what Geoduck tastes like and answer all the questions related to this clam type.

What is Geoduck?

Geoduck, pronounced gooey-duck, is a saltwater clam found mainly in the Pacific Northwest.

This clam is known for its unique feature and is quite large.

This weird-looking clam is a seafood delicacy that is quite popular among seafood enthusiasts.

Divers harvest Geoducks using a long metal hook to pull them from their dwelling place- the burrow.

The size of this clam ranges from 15 cm to 20 cm long.

Its features consist of the mantle and the neck.

The neck, also known as the siphon, is long, while the breast part is the mantle.

Like most clams, the meaty part is inside the shell’s mantle.

These clams are filter feeders.

They use their siphons to transfer water which carries small fishes and plankton.

What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

By the look of it, this clam might not have the most exciting feature.

However, Geoduck is quite popular among seafood enthusiasts and the like.

It’s also quite expensive, but some people are ready to splurge.

So, what exactly does this clam taste like?

As mentioned, this clam comes in two parts: the mantle and the neck.

Both have meat inside them and have different textures.

  • The neck, also called a siphon.

The meat in the neck part is whitish and tastes similar to oysters.

  • The mantle.

The breast part is referred to as the mantle.

This part of the meat is more flavorful and tender.

Overall, both parts are crisp and crunchy but become chewy once cooked.

You can have this clam raw or have it cooked with other ingredients.

Unlike other seafood, it doesn’t have a fishy smell which most people don’t like.

If you’re one of those, perhaps this clam would be perfect.

It’s salty and sweet, sharing a few shrimp qualities.

This clam has a refreshing taste with a crisp texture and is relatively healthy.

Geoducks have good nutritional value and are a rich source of B12 vitamins and protein.

It is also packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit your health.

It doesn’t have a high amount of saturated fats, which is good as the excess of it may increase your cholesterol level.

Overall, this seafood is healthy as it’s packed with nutrients.

Despite being expensive, it’s popular and in demand, especially in high-end restaurants.

Some countries like South Korea eat raw Geoduck with chili sauce or soup.

However, there might be some risks associated with it.

It’s been reported that having this raw clam might get infected with Norovirus.

Since Geoduck filters water to extract food, it may come across these virus particles and get stuck in its membrane.

How to Cook Geoduck?

It’s always essential to clean the clam properly before starting the cooking process.

Since it’s a burrowing clam, it’s covered with mud or sand.

Use fresh water to clean the clams.

We recommend getting an unused toothbrush to remove the dirt.

The first step is to clean the outer layer before you proceed with cooking.

After this, the next task is taking the meat out from inside the shell.

It would be pretty challenging for beginners.

If you’re new, here are some of the steps on how to do it:

  • Fill water in a pot sufficient enough to cover Geoduck. Boil the water first.
  • Once it starts boiling, take the clams and put them in the water for ten seconds. Use a tong to prevent burns. .
  • Remove the water and immediately put the clams in ice-cold water to stop cooking.
  • Once the Geoduck is cooled, take a knife to open the shell. We recommend cutting around the edges first. After that, you can use your fingers to open the shell.
  • Once the shell is opened, take out the meat and put it in cold water. If you see an outer membrane around the siphon, remove it. This part is not edible. .
  • Slice the siphon according to its length and cut its tip. Clean it with cold water again. .

The meat is ready to be cooked in any way you want.

Use ingredients that blend with the Geoduck.

How to Buy Geoduck?

You may find Geoduck in most seafood markets, but it also depends on where you live.

This clam type is abundantly found around the coastal area.

If you’re not from around the coastal area, chances are less likely to find this clam near your local fish market.

Fortunately, you can purchase it online.

Some sites selling Geoduck are Fathom Seafood, Marx Foods, and Seafood.

Or, you can visit seafood restaurants to have this clam.

Note that the size, shape, and color of Geoduck may vary depending on the growing environment.

Final Thought

As we end the article, we hope it has answered your question about Geoduck and its taste.

The taste of this clam may vary depending on how you cook.

Raw ones are crunchy, tender, and sweet, while cooked Geoducks are chewy.

Despite its obscure feature, this clam is in high demand, especially among seafood lovers.

You can also prepare this clam yourself by following the steps mentioned above.

Give this burrow clam a shot if you haven’t tried it yet.

You can get it online or head to your nearest seafood market to get Geoducks.

What Does Geoduck Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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