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What to Serve with Grilled Trout? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Grilled trout’s on the menu tonight. What to serve with it? That’s the million-dollar question.

We’ve all been there. Standing in the kitchen, trout sizzling away, and our minds go blank. Side dishes? Uh oh.

Here’s the deal. We’ve found 10 side dishes that are nothing short of winners. They’re easy, they’re delicious, and they’ll make your trout sing.

Personal anecdote time: I once served grilled trout with just a squeeze of lemon. Talk about a missed opportunity. Learn from my mistake.

Ready to elevate your trout game? Keep reading.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Grilled Trout?

Trout are related to salmon, and they are species of freshwater fish.

Many fishes come under “trout,” and you can find them in freshwater lakes and rivers, mainly in America, Asia, and Europe.

Hence, trout is a popular fish in many cuisines.

Grilled trout is a typical dish in BBQs and other outdoor events.

While the dish is tasty, you obviously can’t serve only that at dinner or a cookout.

Besides, a meal can’t be complete with only one item, no matter how delicious.

You need at least a few side dishes to balance and enjoy the meal.

What to Serve with Grilled Trout? 10 BEST Side Dishes

You can serve a variety of items with grilled trout so let’s find out one by one.

1. Oven Roasted Asparagus

Almost all veggies complement trout, so you’ll have plenty of options.

The first dish on the list is oven-roasted asparagus.

It’s tasty, and it pairs nicely with the fish.

Making oven-roasted asparagus is also easy, and prepping and cooking the veggie takes just about 25 minutes.

You also don’t need many ingredients.

Asparagus, olive oil, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, garlic, and lemon juice are all that you need.

However, the last three ingredients are optional.

But make sure to buy asparagus with tips that are firm and unwilted.

2. Caprese Salad

A cheese salad can accompany grilled trout to give you that fresh and tangy flavor.

So, what better than Caprese salad that’s simple but so delicious?

Mozzarella cheese, red tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves are the three main ingredients for making the salad.

Salt and pepper are the other two ingredients for seasoning.

For the dressing, you can use extra virgin olive oil or a balsamic glaze.

Mozzarella is lower in sodium than other varieties, so adding a little salt will bring out the best flavors.

The best mozzarella cheese comes from buffalo milk, but cow milk mozzarella will also work if it’s unavailable.

3. Rice Pilaf

Even plain rice tastes good with fish so imagine how yummy rice pilaf and grilled trout will be.

You’ll experience lovely flavors and feel full by the end of the meal.

Besides, making rice pilaf is easy, and you can also make large portions at a time.

Hence, if your cookout has many guests in attendance, it will be the perfect dish to go with the fish.

Rice pilaf usually has meat, seafood, and veggies, but you can omit the first two ingredients.

But use chicken or beef stock to enhance the flavors.

4. Green Papaya Salad

If you’re looking for sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors all in one, green papaya salad is the perfect side dish to go with grilled trout.

It’s a popular Asian dish, but it’s so good that its popularity has reached far and wide.

Green papaya salad comprises unripe shredded papaya, chili peppers, lime juice, palm sugar, and fish sauce.

Ripe papaya is sweet, but raw ones have a mild taste.

Hence, the combination of various flavors works perfectly.

You have every taste in balance.

If you’re not too keen on the spiciness, you can tone down the number of peppers.

5. Pineapple Salsa

You can also serve fresh pineapple salsa with grilled trout because they match up well.

It’s also an easy dish to make as you don’t have to cook anything.

Besides, you can make a large portion at a time if you have many guests to serve.

Pineapple is native to tropical and subtropical America but grown widely in many regions.

Hence, you can find fruits in most places.

The salad will need fresh ripe pineapple, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, bell peppers (red and yellow), salt, pepper, and lime juice.

You have to prep and mix the ingredients, and you’ll have a bowl of brightly colored salsa.

6. Sauteed Swiss Chard

Leafy greens like Swiss chard also complement grilled trout.

So, you can serve it alongside the fish.

Sauteed Swiss chard is easy to make, and you don’t have to use many ingredients.

Though unrelated, chard is similar to spinach but is slightly more bitter.

However, the bitterness becomes milder when sauteed and wilted, and you get a lovely taste.

You need olive oil for sauteing, minced garlic for aroma, salt for taste, and red pepper flakes for a bit of heat.

Combined and sauteed, you’ll have a yummy dish ready to go with the trout.

7. Easy Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini fritters are a good option if you’re looking for quick recipes.

They complement grilled trout and are yummy.

It also doesn’t take much time to make zucchini fritters, so that you can make a big batch in a short time.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients and fry each spoonful for two minutes on each side.

For making the fritters, it’s essential to choose the right zucchini.

Big ones are tasteless and watery, so avoid these; smaller is better.

Also, choose brightly colored zucchini, whether white, green, or yellow.

8. Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

You got to have some spuds in the menu, or the list won’t be complete.

Even simple boiled potatoes taste good with grilled trout.

But why not enhance your menu and make creamy au gratin potatoes instead?

Everybody loves potatoes, so your dish will undoubtedly be a hit.

Besides, making creamy au gratin potatoes isn’t tricky.

You need the right ingredients and follow the timing to have perfectly cooked potatoes.

Cheddar cheese is an important ingredient in the dish.

You will find different types of cheddar, so you have many options.

However, experts suggest you choose blocks and not shredded cheddar, as the latter may contain additives, including non-edible items like sawdust.

9. Roasted Root Vegetables

Veggies and fish can’t go wrong, no matter how you cook them.

How about roasted root vegetables to serve with grilled trout? They can balance the meal pretty well.

Root veggies are also available in plenty, and there are many types, so you can choose whatever you want.

It may take a little more time to cook than other dishes, but you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Red onion, parsnips, carrots, sweet and red potatoes, beets, and garlic are some root veggies that you use to cook the dish.

Add salt, black pepper, olive oil, and fresh herbs of your choice to get slightly charred, smoky, and yummy roasted veggies.

10. Sauteed Green Beans with Balsamic Glaze

A sweet and tangy veggie dish with green beans can also pair up with grilled trout.

The two dishes taste superb together, and it’s also easy to make the green bean dish.

Moreover, green beans are available all year round, so you can quickly get them from the market.

The balsamic glaze adds tangy and sweet flavors to the crisp-tender beans making them more delicious and appetizing.

When sautéing the green beans, it’s necessary to cook them perfectly; the veggies should be bright green and crisp-tender.

Otherwise, they will become soft and mushy and won’t taste as good.


Whether you are planning to serve grilled trout at a cookout or a family dinner, the ten side dishes will come in handy.

You can choose your favorites, but we vouch for each dish mentioned above.

When pressed for time, choose dishes that don’t take much time and when there is a large gathering, make dishes that you can cook in significant portions.

These few points will help you make the event successful, and everyone will get a chance to enjoy your cooking.

What to Serve with Grilled Trout? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Looking to enhance your grilled trout experience? You're in luck! We've compiled a list of the 10 best side dishes that will beautifully complement the flavors of your grilled trout.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
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Servings 4 Servings


  • 1. Oven Roasted Asparagus
  • 2. Caprese Salad
  • 3. Rice Pilaf
  • 4. Green Papaya Salad
  • 5. Pineapple Salsa
  • 6. Sauteed Swiss Chard
  • 7. Easy Zucchini Fritters
  • 8. Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes
  • 9. Roasted Root Vegetables
  • 10. Sauteed Green Beans with Balsamic Glaze


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  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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