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Guava Goodness: What Do Guavas Taste Like?

Guava goodness is all the rage, and for good reason. Ever bitten into a guava?

It’s like a surprise party for your senses. This fruit, often overlooked, packs a punch with its unique flavor.

Picture this: a mix of pear and strawberry with a tropical twist. Sweet, slightly tart, and utterly refreshing, guavas can uplift any dish or be a star on their own.

They’re not just about taste, though. Guavas are nutrition powerhouses, offering a bounty of vitamins and antioxidants.

Next time you see one, give it a try – it might just become your new favorite fruit.

What are Guavas?

what are guavas

Guava is a tropical fruit that belongs to the Myrtle family.

Other species in this family include eucalyptus, clove, allspice, and bay rum tree.

Botanically, guavas are considered berries.

The fruits are mostly oval with yellowish or light green skin.

The flesh is either white or pink in color with edible seeds on the inside.

Besides the fruit, guava leaves are also used for making supplements and herbal tea.

There are ten types of red-pink guavas and twelve more varieties of white guavas.

Not to mention, there is a unique variety of yellow guavas, indicating its yellow flesh.

So, the overall shape, color, and flavor of the fruit will depend on its variety.

The most common type of guava is called the Psidium guajava, also known as apple guava or lemon guava.

Other notable varieties include Mexican Cream Guava, Strawberry Guava, Tropical White Guava, and Pineapple Guava, among others.

What Do Guavas Taste Like?

what do guavas taste like

Guavas are exotic fruits, as some varieties can be hard to find.

While the taste can vary between varieties, the basic flavor of guavas is sweet once they are ripe.

Guavas have a distinct flavor and aroma, and their delectable scent will make your mouth water instantly.

Many people who have tasted the fruit claim that its flavor is a mix between a pear and a strawberry.

Others also say that some varieties taste similar to mangoes.

Guess you got to try it to find it out.

Guavas are eaten unripe in some cuisines, especially in India, Hawaii, and Thailand.

Unripe guavas will mostly taste sour, and their outer skin tends to be hard.

However, some varieties of unripe guavas may taste sweet, reminding you of a mix between pear and grapefruit.

At their peak ripeness, guavas will give out a sweet aromatic scent.

Biting into it will reveal a soft and juicy fruit that feels more like papaya.

The edible seeds bring about a nice crunch.

Guava fruits are extremely rich in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and potassium.

Hence, they offer a wide range of health benefits such as:

  • Help lower blood sugar levels.
  • Boost heart health.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Improve digestive system.
  • Boost your immunity.
  • Good for skin health.

Apart from that, guavas are low in calories but high in manganese, calcium, vitamin A, and lycopene.

How to Eat and Use Guavas?

how to eat and use guavas

Have you ever heard of the popular Mexican beverage, Agua Fresca? It is commonly made with guavas.

If you want to give it a try, here’s a quick recipe:

  • Blend 1cup of sugar and 1lb guavas with 3 cups of water.
  • Strain the mixture into a pitcher, then add another 3 cups of water.
  • Adjust the sugar as per taste.
  • Add ice and serve chilled.

There’s no wrong way of eating guavas.

Pluck a ripe guava from the tree, give it a good rinse, and simply dive in.

You can eat the seeds and rind as well.

Or you can always cut a washed guava into wedges and enjoy it with other fruits.

Some people like to peel off the skin.

However, we suggest you eat the fruit and the rind as it contains a great amount of vitamin C.

Besides eating it raw, you can add guavas into recipes:

  • Make guava ice pops this summer to beat the heat.
  • Try a refreshing guava salad.
  • Start your day with a tropical guava smoothie.

Believe it or not, guavas can also be cooked to make several tasty dishes.

Since they’re high in pectin, guavas can be used as a thickening ingredient in jams and pies.

Final Thought

Guavas are extremely nutritional and delicious.

However, they’re one of the most underrated fruits.

Whether you eat it raw, blended, or cooked, you’ll be surprised by the fruit’s flavor and aroma.

And perhaps, it’s time you give this fruit a try and let it shine on your dinner table.

Head to your local supermarket today and get your hands on the season’s best guavas.

Now would be the best time to do that.

Once you bring your tropical fruits home, try out one of the recipes mentioned above.

And enjoy.

What Do Guavas Taste Like? Do Guavas Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of guavas? Look no further! Discover what guavas taste like and whether they're delicious with this concise exploration.
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