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Savoring Tradition: What Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?

Can you call yourself a beer expert if you have yet to taste Guinness beer? Probably not.

This wonderfully refreshing drink is a staple in pubs across the UK but is slowly increasing in popularity in western countries.

Many may associate the drink with the famous Guinness book of records, but there’s no relation except similar names.

The liquor has actually been around since the 18th century in Ireland.

Nowadays, you can find it everywhere if you know where to look.

For those who have yet to try this bitter-sweet beverage, here is an account of everything you might want to know about it.

So, what does Guinness beer taste like? Keep reading to find out the details.

What is Guinness Beer?

To put it plainly, Guinness beer is an alcoholic beverage usually served in liquor joints or watering holes, as they are known.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of what it is exactly, you would call it an Irish stout.

Stouts are brewed ale that have a distinct dark tint.

This drink comes in various forms depending on what is utilized for the fermenting process.

However, the distinctive flavor profile of this particular refreshment is made with roasted barley.

Dubbed one of the most successful alcohol brands globally, Guinness has its humble beginnings in the distilleries belonging to Arthur Guinness.

It is currently in production in over fifty countries and available to consume in over a hundred and twenty nations.

The signature style of consuming this seductively dark beverage is by pouring it into a tumbler directly from a keg.

The beverage must always be served chilled to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors flowing in the tall glass.

To complete the pleasure of savoring a Guinness, always check to see if a layer of froth forms at the top.

What Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?

When you first take a sip of this brewed concoction, you are immediately overwhelmed by the sweet and bitter notes imparted by the fermented malt barley.

However, as you get accustomed to the drink, you start experiencing the complex, rich undertones.

Hints of licorice, coffee, and even chocolate complement the smoky aftertaste that’s present due to roasting the barely beforehand.

The liquid also is a bit more viscous than other spirits and has a rich mouth feel.

This provides a different dimension to the overall experience.

If you’ve been calling it the black beer, it’s not entirely correct.

The ale is a deep ruby color that’s quite apparent if you look at it closely.

The beverage has been compared to the infamous corona beer by some saying it tastes similar, and some even say it tastes like Hennessy Brandy.

Although, Guinness has an alcohol content of only four percent and might be the healthier choice of the three.

In all honesty, the drink is a good choice for beginners and regulars alike.

You are bound to get another cup if you try it out once.

The deep color also makes it look absolutely stunning and very captivating to drink.

The frothy foam and velvety feel complete the luxurious experience and leave you wanting more and more.

How to Serve Guinness Beer?

A chilled stout after a long hot day of work sounds quite a treat.

You know you’ll have an excellent evening when you have your first sip.

But you’ve got to be patient and wait a little longer at the bar if you’ve ordered this Irish delight.

Here is a customary way to serve this beverage, and many barkeeps view mastering it as a rite of passage.

You should put aside conventional assumptions if you think it’s just another pint of beer.

Let’s start with the glass you will transfer this liquid into before drinking it.

It needs to be a tulip-shaped pint glass explicitly made for this brew.

Anything else cannot be accepted as a worthy container.

You’ll need to hold the glass at a 45-degree angle over the cask or keg and start pouring your Guinness until you hit the halfway mark from an angle.

This next step is crucial to obtain that signature foamy top.

Let the drink sit for a minute to two minutes. Yes.

The drink has to settle before you can fill it to the brim and create that famous off-white dome at the top.

Once you’ve completed the two-pour step, you can go ahead and enjoy one of the world’s most famous alcoholic drinks.


Now that you’ve all the information you need on consuming this dark drink, make sure you enjoy it the right way.

These days bars and pubs have started incorporating the rich intoxicant in many cocktails creating many unlikely pairings.

One such drink is the black velvet which uses champagne and Guinness.

However, you wish to have this refreshment is entirely up to you, but we do urge you to try the two-pour classic pint at least once.

It’s an age-old tradition that is quite an innovative way to consume any alcoholic beverage, and you do not want to miss any chance of enjoying it.

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