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Tasty Tweaks: 5 BEST Hakka Noodles Substitutes

Hakka noodles have a special spot in our hearts, right?

They’re like that comfort food you crave on a lazy Sunday or during a late-night munchies attack.

But hey, sometimes you open the pantry, and bam, no Hakka noodles in sight.

That moment could feel a bit like a mini disaster, especially if your taste buds were all set for that savory, stir-fry goodness. No stress, though!

We’ve got you covered with some super cool substitutes that will not just fill the void but might even introduce you to your new favorite.

Stick around, because we’re about to share our top picks that keep the vibe of Hakka noodles alive, without missing a beat!

The 5 BEST Substitutes for Hakka Noodles

If you’re a fan of the famous Hakka noodles, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of alternatives out there to try.

If you’ve wanted to switch up your usual noodle options, here are five of the best substitutes for Hakka noodles that you should definitely give a go.

1 – Ramen

Ramen noodles have taken the world by storm.

Originating in China, these delicious and tasty noodles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.

They are usually enjoyed as part of a soup dish with plenty of vegetables, soy sauce, and other garnishes, but their versatility allows them to be used in many different ways – for stir-fries, Asian-inspired salads, and even as a substitute for Hakka noodles.

The flavor of ramen is both salty and savory due to the addition of seasoning packs that come with the packets.

The texture is chewy and bursting with flavor, making it an ideal accompaniment to many meals.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Hakka noodles, consider using ramen instead: cook it according to the instructions on the packet, add it to your dish of choice, and enjoy a unique yet delicious experience.

2 – Udon

Udon noodles are an amazing comfort food enjoyed in Asian countries and all across the world.

Made from wheat flour, these thick, long noodles have a chewy texture and a mild flavor which makes them incredibly easy to incorporate into many dishes.

Enjoyed both hot and cold, udon noodles are often simmered in broths or served with a variety of sauces that bring out their delicious flavor.

They also make a great substitute for Hakka noodles, providing diners with an alternative that is just as tasty.

Udon noodles are the perfect addition to any meal and are sure to leave your taste buds feeling delighted.

3 – Soba

Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour and wheat flour, making it a lighter and healthier alternative to the more commonly used Hakka noodles.

These distinctive noodles have a chewy yet delicate texture that makes them stand out in any dish.

They take on whatever flavor they are cooked with and make an excellent substitute for Hakka noodles when stir-frying or sautéing.

Once you’ve tried soba, you won’t want to go back.

They add a burst of flavor, unlike any other noodle, while still providing enough texture to make each bite interesting.

And because of their subtle flavor profile, soba can easily be mixed with vegetables, beef, pork, tofu, mushrooms – anything your heart desires – to create a unique and delicious meal the whole family will enjoy.

4 – Yakisoba

Yakisoba is a delectable Japanese stir-fried noodle dish with a distinct flavor.

Traditionally made with plain wheat egg noodles, anything from marinated pork and cabbage to the sliced beef and onions can be added, making it an incredibly easy dish to personalize.

Four key ingredients make up the fantastic flavor of yakisoba – soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, and bonito stock.

The high heat must be maintained during the cooking process; stirring constantly and allowing the noodles to caramelize a bit on the bottom of the pan will produce an appetizing aroma, surely bringing out everyone’s hunger.

As soon as they are ready, top them with optional condiments such as beni shōga (finely shredded pickled ginger) or katsuobushi (bonito flakes).

Yakisoba has a unique savory taste that isn’t overbearing, so if you find yourself without any other options for Hakka noodles, you could easily shoehorn these in instead.

5 – Vermicelli

Vermicelli is an ingredient that’s gaining more recognition in the world of cuisine.

It’s a type of pasta made from wheat flour and has a flavor that hits all the right notes.

In terms of texture, vermicelli is very similar to angel hair pasta; it combines the best features of spaghetti and fettuccine noodles for something delicious.

If you want to substitute Hakka noodles for vermicelli in your recipe, try soaking them in hot water for 20 minutes, so they soften before cooking.

The result will be chewy but tender at the same time – nothing short of delectable.

All in all, vermicelli is a great addition to almost any dish if you’re looking to add variety to your palate – and not many ingredients can do that.

The 5 BEST Substitutes for Hakka Noodles

Running low on Hakka noodles but still craving that delightful taste? Fear not! We've curated a list of 5 fantastic substitutes that will satisfy your noodle cravings and pair perfectly with your favorite sauces and toppings. Say hello to new noodle adventures!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Substitutes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Ramen
  • Udon
  • Soba
  • Yakisoba
  • Vermicelli


  • Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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