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What to Serve with Ham Fried Rice? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Ham fried rice is a familiar dish that has been relished for generations.

This dish consists of cooked rice stir-fried with diced ham, along with a combination of vegetables and seasonings.

The result is a delightful and replenishing meal that can be enjoyed on its own or as a side dish.

Ham fried rice is a protean dish that can be tailored to match unique tastes and preferences.

Whether you like it spicy, savory, or with a touch of sweetness, there’s a rendition of ham fried rice that will fulfill your cravings.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Ham Fried Rice?

Serving side dishes with ham fried rice can enrich the overall dining experience and make the meal more balanced.

Side dishes can add variety to the meal, providing varied flavors, textures, and colors.

They can also assist in rounding out the meal nutritionally, providing additional protein, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a weeknight meal, serving side dishes with ham fried rice can make the meal more enjoyable and satisfying.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily find side dishes that complement and enhance the flavors of the ham fried rice.

What to Serve with Ham Fried Rice? 10 BEST Side Dishes

1 – Salad

A simple green salad is not only a perfect complement to ham fried rice but also a healthy choice of side dish.

The crisp and refreshing flavors of the greens can provide a nice contrast to the rich and savory flavors of the ham fried rice.

To make the salad more interesting, you can add some chopped vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions or some fruit like sliced strawberries or grapes.

To finish it off, you can drizzle your favorite dressing over the top.

Balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, and Caesar are all popular choices.

2 – Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sweet and sour sauce is a popular condiment that can be a great refinement to ham fried rice.

This sauce is made with a combination of sweet and sour flavors, usually from ingredients like sugar, vinegar, and fruit juices.

The sauce can be used for dipping the ham fried rice, vegetables, or meats and provides an extra burst of flavor that can add interest to the meal.

Consider making your own sweet and sour sauce at home for a fresher and more authentic taste or purchasing a pre-made sauce from your local grocery store.

3 – Grilled or Stir-fried Meats

Grilled or stir-fried meats like chicken or shrimp can make a great addition to the meal, providing some protein and extra flavor.

Adding some grilled or stir-fried meats to your ham fried rice can be a great way to make the meal more filling and satisfying.

Chicken, shrimp, and beef are all great options, as they are versatile and easy to prepare.

Grilling or stir-frying these meats allows you to get a nice char on the outside and keep the inside tender and juicy.

For added flavor, consider marinating the meats before cooking or adding some spices or seasonings while cooking.

4 – Garlic Bread

Garlic bread goes perfectly with ham fried rice as the flavors complement each other perfectly.

To make garlic bread, you will need a loaf of crusty bread, butter, garlic, and herbs such as parsley or basil.

Simply mix the butter, minced garlic, and herbs and spread the mixture on slices of bread.

Bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes or until the bread is golden brown and crispy.

The garlic in the bread harmonies out the salty flavor of the ham and adds a touch of sweetness to the dish.

5 – Soups

Light soups like egg drop or hot and sour soup can balance out the flavors of the ham fried rice and contribute some extra hydration.

Egg drop soup is a staple Chinese soup made with eggs, chicken broth, and green onions.

It is light and delicate and adds a touch of relish to the meal.

Hot and sour soup is another great alternative with ingredients such as tofu, mushrooms, and vinegar.

This soup is spicy and sour, which amplifies a different flavor dimension to the meal.

Serving soups with ham fried rice is a terrific way to add diversity to the meal and deliver additional hydration.

6 – Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms are an enjoyable and easy side dish that reinforces the meal’s earthy flavor and richness.

To make sautéed mushrooms, you will need mushrooms, butter, garlic, and herbs such as thyme or rosemary.

Simply sauté the mushrooms in butter until they are soft and tender.

Add minced garlic and herbs and cook for a few more minutes.

The flavors of sautéed mushrooms are perfect with ham fried rice as the earthy flavor of the mushrooms balances out the salty flavor of the ham.

7 – Stir-fried Or Sautéed Tofu

Stir-fried or sautéed tofu is a great selection for vegetarians and adds a meaty texture to the dish without any meat.

To make stir-fried or sautéed tofu, you will need firm tofu, oil, and seasonings such as soy sauce, ginger, and garlic.

Just cut the tofu into cubes and stir-fry in oil until golden brown, then add the seasonings and cook for a few more minutes.

Stir-fried or sautéed tofu is a great way to add protein to the meal without adding meat, and the flavors of the tofu go well with ham fried rice.

8 – Roasted Or Steamed Vegetables

Roasting or steaming vegetables like carrots, asparagus, and green beans is a great way to add freshness and color to the meal.

Roasting the vegetables with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper will boost their natural flavors, making them a delicious and healthy side dish for ham fried rice.

Steaming vegetables is also an alternative, which will preserve nutrients and color.

Simply place the vegetables in a steamer basket and let them cook for a few minutes until they are tender.

Serve the vegetables as a side dish, or top them with a drizzle of soy sauce or balsamic vinegar for extra spice.

9 – Fried Wontons

Fried wontons are an incredible way to add some crunchy texture and a spicy flavor to the meal.

Wontons are small dumplings filled with anything from cheese to crab and deep-fried until crispy.

They make an impressive side dish to ham fried rice, as they add a crunchy composition and a savory flavor to the meal.

Fried wontons are simple to make, and you can fill them with anything you like.

For a cheese-filled wonton, mix minced cheese with some herbs and spices, and wrap it in a wonton wrapper.

For a crab-filled wonton, mix crabmeat with cream cheese, spices, and scallions fold it in the wrapper, and fry the wontons until golden brown.

10 – Spring Rolls Or Egg Rolls

Spring rolls are thin and subtle, while egg rolls are thicker and crunchier.

Both are crammed with a mixture of vegetables, meats, and sauces and then fried until crispy.

Spring rolls and egg rolls are an incredible side dish to ham fried rice, as they add a crunchy texture and a burst of flavor to the meal.

Administer the spring rolls or egg rolls with a side of sweet chili sauce or soy sauce for dipping.

For a healthier option, bake the spring rolls or egg rolls in the oven until crispy instead of frying them.


Serving ham fried rice with a variety of sides offers a complete and balanced meal that is sure to satisfy.

Many different side dishes can be served with ham fried rice.

The options range from fresh and healthy salads to decadent and indulgent garlic bread.

Whether you prefer garlic bread, soups, sautéed mushrooms, or stir-fried tofu, there is a side dish for everyone.

These side dishes add flavor, texture, and variety to the meal, making it a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Ao, next time you make ham fried rice, try serving it with one of these delicious side dishes to make the meal complete.

What to Serve with Ham Fried Rice? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Complement your ham fried rice with these delicious side dishes. From crispy spring rolls to tangy kimchi, these accompaniments will add variety and flavor to your meal.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
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  • Salad
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Grilled or Stir-fried Meats
  • Garlic Bread
  • Soups
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Stir-fried Or Sautéed Tofu
  • Roasted Or Steamed Vegetables
  • Fried Wontons
  • Spring Rolls Or Egg Rolls


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