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What to Serve with Hawaiian Sliders? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Hawaiian sliders (or ham and cheese sliders) are a party favorite.

They contain everyone’s favorite ingredients: ham and cheese sandwiched between buttered Hawaiian bread.

They’re so versatile that they make any meal instantly better, but if you’re serving this for a proper meal, you need side dishes.

The right sides will keep your meal healthy and put-together and earn you many compliments.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best ten sides, so you always know what to serve with Hawaiian sliders.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Hawaiian Sliders?

Hawaiian sliders have nothing lacking when it comes to aroma, texture, and flavor.

The best you can do while choosing side dishes would be to look for ingredients that provide contrasting elements.

Since the sliders are rich in cheese, they may be somewhat ‘unhealthy.

’ The only way to combat this would be by including healthy ingredients, especially plant-based ones.

So, serving side dishes with Hawaiian sliders will not only balance the flavors but also make your meals more nutrient-rich.

What to Serve with Hawaiian Sliders? 10 BEST Side Dishes

From the simplest veg-based dishes to the most complex meaty dishes, here are ten sides that are perfect to pair with Hawaiian sliders.

1 – Olive Tapenade

This side dish uses crushed olives, anchovies, and capers to introduce sweet, tart, and refreshing flavors that contrast and complement the cheesy and comforting Hawaiian sliders.

They’re suitable to eat as a dip or a salad, depending on how you size each ingredient.

One exciting way to serve them is to spread the tapenade over the bread.

To do this, you might want to chop all the ingredients finely.

An olive tapenade contains healthy fats and minerals, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the seemingly ‘unhealthy’ sliders.

In addition, the tapenade also contains a decent amount of fiber that the Hawaiian sliders lack.

2 – Mediterranean Pasta Salad

If you’re a pasta lover, you know they make a significant part of your meals.

But pasta is often considered ‘unhealthy’ for being carb-rich and containing gluten.

However, gluten-free pasta variants are available, and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating your favorite pasta dish again.

You can never go wrong with brown rice pasta and soba noodles.

To give the dish its signature accent, consider using Mediterranean ingredients like olives, fresh herbs, and legumes for the pasta.

Crumbled feta cheese will be a great addition as a tangy garnish for this side dish.

3 – Mango and Red Cabbage Salsa

When mangoes are in season, you shouldn’t skip this salsa for another one.

It represents summer and is the best refreshing side dish you can serve with the cheesy sliders.

To add more substance to the salsa, consider using a vegetable with a contrasting color and texture, red cabbage.

Now that you have the main ingredients for the dish, you can be liberal to bring in more complementary flavors.

You cannot go wrong with bell peppers, fresh herbs, and a dressing of lemon juice.

Serve this salsa alongside the Hawaiian sliders and watch your guests enjoy the goodness of the season’s produce.

4 – Zucchini Noodles

Noodles have our hearts, but it’s often difficult to make them healthy and nutrient-rich.

So, consider serving zucchini noodles; they are simply zucchini cut into thin, noodle-like strips and cooked similarly to your favorite noodles.

The only difference is that they’re green, crunchy, and packed with many essential noodles.

Besides, they’re also gluten-free and low in carbs, making them a healthier alternative to regular noodles.

Regarding other ingredients, you can add crunchy veggies and meats like chicken breast to bring protein and fiber.

Drizzling olive oil over the noodles will help bring all the ingredients together, making them more coherent.

5 – Spicy Fish Soup

Cheesy dishes pair well with spicy ones, and if you’re looking for something meaty, consider serving a fish soup with many spices.

Though called a ‘fish’ soup, it isn’t limited to fish alone; it can contain any type of seafood.

Anchovies and shrimps are a classic option for fish soup as they provide rich and savory broth.

But they’re better with something meatier like salmon; combining two or more fish types adds more bite to your soup.

Veggies are a significant part of a fish soup, balancing the flavors and providing missing nutrients.

As regards seasoning, chili flakes and aromatics like garlic and scallions are enough to bring out the flavors of the fish.

6 – Greek Tortellini Salad

Tortellini has a complex appearance and is the perfect pasta for elevating any meal.

But what everyone looks forward to is the filling they enclose; it can contain meat, veggies, and many kinds of cheese.

To make the tortellini salad ‘Greek,’ you want to skip the mayo and use Greek yogurt; it is a healthier alternative to mayonnaise and a great boost for your gut.

The pasta salad and Hawaiian sliders combine different cheeses that melt on your palate.

But the veggies and dressing in the salad prevent your taste buds from being overwhelmed by one flavor.

7 – Beetroot and Carrot Slaw

If you’re serving Hawaiian sliders in winter, you want your side dishes to reflect the season and complement the cheesy flavors.

And you can always rely on carrots and beets to bring together a suitable side.

They’re inexpensive, accessible, and make some of the best side dishes.

Their vibrant colors are also a plus point when considering a visual appeal.

The carrots’ sweetness and the beets’ mild bitterness add sharp accents and contrast with the cheesy and hearty sliders.

In addition, their crunchy texture adds more dimension to the meal.

8 – Grilled Pineapple Salad

Grilling pineapples is an exciting way to cook them.

They release smoky flavors and a browned crust, bringing out more flavors far from the regular sweet and tangy pineapples.

By balancing the juiciness of pineapples with the cheesy Hawaiian sliders, you will add not only refreshing elements but also introduce much fiber essential for your gut health.

So, if you don’t want your guests feeling bloated or uneasy after their meals, you’ve got to serve this dish.

Besides, they’re easy on your budget; pineapples don’t cost much, do they?

9 – Green Couscous

Couscous is often mistaken as a grain type, but it is pasta, and if done right, it can cook into a fluffy texture that can become your next favorite dish.

They look like quinoa but get cooked quickly.

When serving it with Hawaiian sliders, you want to balance the cheesy flavors with a contrasting one.

Use zucchini, avocadoes, olives, and fresh herbs to add refreshing and vibrant accents to the couscous.

This side dish requires no complex ingredients and comes together in under 20 minutes.

So, why wait to try it? It’s a perfect side dish for a warm sunny day.

10 – Chili Stew

Ground beef, legumes, tomatoes, and loads of green chilis come together to give this side dish an aromatic and flavorful profile.

It is rich in plant and animal protein and provides decent carbs to keep you energized.

The exciting this about this stew is it takes just one pot to bring the dish from start to finish.

Its spicy and savory flavors beautifully contrast the cheesy and comforting Hawaiian sliders.

With every ingredient overlapping the other in the cooking process, the flavors only get richer and more complex.

So, you can be confident that this stew will impress your guest’s palates, no matter their food preferences.


Hawaiian sliders may be a treat for your palate, but they’re not the healthiest dish you can serve, especially not without sides.

Salads are a classic when it comes to side dishes for cheesy entrée, but you can get creative and serve a complex stew or soup occasionally.

If you’re unsure what side dish to choose, ask for recommendations from your family and guests.

Since there are many options to choose from, you might discover a favorite in the process.

What to Serve with Hawaiian Sliders? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Enhance your Hawaiian sliders with our top 10 side dish recommendations. These flavorful accompaniments will complement the sweetness of the sliders and add variety to your meal.
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Total Time 30 minutes
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  • Olive Tapenade
  • Mediterranean Pasta Salad
  • Mango and Red Cabbage Salsa
  • Zucchini Noodles
  • Spicy Fish Soup
  • Greek Tortellini Salad
  • Beetroot and Carrot Slaw
  • Grilled Pineapple Salad
  • Green Couscous
  • Chili Stew


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