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What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Ah, hazelnut.

With a name as charming as that, how could this coffee flavor not be delicious? And it is.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you might be surprised to know that hazelnut coffee actually has a bit of an edge to it.

It’s not as sweet as you might expect, and the flavor can be bolder than other flavored coffees.

Never tasted hazelnut coffee before? You sure are missing out on a lot.

Read on to learn more about this exquisite beverage.

We’ll also answer the hot question- what does hazelnut coffee taste like- so that you can decide for yourself if this is a flavor you’d like to try.

What is Hazelnut Coffee?

what is hazelnut coffee

Did you know that the US is the leading country in coffee consumption? Believe it or not, Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee daily.

Among the many new and unique coffee blends, hazelnut is definitely one of the most popular flavors.

Hazelnut coffee is a flavored coffee with hazelnut as its primary flavor.

It is typically made by adding hazelnut extract or hazelnut flavoring to coffee grounds before brewing or using hazelnut-flavored coffee beans.

As given in its name, hazelnut coffee simply means the unison of two flavors, i.e., hazelnut and coffee, poured into a cup.

While some people use hazelnut-flavored syrups to make their coffee, others might go for the real deal and add roasted hazelnuts to the grounds.

Whatever way you choose to make your hazelnut coffee, one thing is for sure- the outcome will be a delicious and fragrant cup of joe.

What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like?

what does hazelnut coffee taste like

Here comes the part we’ve all been waiting for – what does hazelnut coffee actually taste like? In short, it has a nutty, slightly sweet, and rich flavor.

Some say it tastes a bit like chocolate, while others say the flavor is more similar to caramel.

But of course, the exact flavor of hazelnut coffee may differ between people, depending on their unique palates.

Overall, the taste of hazelnut coffee is unique and definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of flavored coffee.

You can’t really put a finger on the taste of hazelnut coffee.

It has a complex flavor that is mostly aromatic and nutty but also earthy and roasted.

However, hazelnut flavor does go really well with the bitterness and richness of coffee.

If you want to try hazelnut coffee but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out some popular brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme.

And, of course, you can always make your own hazelnut coffee at home using a simple recipe.

Now, as for the health benefits, hazelnut coffee is a great source of antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from damage.

It also contains caffeine, which improves your mood, focus, and energy levels.

Plus, recent studies suggest that hazelnut coffee may help lower the risk of heart disease.

How to Serve Hazelnut Coffee?

how to serve hazelnut coffee

Due to the popularity of hazelnut coffee, you can get this beverage in almost any coffee shop.

However, if you want to make it at home, here’s a quick and easy recipe for you.

You’ll need some coffee beans(arabica coffee beans are the best for this recipe), hazelnut extract, hazelnut syrup (optional), and milk (optional).

First, grind the coffee beans and put them in a filter.

Then, add 1-2 teaspoons of hazelnut extract to the grounds and stir well.

Now it’s time to brew your coffee.

You can use any type of coffee maker for this purpose, but we recommend using a French press for the best results.

Once the coffee is ready, pour it into a cup and add hazelnut syrup to taste.

If you want, you can also add some milk or cream to make your coffee even more delicious.

And that’s it. Your hazelnut coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

You can serve hazelnut coffee hot or cold, depending on your preference.

If you want to enjoy a piping hot cup of this fragrant coffee, we recommend brewing it using a French press.

For a cold and refreshing beverage, try making an iced hazelnut coffee by adding some ice cubes to your cup.

You can also get creative with your hazelnut coffee and add other flavors.

For instance, you can try adding a dash of cinnamon or chocolate to enhance the flavor of your coffee.

Or, if you want something more unusual, you can try making a green tea hazelnut latte by adding matcha powder to your brew.

Final Thought

Hazelnut coffee is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique flavor profile.

The nutty, sweet, and slightly chocolatey taste of hazelnut pairs perfectly with the rich flavor of coffee.

This combination creates a coffee that is both flavorful and enjoyable.

This coffee drink is best enjoyed cold on lazy Sunday afternoons.

And a hot cup of hazelnut coffee is all you need to beat the winter blues.

If you haven’t tried hazelnut coffee yet, we highly recommend it.

You might just become a fan.

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