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Exotic Eats: What Does Horse Meat Taste Like?

Not everyone entertains the thought of eating horse meat, but some people might wonder out of curiosity, “what does horse meat taste like?”

Horse meat may not be welcomed with open arms in the US, but it is enjoyed in various other parts of the world.

If you’re wondering what horse meat tastes like, it is somehow sweeter than the meat of other animals.

It may seem like an awful idea for some people to eat horse meat, but almost everyone that has tasted it has good things to say about horse meat.

Take a look at everything you need to know about horse meat, from what it is to how to cook and serve it.

What is Horse meat?

Horse meat is just as the name implies. It is the meat of a horse.

Horse meat is eaten in a variety of ways according to its distinct recipes.

Horse meat also makes a versatile dish and can be cooked in a variety of styles.

This is why it is very popular in some countries.

While there are fewer horse butchers in the US, other countries like Eurasia consume horse meat in large quantities.

In France, horse meat is considered a delicacy.

Some opine that horse meat carries parasites and diseases and, therefore, it is not healthy to consume.

However, there is no scientific proof to back up this claim.

Some just feel that horses are such great companions that they can’t even think about eating them.

Also known as Caballo, cheval, or equine, horse meat is considered a good source of lean protein.

In the past, wild horses were hunted down for their meat which is an excellent source of protein.

What Does Horse Meat Taste Like?

Not every part of the world has the same regulations on eating horse meat.

Some nations regard horse meat as a delicacy, and if you ask them what it tastes like, you’ll probably hear them say that it isn’t much different from the taste of beef.

Generally, horse meat tastes somehow gamey and sweet.

If you don’t like gamey flavors, you can enhance the flavor by adding something that can override the flavor of the meat.

The color can range from pinkish to reddish, depending on the horse’s age.

The younger the horse is, the lighter the meat color and flavor will be, and vice versa.

The texture of horse meat is also similar to beef, without being tough.

People claim that horse meat tastes like something between beef and venison.

However, horse meat can differ in taste depending on the way it was raised and what it fed on.

The closest comparison to horse meat would be beef.

Surprisingly, horse meat isn’t as tough as you’d expect.

It is quite tender, and with age, horse meat tends to get more tender.

Many people say that toughness is similar to beef.

There are several reasons why eating horse meat is a healthier substitute for eating beef.

It comes with more vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the growth and development of the body.

Horse meat is lean and contains high amounts of protein and fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol.

It is also rich in fatty acids as it contains omega-3 and omega-6.

How to Cook and Serve Horse meat?

Many people love the fact that horse meat can be prepared in so many ways.

Whether you want to cook, bake, or grill it, it will end up delicious if you do it the right way.

Horse meat also makes a great choice to top on salads and sandwiches.

Some traditional dishes that use horse meat include French cassoulet and Hungarian goulash.

They also make a great choice for sausages and burgers.

Some people also love horse meat in soup or stew.

If you are concerned with cholesterol levels in your diet, horse meat is a great substitute for beef because of its nutritional content.

Horse meat makes a great substitute and can be used in place of beef for various dishes.

When you’re cooking horse meat, make sure you cook it properly so that you don’t risk facing any type of contamination.

Well-cooked horse meat is tender to the taste and easy to eat and chew.

Horse meat is tasty and makes a great dish. But see why Americans do not eat horse meat.

But whether you want to taste horse meat depends on you.

But if you do taste it, you’ll surely love the rich and delicious flavor of horse meat.


Horse meat was illegal to consume in the US until 2011. But since that time, it has become more accessible.

While some people strongly disapprove of eating horse meat, it’s still a delicacy enjoyed by so many people around the world.

This savory lean meat tastes as delicious as any other meat.

In addition, it comes with a wide range of beneficial nutrients for the body.

If your culture or the place you’re living in has no impositions on eating horse meat, you should definitely try it.

What Does Horse Meat Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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