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What Do Insects Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

If you’ve roots in the eastern parts of the world, being served bugs as an appetizer or as a meal might be familiar.

That’s rarely the case for those who occupy the western hemisphere.

Bugs are generally considered pests that need to be eradicated in this part of the world.

What if the solution to annihilation could be as simple as consuming them? It’s a known fact that most bugs may outlive every other species on the planet.

And their numbers seem to keep increasing.

Even researchers are now looking into sustainable food sources, and bugs are at the top of the list.

Here’s a brief discussion of what do insects tastes like? To get you started on your journey into ‘entomophagy,’ the act of consuming insects.

What are Insects?

Pests, nuisance, menace, and trouble are some common words used to describe this group of animals.

They aren’t the first thing that may be considered a healthy snack or meal.

Many people would even find it peculiar to eat them.

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Insects, bugs, worms, and flies are all used interchangeably to identify this species of arthropods in the animal kingdom.

This species makes up about 80 percent of the population of all known animals on the planet.

Yup. There are a lot of them, but not all are edible.

Although as humans become bolder with their food sources, many insects are being considered for consumption.

These creatures might feel like an annoyance, but they are essential for the environment and highly nutritious.

Studies conducted by various organizations have proved that insects are the most abundant source of protein.

Many researchers in the US also encourage the consumption of these creatures with one too many legs.

What Do Insects Taste Like?

Did you know that insects and shellfish like lobster and shrimp are relatives? Both these animals fall within the same class or family in the animal kingdom.

But. Do they taste similar? Apparently, they do.

Most people who have sensitized themselves to the notion of eating these little critters will tell you that they taste like shrimp or even crab.

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However, they have an earthy aftertaste often associated with mushrooms or meaty veggies.

Bugs will taste like what they consume; many times, you’ll be able to taste the forest when you eat insects.

They generally have nutty notes, too, because of their high-fat content.

Some have even been compared to chicken thighs or beef.

These incredible creatures have been compared to a variety of things, but this is the overall description of their taste.

You can group them into one of three groups.

First, there are nutty and mushroom-tasting bugs like mealworms, crickets, etc.

Seafood, like crustaceans, comes next.

Several insects, including locusts, centipedes, and scorpions, have been compared to shellfish in some way.

Last but not least, grubs, which are the larvae of beetles and moths, have often been associated with meat, particularly bacon.

There’s also a mild earthy aftertaste reminiscent of root vegetables since most of these animals feed on vegetation.

Can You Eat Insects?

When it comes to unfamiliar foods, there is usually some trepidation to consuming them.

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You may wonder if putting it in your body is healthy; this could be any food item.

Each of us has a natural protective instinct to keep ourselves safe.

Hence, eating a bug might not be a brilliant idea you came up with by yourself.

You might have been introduced to the idea by someone you know or by watching bizarre food videos.

If you’re still trying to ease into the fact that insects are edible, buckle up because they might soon become a mainstream food item.

Nowadays, more and more studies are being done on how worms, larvae, crickets, cicadas, etc.

, can replace traditional protein sources.

These tiny animals have so much nutritional value that they cannot be overlooked.

And, with the increase in pollution and the dangers of devastating climate changes across nations, researchers are encouraging more people to consume insects.

Consider this; most insects are one hundred percent edible.

If you compare that to beef or buffalo, where only forty percent of the animal is consumed.

That is a sizeable difference. Insects are abundant in nature, and their numbers will not deplete anytime soon.

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They emit only about one percent of greenhouse gases when kept for breeding.

Livestock is known as one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Finally, they are rich in protein, healthy fat, and minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, etc.


If you’re just about convinced that your next food adventure should be grubs and little creepy crawlies, then go for it.

In recent years people in the US have become more open to diversifying their pallets.

Bugs on the menu might be the next big thing in the culinary arts.

You no longer have to travel out of the country to get these exotic foods.

Some local foragers and breeders will gladly supply you with the goodies and help you discover your flavor profile for bugs.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Do Insects Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

What Do Insects Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?
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