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Savoring Herbal Liqueur: What Does Jägermeister Taste Like?

Unless you’re a teetotaler, you may have heard of Jägermeister or drank its cocktail.

It’s a German drink often misunderstood as a hard-core liquor. In reality, Jägermeister is a digestif.

It simply means a beverage with low alcohol content.

Surprisingly, it’s an herbal liqueur known for its sweet taste and is often served after a meal to help digestion.

Among variants of alcoholic beverages, Jägermeister is known for its unique flavor and distinct taste, which is overwhelming for first-timers.

If you’re on this page, you’re here to find out: What does Jägermeister taste like? In this post, we’ll answer your query and explain the best way to use this herbal liqueur.

What is Jägermeister?

You’ll seldom find an alcoholic beverage with variants of ingredients, let alone herbs.

In this case, Jägermeister is made of fifty-six herbs of different kinds and spices.

Because of its unique meld of ingredients, this German drink has become quite popular worldwide.

It was developed in 1934 by Curst Mast, who took over his father’s vinegar business.

It reached international popularity when American Billionaire Sidney Frank promoted the drink.

Now, this drink is available in more than 150 countries.

Most people have misconceptions about Jägermeister thinking it’s a strong drink.

But one doesn’t know that it has low alcohol content (35% ABV).

Some think it’s similar to whiskey, which is relatively different both in taste and flavor.

You may have this drink on rocks or make a cocktail.

The distinct flavor and aroma make an excellent base for different types of drinks.

What Does Jägermeister Taste Like?

By now, you may have figured out what Jägermeister tastes like.

Questions about the taste profile of a drink or a dish are somewhat subjective.

Everyone has different tastes, often leading to a difference in opinions.

That said, we’d say Jägermeister is a mix of sweet and bitter tastes with a strong flavor.

It has an overwhelming taste that may easily be a hit or miss among the masses.

The inclusion of herbs gives a distinct and medicine-like flavor.

It’s digestif for a reason as it aids your digestion system after a meal.

Herbs come with multiple health benefits as they contain healing properties.

Most of the herbs and spices used in Jägermeister are a secret.

Some known ingredients are bitter orange, star anise, and cloves.

The black currant flavor in the drink is distinguishable as well.

People who have tasted this Jaeger compare it to black licorice and anise.

If you’re not a fan of these spices, you may not like the taste of Jägermeister at first.

The taste resembles root beer but has a more robust flavor.

Overall, it’s a sweet drink that leaves a bitter aftertaste like beer.

Not many are a fan of this drink because of its earthy flavor and syrupy taste, which is due to the inclusion of herbs and spices.

Nonetheless, it provides multiple health benefits if you drink sporadically.

A shot of this liqueur (1.5 ounces) has 167 calories.

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of strokes.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties help improve the heart’s health.
  • It lowers your blood sugar level.

How to Drink and Serve Jägermeister?

You may drink Jägermeister in different ways, like any alcoholic drink.

These are some of the ways to have this herbal liqueur:

  • Neat: Some people love to drink neat to get the real taste of the alcohol. It may give a pungent taste when you drink it this way. Drink chill or at room temperature. .
  • Shots: It is one of the most common ways to drink this liqueur. All you need is a shot glass to pour an ounce of Jägermeister and then take a shot.
  • On the rocks: It’s similar to neat, but here it includes ice cubes to dilute the flavor. Jaeger’s potent taste remains intact but slightly light in flavor. .
  • Jäger bomb: It’s similar to shots but requires an energy drink like Red Bull. Take a shot glass to pour Jägermeister. Next, fill the energy drink in a pint glass. Now, pour Jäger shot into the pint and then chug immediately. .

We recommend having this drink cold, which gives you the perfect shot.

Even the company suggests keeping the liqueur cold, preferably at -4F or -18C.


Alcoholic beverages like Jägermeister are rich in flavor mainly because of the ingredients in them.

The taste might be overwhelming for beginners, which is why understanding its taste profile is vital in giving it a go.

Hopefully, this post has helped clarify your doubts about Jägermeister and its taste profile.

If you’re new, we suggest having it as a cocktail first to get familiar with its flavor or ice on the rocks.

Regardless, it’s an excellent drink that will surely leave your taste buds with a burst of flavors.

What Does Jägermeister Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Curious about the flavor profile of Jägermeister? Learn what this herbal liqueur tastes like and whether it's pleasing to the palate.
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