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What to Serve with Jalapeno Popper Dip? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Are you planning to serve yummy jalapeno popper dip at your next event? How exciting, because it tastes fantastic and everyone loves it.

You must make a considerable portion or there won’t be.

The dip pairs excellently with a vast number of foods so when considering what to serve with jalapeno popper dip, you won’t have much trouble.

Butter crackers, tortilla chips, celery sticks, and French fries are some items you can enjoy with the spicy and tangy dip.

If you’re searching for some ideas too, hang on and keep reading.

We’ll mention at least ten dishes/items you can have with jalapeno popper dip.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Jalapeno Popper Dip?

A spread, dip or sauce is meant to be eaten with other foods so you can’t serve only jalapeno popper dip even if it’s incredible.

The dip certainly doesn’t make a complete meal too.

How can you resist not serving yummy dishes with the jalapeno dip? It enhances any dish and you’ll enjoy dipping your food in it.

If you serve the dip on any special occasion, you’ll need several items, or everyone will feel awkward.

A party’s main attraction is food so you’ll have to include as many foods as possible.

What to Serve with Jalapeno Popper Dip? 10 BEST Side Dishes

These are some foods you can serve with jalapeno popper dip.

1 – Tortilla Chips

They’re the first food that comes to mind when you serve the spicy dip.

Tortilla chips are made from corn tortillas cut into triangles and fried or baked.

They taste yummy with jalapeno popper dip and they’re frequently served together.

The chips are convenient to include in your menu because apart from being delicious, they’re also easy to make.

You’ll also require only a handful of items to make the chips.

Corn tortillas, oil for frying, chili powder, lime juice and salt make up the ingredients.

You can exclude the chili powder if you think there’ll be too much heat since the dip is also spicy from the jalapenos.

2 – Butter Crackers

When you serve jalapeno popper dip, you must have butter crackers or the list will be incomplete.

They make the perfect combo and everyone will love them too.

Butter crackers don’t receive the attention they deserve, but they’re delicious and work great with most dips and spreads.

Hence, you might want to add them frequently but not on every occasion.

It’s also easy making butter crackers and you’ll need only five items.

Whole wheat flour, unsalted butter, salt, sugar and water can bring out the perfect crackers to enjoy with jalapeno dip.

3 – French Fries

Potato fries are compatible with most dips so it would be unfair to leave them off the list.

Besides, both young and old love fries so you’ll have a hit combo on your menu.

Making French fries seems daunting, but it’s easy when you know the tricks.

You only need to have the correct spuds for the fries.

Starchy varieties like Russets and Idaho are best as they have the least amount of moisture in them.

Avoid red, fingerling and new potatoes as they’re waxy and hold a lot of water.

If the first choice isn’t available, go with Yukon golds.

4 – Celery Sticks

You can also serve fresh vegetables with jalapeno popper dip and celery can make the ideal pairing.

It’s suitable because you can prep them nicely and cut them into slices perfect for dipping in the sauce.

Serving celery sticks is also convenient because you don’t have to cook or need any other ingredients.

You just have to clean and prep the veggie into sticks and serve them on a plate.

But make sure to use fresh celery for serving.

You must choose evenly shaped stalks and fresh-looking leaves and use the inner stems as they’re tender and mild-flavored.

5 – Corn Chips

The next best thing to tortilla chips is corn chips.

They’re crunchy and delicious and make an ideal accompaniment to jalapeno popper dip.

They’re also popular with everybody so it would be nice serving them at any party.

Corn and tortilla chips come from corn, but the making process is different.

So, while both have the taste of corn, the intensity of flavor is different.

The former is fattier, thicker and saltier than the latter.

You can also make corn chips at home, but they may not be as good as you expect.

Hence, instead of wasting time, you can serve a readymade version.

Fritos is a top-quality brand so you can grab a few packs.

6 – Fresh Bell Peppers

How about adding one more veggie dish? Bell peppers can make a suitable companion with jalapenos popper dip.

The veggie is delicious both raw and cooked, but here you can serve it raw with the dip.

Red, yellow and orange peppers are sweeter than green, so you can use the first three.

The veggies are pretty popular so you can find them in most places.

You only have to clean and cut them into suitable sizes before serving them with the popper dip.

Bell peppers have countless seeds clustering in the center and they’re harmless.

But they can add a slightly bitter taste, so it’s best to remove them.

7 – Toasted Baguette

It’s not only fruits and chips but bread also tastes terrific with jalapeno popper dip.

You can serve any bread but it’s best to choose a variety that’s popular and readily found.

So instead of looking here and there, you can use French bread or baguette with the dip.

It’s available in most stores, so you can grab a few depending on how many guests you invite.

Slice the bread, brush olive oil on each slice on both sides, sprinkle a little salt and garlic powder and bake them in the oven for 5-7 minutes on each side.

8 – Pita Chips

Pita chips come from pita bread, a Middle Eastern staple.

The bread is usually made of wheat flour and is eaten with veggies, meat dishes, dips and spreads.

Pita chips are like tortilla chips not in taste and features but in the making process.

You have to cut the bread into triangles, brush each piece with an oil dressing and be baked or fried.

You can easily make pita bread for the chips at home.

But if there isn’t much time, you can buy readymade pita bread and make the chips.

9 – Carrots

Besides celery and peppers, you can also eat fresh carrots with jalapeno popper dip.

The carrots add crunch with a sweet note and taste terrific with the spicy dip.

Like the two other vegetables, you won’t need to cook the carrots or add any other ingredients.

You just have to clean, cut and serve the carrot pieces on a plate beside the dip.

Shape them into sticks so you can quickly grab and dip them into the spread.

Larger carrots are sweeter so since you’re going to use them raw, choose big-sized veggies.

You should also remember that fresher carrots are sweeter than older ones.

So select big and fresh carrots with smooth and flawless skins.

10 – Baked Crackers

It’s the final dish on the list but it isn’t the least in taste.

Baked crackers make an ideal pairing with jalapeno popper dip and taste fantastic.

You can serve these crackers if you’re not keen on chips and bread.

Baked crackers are also simple because there are few steps and even fewer ingredients.

You’ll need flour, salt, sugar, olive oil, black pepper and water.

You can add some fresh herbs for more flavor and aroma.

There are also many good brands if you don’t have the ingredients or time to make the crackers.

You can buy some for the occasion to serve with the dip.


A creamy jalapeno popper dip is a favorite condiment at most events, so make sure to serve a big batch.

When you add the items mentioned above, include reasonable quantities or not everyone will have enough.

If your party doesn’t have too many guests, add 3-4 or 5 dishes.

Include more if you invite a lot of people.

Everyone looks forward to the food at any gathering so serve sufficient amounts.

But it’s best never to repeat a dish on any occasion to maintain the excitement.

When you serve the same item repeatedly, a specific dish may lose its novelty and feel like it’s not delicious anymore, so keep a gap before serving any dish.

What to Serve with Jalapeno Popper Dip? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Add a kick to your meal with our list of the 10 best side dishes to serve with jalapeno popper dip. From crispy tortilla chips to creamy dips, these accompaniments will complement the spicy heat of the jalapenos and the creamy richness of the dip, creating a perfect balance of flavors.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Tortilla Chips
  • Butter Crackers
  • French Fries
  • Celery Sticks
  • Corn Chips
  • Fresh Bell Peppers
  • Toasted Baguette
  • Pita Chips
  • Carrots
  • Baked Crackers


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  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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