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Spice Adventure: What Does Korma Taste Like?

Have visitors coming over and don’t know what to cook for them?

If you have got the habit of entertaining people and have run out of recipes to try, why not make a spicy Indian curry?

This thought may frighten you because not everyone can enjoy the heat of spicy dishes, but some recipes call for milder spices.

Making a korma dish is the simplest task and an excellent way to explore the multiverse of spices and herbs without burning your tastebuds.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating the yummiest curry.

Plus, you’re going to find out what it actually is too.

Keep reading to find out what does korma taste like?

What is Korma?

Korma is a generic name given to a dish originating from India.

It’s usually a braised curry with a spice base and some protein or vegetable to give it some body.

All these ingredients are combined together by curd or coconut, which turns into a thick sauce.

Now doesn’t that sound just delicious? The Mughals knew what they were doing when they invented this dish in their great courts during their siege and expansion over South Asia.

This dish was also a menu item when the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, was inaugurated by Shah Jahan.

Korma has been around for a very long time.

The recipes may vary as it was passed down from generation to generation, but this is one food item steeped in history, culture, and tradition.

That’s why it should be a curry you must try whenever the opportunity arises.

If you want to try your hand at preparing the dish, you can check for recipes online.

You can make it as spicy and hot as you wish or milder.

There are many options and variations available for everyone to choose from.

What Does Korma Taste Like?

Korma is a dish that needs to be understood thoroughly since it has so many flavor elements that go into cooking the dish.

You’ve got your fresh spices and herbs like ginger, garlic, onions, etc.

Then you have another layer of taste and flavor with your dry spices.

These spices and herbs are prepared to coat and marinate the meat or veggies as they cook.

Now the protein can be any red or white meat of your choice.

But, many prefer chicken, beef, veal, or lamb as the typical choice of protein for this dish.

Once all the typical suspects have been assembled, you’ll have to add binding agents like coconut milk or curd to help create a very thick and savory sauce.

All these flavors will blend to form a warm, smokey mouthwatering dish that will make you feel so good after eating it.

Overall, this curry is not as spicy as other Indian dishes and can have nutty flavors, thanks to the curd or milk, which offsets the spice factor.

It also has the wonderful gamey accents imparted by the meat if you’re preparing a nonvegetarian version.

The vegetables added to the curry also impart different flavors to create an explosion of tastes that will tickle any taste buds.

How to Cook Korma?

You must pay attention to several elements if you want to prepare this dish.

You’ve got the spices, the binding agent, the curd or milk, and the savory aspect of the dish, the meat or veggies.

All of these ingredients need to be prepped beforehand so that you don’t mess up the cooking process of the curry.

The meat and vegetables can be directly cooked once cleaned since no prior marination is required, but you’ll need to braise the ingredients in the spice mix slowly.

The dish can be cooked in an oven or pan-cooked over a stove.

To add extra flavor to the dish, you can sear or sauté the meat and vegetables before adding them to the sauce.

This will enhance the curry broth and make it even more flavorful.

This Mughlai dish can be served traditionally with steamed rice or flatbread.

Or, you can serve it as it is since some people love having it alone.

In India, most people will enjoy this curry as a meal served with basmati rice or with bread like chapati, roti, naan, and paratha.


This vibrant curry, with all its different mixtures of flavors, is a favorite for many people.

It is not hard to see why it’s also gaining popularity in the West.

It’s time to try something new and different when you visit your favorite restaurant, and this might just be it.

The korma is beloved by a country of about a billion people.

Its rich heritage is exhibited well in the different ingredients and cooking styles.

With so many people enjoying its taste and flavor, it must be worth trying, don’t you think so?

What Does Korma Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Interested in Indian cuisine? Explore the flavors of korma, a creamy and mildly spiced curry characterized by its richness and subtle sweetness, to determine if it's a dish you'll enjoy.
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  • Depending on the ingredients used, the cooking method, and the type of dish, the taste of the food can vary greatly.
  • Make sure to select a recipe that will elevate the food’s original flavor, and enjoy experimenting with different recipes!
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