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Fizz and Flavor: What Does LaCroix Taste Like?

LaCroix is the bright and trendy drink we can’t miss in the sparkling water section of the grocery store.

It’s a brand of drink that was initially ignored and left to collect dust on the shelf, but now it’s gained a big fan club filled with healthy-living, anti-soda influencers.

It has numerous flavors to try, each an excellent alternative to soda.

So, a can of LaCroix will do you some good if you’re on a strict diet.

But what does LaCroix taste like?

In this article, we will look into the flavor profile of the LaCroix brand, as well as the top flavors of the drink.

Let’s dive right into it and begin with the answer to the question—”What is LaCroix?”.

What is Lacroix?

what is lacroix

LaCroix, pronounced as ‘Lah Croy,’ is believed to be of French origin.

However, it’s made up and is actually a combination of St. Croix, the river that passes alongside western areas of Wisconsin, and the drink that’s popular in the town of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.

A tiny family started to run an alcohol-free brewery in 1981, and it’s now under the National Beverage Corp company.

It’s a seltzer, a kind of water with bubbles, almost like soda.

However, it’s not the same as soda drinks and, of course, very different from mineral water itself.

The sparkling water contains vivacious little bubbles that people love, so the brand is well-known.

It is artificially made with a natural collection of sources such as fruits and finally injected with sodium.

The growing distaste for soda has developed a love for sparkling water in society.

It began by marketing itself as an “all-occasion” beverage that we could count on.

However, it has since become a fan favorite, a colorful and well-designed can.

What Does Lacroix Taste Like?

what does lacroix taste like

The famous sparkling water has an array of flavor selections to choose from.

However, they have a common feature in the subtle sweetness they contain.

This, combined with the fizz, makes it utterly refreshing on a hot day.

The fruit flavor is mixed in with some carbonated water, and with this, LaCroix brings to you that soft pop of flavor that’s revitalizing.

They use fresh fruits to enhance the flavor profile of the drink further.

The smooth yet acidic texture of the drink stimulates the saliva in our mouths and leaves us revived.

People consume drinks like LaCroix because they serve as a better option as compared to soda drinks.

It’s best for people going through a diet change and wants to get rid of any extra calories that soda might bring.

We will go through the top best flavors later in the article, but for now, let’s discuss the nutritional facts of LaCroix.

The drink does not contain any sort of calories, no added sweeteners either, and definitely no sodium.

This stays true for each flavor.

No toxic chemicals are included, and drinking LaCroix from time to time will help fight dehydration and dry mouth.

It helps in boosting the digestion process and managing your weight.

Though there are no added or artificial flavors in the drinks, they contain preservatives.

Due to the carbonated water content, it might not be the best thing for your teeth as there are chances you could weaken the tooth enamel.

What is the Most Popular Flavor of LaCroix?

what is the most popular flavor of lacroix

There are 12 core LaCroix flavors—Pure, Lemon, Lime, Coconut, Grapefruit, Berry, Cran-Raspberry, Orange, Apricot, Passionfruit, Peach-Pear, and Mango—but as time passed, it has extended to LaCroix NiCola, a healthy version of Coca Cola, & LaCroix Cúrate, a version inspired by Spanish and French love.

All these flavors are free from calories & sweeteners.

The best LaCroix flavors are:

  • Pamplemousse.

Pamplemousse has been a fan favorite for years and is considered an iconic flavor.

This is due to its soft citrus flavoring that’s neither too sweet nor too intense.

It’s not overwhelming like other flavors and hits the spot when you want something refreshing to drink.

  • Hi-Biscus.

Apart from Pamplemousse, one flavor that tastes like a beautiful bouquet is Hi-Biscus.

Its botanical taste soothes the throat and mind when tasted, and the floral flavor is not too overpowering.

It’s well-balanced with fruity goodness that brings you to tropical heaven with one sip.

  • Passion Fruit.

Passion fruit is a sophisticated fruit that conceals its juicy lusciousness within the confines of its hard pink-brown shell.

The tart flavor works well with the carbonated water, making it a creative, thirst-quenching drink.

Wrapping Up

Sparkling water is a great drink that you can replace sodas with.

Due to the low-calorie count it has, it’s way healthier and just as refreshing.

The carbonation of sparkling water is like that of soft drinks, and you can chase away dehydration with just one can of LaCroix.

Whatever flavor you choose, you’ll find a good one because of how much people revel in the flavors of each LaCroix selection.

Their nutritional value and hydrating quality are just the same as water.

If you’re going to the grocery store, you should buy yourself some refreshing heaven with a can of Pamplemousse or Passionfruit LaCroix.

What Does Lacroix Taste Like? Does Lacroix Taste Good?

Looking to quench your curiosity about Lacroix? Wondering if its taste is as refreshing as its reputation suggests? Look no further! Delve into the world of Lacroix with insights on its flavor profile and whether it lives up to its reputation for being a tasty beverage option.
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