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Pop Star Treat: What Do Lady Gaga Oreos Taste Like?

Who isn’t a fan of Oreos? Especially Oreos that collaborated with a Grammy-winning mega superstar?

Social media had been booming at that time with clips of people trying the new Lady Gaga Oreos, making everyone curious.

You’re probably here because of all the mixed reviews it got; honestly, it was a thrill.

The limited edition, pink-colored Oreos were all the hype, and it was impossible to get one at the store with how well it was being sold.

It was initially released with a fun game of treasure hunt from Twitter.

If you’re a fan and haven’t tasted this hyped-up Oreo, wondering, “what does the Lady Gaga Oreos taste like”.

We’re here to spill the beans.

What are Lady Gaga Oreos?

The Lady Gaga Oreos is a special edition of Oreos collaborated and released for all her “little monsters,” well, in this case, her little cookie monsters.

It came with a well-curated pink package with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Written on the package was her name Lady Gaga, ripped, and between the words, showcased the unique cookies.

This drew a lot of attention, as it should.

The Gaga Oreos passed on the usual dark chocolate theme cookies and went full-on with pink and green fillings in between.

But it wasn’t just the looks that brought people to its attention.

This line of cookies was inspired by the album “Chromatica,” so each side of the cookies had unique impressions designed, which were taken out from the 16 tracks of the album.

Although we understand that it was a great marketing stunt for her album, Lady Gaga released it as a campaign named “Sing with Oreo,” which encourages her fans to send musical messages of kindness to their family and loved ones.

In doing so, the fans could win an official meet and greet to interact with the mega superstar or win tickets to her concert.

What Does Lady Gaga Oreo Taste Like?

Without any hesitation, the Lady Gaga Oreo tastes like Vanilla.

There have been many different takes on the cookies by people worldwide, and some have compared the taste profile to be exactly like the previously sold Golden Oreo.

However, on a more detailed take on the whole taste profile of the cookie, there’s a unique chemistry between the texture and filling, on par with the Gaga-Bradley Cooper chemistry on set.

It certainly breaks out from your chocolatey Oreos, and it’s not just the flavor.

The pink-colored wafer, made from Golden Cookie Wafer, is crunchier than the other line of Oreos, which can be upsetting to some who like the texture of the original.

And since it is Golden, it is Vanilla flavored, so it naturally breaks out from the original chocolate wafers.

As for the green crème filling, you might be surprised that it doesn’t taste like chemicals.

People on social media had a lot of questions about the crème; since it was green in color, many people were skeptical about it.

Rest assured, the filling is sweeter, tastier, and softer than the original ones, and the texture is often compared with frosting rather than cream.

It comes with extra fillings, which gush in smoothly as soon as you take a bite.

You might only prefer an original Oreo if you’re a fan of chocolate.

But if you’re a big-time vanilla lover like us with a sweet tooth, Gaga Oreo will blow your mind.

How to Properly Eat a Lady Gaga Oreo?

The Chromatica Oreos are sold to be eaten any way you like.

Some people may be overwhelmed with a little bit of extra everything put into this line of Oreos.

The crème is softer, the texture of the wafer is crunchier, and it is magnificently sweet.

The people expecting it to be like the original line of Oreos are in for a treat.

However, properly eating a Lady Gaga Oreo depends on how someone likes it.

You can quickly grab one out and munch your way into heaven or dip the cookies in with some milk to blend the sweetness of the Vanilla and make the wafers just the right amount of softness.

Preference plays a significant role in enjoying the Chromatica Oreos, but regardless, it is worthy of being considered one of the best lines of vanilla cookies ever made.

So the next time you come across a packet of this special edition Lady Gaga Oreos, make sure you grab one for yourself and savor the taste.


The vanilla heaven surprise makes the Lady Gaga Oreos a treat to be eaten at least once in this lifetime.

Even with plenty of mixed reviews on social media on its taste profile, it doesn’t regard the fact that the Oreos are made with a deeper meaning: spreading kindness.

Even if you don’t come across one, we hope all your queries are answered with this article.

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