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London Fog Tea Unveiled: What Does It Taste Like?

If you’re trying to cut back your caffeine intake, there are many healthier options to choose from.

One of the most famous and delicious tea lattes is the London Fog Tea.

London Fog might be pretty famous in the UK, but Starbucks is boosting its recognition by adding it to its menu.

It’s a beverage that’s been drunk for over a decade by tea lovers all around the world.

This article will heighten your knowledge about the London Fog Tea or, “Vancouver Fog” as known by Irish people.

We’ll find out answers to the question: “What does London Fog Tea taste like?” and a lot more.

What is London Fog Tea?

The London Fog Tea is quite simple but consists of Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, sugar, etc.

It’s a tea latte that is brewed rather strongly, with its base being Earl Grey.

The Earl Grey Tea is one of the most popular British teas, whose flavor comes from the oils, orange, and other citrus fruits.

Having this as the base allows the London Fog to stay down to earth but also with some added pizzazz with the foam on top.

It’s a drink well-loved by people, so Starbucks decided to incorporate it into their menu and added the vanilla syrup to the recipe.

This creamy tea is called the London Fog tea because of how the steamed milk above the hot tea below appears like a cloud.

Reminding people of how fog simply floats on the streets of London, this is how the sweet beverage came to be known as London Fog.

Other names it has included—Tea Latte, Earl Grey Latte, London Fog Latte, and Earl Grey Lavender Latte.

What Does London Fog Tea Taste Like?

A cup of London Fog Tea is a plain beverage but can overwhelm your tongue with its various flavors blended together.

If you’ve tried Earl Grey tea, then you probably will love the London Fog.

Because of the base of the drink consists of Earl Grey tea, they taste similar, but the former is creamier because of the added milk.

Still, on the topic of Earl Grey tea, you should know that it gets its trademark flavor from the bergamot (a bitter orange).

So the London Fog achieves this citrusy flavor because of its base.

There is a sweet vanilla latte similarity that hits you when you first take a sip.

Then gradually, hints of black floral tea and its savory notes come swirling through your taste buds.

The flavor profile cannot be simply explained because of its high complexity.

However, this British tea can be summarized in its floral and bitter tastes.

If you’re a big fan of coffee, you will probably like this.

It has 45-50g of caffeine per 8 o.z. of tea, so it’s satisfying to drink because of the bitterness that both coffee and London Fog share.

Let’s say you have an extensive drink cup, and it’s 473 ml.

Within this cup, you’ll be consuming 140 calories, 4g of protein, 2.5g of fat, and 25 grams of carbohydrates.

It’s not as healthy as the same cup of Earl Grey tea, but that’s the whole point of drinking it.

It’s a tastier, thicker, and creamier version of a good tea, making it better.

How to Serve London Fog Tea?

London Fog Tea is almost comparable to a vegan latte.

You can either have it as it is—creamy, delicious, but rich in calories.

Or, you could change it up by avoiding sugar and using dates instead.

You can add almond butter instead for that extra creaminess.

You may find these two added ingredients strange, but once you blend them well, it is a magnificent drink.

What you will grow to love about this beverage is that you need not use any dairy or non-dairy creamer to thicken up the drink.

It is already creamy without it.

You can either have it hot during those cold dreary afternoons or comfort yourself with an iced London Fog when the sun is burning hot.

Sure, you can buy a cup of London Fog Tea from Starbucks, and it’ll taste good.

However, if you want to try authentic and rich tea, you should prepare it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

You only need two tea bags, some homemade vanilla syrup, and milk of your preference, either dairy or non-dairy.

If you’re taking our recommendation, then you should go with an iced London Fog.

Usually, you lose the thickness of a drink when you have the iced version of it, but with London Fog, you do have to deal with drastic changes.

Get a milk frother and make your foamy beverage; it’s the same experience as hot tea.

Is London Fog Tea Healthy to Drink?

As much as it’s beneficial for taste buds and hungry mornings, London Fog is not much of a healthy drink as compared to its base tea—Earl Grey Tea.

The Grande London Fog from Starbucks includes a calorie count of 180, and this comes along with 2.

5g saturated fat, 150mg sodium, & 30g sugar.

From the nutrition aspect, this beverage can have an overwhelming amount of calories for one cup.

However, if you disregard this entirely or if you keep track of what you consume, you can be one step ahead.

You may feel a boost of energy as you would if you drank a cup of coffee.

However, the tea works smoother and calmer because the caffeine content is slightly balanced out.

So, you can have the London Fog Tea and not be worried about not being able to sleep later in the night.

Some of the health benefits you can enjoy with a cup of London Fog Tea include fixing up your metabolism.

You can improve your metabolic activity while also improving your sleep routine.

In the case of insomnia, it’s a calming drink, so you can even help with your illness.


London Fog Tea is a choice of beverage that people can enjoy whenever they want, but it’s a great drink to have when you’re feeling unwell.

The warm and soothing taste of the tea, along with its cream-like texture, allows you to feel nourishment with just one cup.

You can visit your local coffee shop and order one, or you can make it yourself at home by following its simple recipe.

Allow yourself to be reinvented with this classic British drink and enjoy the earthy creaminess of the Earl Grey base beverage.

What Does London Fog Tea Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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