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The Taste Test: What Does Longan Taste Like?

Are you interested to learn more about this circular-shaped fruit longan?

If you’ve seen this tropical fruit in the market but haven’t yet tried it, you must be curious about what longan tastes like.

Longan belongs to the soapberry family and is native to Southeast Asia.

It’s connected to other fruits like lychee and rambutan.

Now, you must be guessing if they taste similar, but like every other fruit, it, too, has a unique taste.

But you need not worry. This post will share everything you need about this attractive exotic fruit.

What Is Longan?

Longan is a popular tropical fruit that originated in 200 BC and further expanded from parts of china like Kwangtung and Fujian.

At present, it’s grown locally in several parts of the world.

This fruit has a yellowish-brown exterior, and the flesh of the fruit is translucent, very close to lychee.

It can be found abundantly at the market during the harvest season from June to August.

The name of this exotic fruit comes from the Cantonese word “longan,” which translates to “dragon eye.

” This is so because it has a coal-black seed, which gives the appearance of an eyeball when peeled.

However, the seed is not edible.

Interestingly, dried longan is famous as it contains more calories than fresh ones.

Also, it’s easy to eat this fruit.

Simply peel the skin, then pinch its flesh from the middle to open it and enjoy its sweetness.

Now, let’s talk about its taste.

What Does Longan Taste Like?

The longan is a juicy fruit that tastes very sweet with a slight tart and has a musky aftertaste.

It has a semi-transparent grape-like texture and is gelatinous like lychee.

But do these fruits taste the same? They have a similar flavor with slight differences.

Longan taste is close to lychee and is also quite transparent.

Plus, it’s chewier than a grape. The dragon eye fruit is also sweeter and has more flesh than lychee.

Also, the flavor of longan fruit is less floral, and its musky aftertaste might not be pleasant for some people.

But it’s worth giving this gelatinous fruit a try if you enjoy tropical fruits.

Besides eating raw, longan is also preserved in syrup.

It can be enjoyed in several ways, either dried or fresh as snacks and desserts, and is often used for cooking purposes like soup or sweet and sour sauce.

When dried, the fruit’s meat looks similar to dates, and the flavor changes significantly.

The sun-dried dragon eye fruit taste is mild and has a chocolate-like flavor, but most people don’t find it pleasing.

Besides being a popular snack, longan fruit contains nutritional benefits, and one pulp is sufficient to provide you with a daily dose of nutrients.

It’s rich in vitamin C, necessary for a healthy diet as it works wonders on the body, keeping you fit.

How to Eat and Serve Longan?

It’s very easy to at a longan fruit.

If you’ve tried lychee before, it’s eaten the same way, i.e., by eating out of hand, and most people enjoy it this way.

But before eating, ensure that you wash it thoroughly, as it can get messy since it’s very juicy.

You can easily pull out the skin of the fruit from the flesh.

You can use your fingers to break it in two, remove the seed and enjoy your longan.

But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can put the fruit into your mouth and pop out its seed.

The dragon eye fruit is versatile and can be enjoyed in several ways, such as by making tea, a smoothie, or adding it to sweet and savory dishes.

  • To make a longan tea, you’ll require the dried one. Add 3-4 pieces of dried fruit to boiling water. Let it steep for about 2 minutes, and enjoy your hot tea.
  • You can blend banana and coconut milk with longan for a delightful smoothie. Or can add fruits of your choice.
  • Add longan to desserts or fruit salads to enhance the flavor.
  • You can also use this fruit in your dishes, like fry or sauce, to balance the flavor.


If you’re yet to try this sweet and juicy fruit, we hope you’re curious to try one for yourself by now.

The actual flavor of the fruit can vary individually depending on the taste buds, and its description can also differ.

Longan tastes similar to lychee, so if you’ve tried one, you now have a rough idea about its flavor and texture.

Fresh dragon eye fruit is available seasonally, but dried longan is easily available in the market or stores.

Regardless, it’s worth giving it a try, and even if it doesn’t suit your taste, there are still several ways you can enjoy this fruit.

What Does Longan Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of longan? Discover the juicy, sweet flavor reminiscent of lychee and grape, and decide if it's a tropical treat worth savoring.
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