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A Comforting Classic: What Do Matzo Balls Taste Like?

If exploring ethnic cuisines is on your bucket list of foods to try, matzo balls will surely impress you.

It originated in Central and Eastern Europe and is a significant part of Jewish culture.

Regardless of all the cultural practices associated with this food, you cannot help but fall in love with its taste even on your first time trying it.

It’s a wonder how easy they are to prepare but still full of savory goodness.

What do matzo balls taste like that makes them so favored across cultures?

We’ll learn about matzo balls, their taste, nutrition, and the best ways to prepare them, so keep reading.

What are Matzo Balls?

what are matzo balls

Matzo balls are soup dumplings made of matzo meal (ground matzo crackers), eggs, fat or oil, and water.

They were traditionally used in chicken soups and are a must-have Passover meal for the Jewish.

These balls are served hot to retain their aromatic flavors.

They are fluffy and soak up the broth with which they are cooked.

The Jewish serve them during Passover, but matzo balls aren’t strictly reserved for the occasion.

Also, using butter in the recipe was a violation of their laws.

This is because matzo balls are usually added to chicken soup, and their culture disregarded the consumption of meat and milk together.

The traditional recipe uses schmaltz as the preferred fat because of its rich flavor, but you can use any oil.

And the seasonings can differ based on how you want the matzo balls to taste, but everybody loves a bit of garlic.

What Do Matzo Balls Taste Like?

what do matzo balls taste like

Matzo balls, also called Matzah balls, taste like dumplings.

But they aren’t so simple to be defined by dumplings alone.

Matzo balls have a complex taste, bound by the chewy texture of the savory matzo meal.

They are prepared in almost the same way as dumplings and have a meaty texture that feels comforting when it meets your palate.

So now you know that matzo balls aren’t your regular dumplings.

Even exciting is that they are cooked for a relatively long time, so the seasonings get absorbed well.

And what does this mean? It means you’ll never be without reason to appreciate the sophistication of matzo balls.

These balls have a significant amount of carbohydrates and some protein and fats.

They’re enough to give you the energy you need while keeping your taste buds active.

Apart from getting a boost of energy from the matzo balls, you’ll have even better health benefits if you serve it as a soup.

The broth’s vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties are the best you could ask for.

If you compare matzo balls to the much similar regular dumplings, you’ll find that they offer similar nutrition.

However, the matzo balls have more protein content than dumplings.

Since matzo balls fill you up quickly, you might end up having leftovers.

But you can save them for later. How? By refrigerating them.

So, the next time you bring them out to eat, just heat them, and they’ll be ready to eat.

How To Prepare and Eat Matzo Balls?

how to prepare and eat matzo balls

To prepare matzo balls, you’ll need to mix eggs, oil, margarine or chicken fat, water, and ground matzo crackers.

These ingredients are mixed, formed into balls, and cooked in water or chicken stock until tender.

During the cooking period, the matzo balls double in size, so you might have to keep some room in the pot while putting them in.

Once you’re done preparing the balls, you can follow any of these ways to eat them:

  • Serve with a soup: You cannot do without the traditional way to enjoy matzo balls. These balls taste best with a meaty base, but you can make it work with a vegetable soup if you use a meat stock as the base.
  • Bacon-wrap the matzo balls: One exciting way to eat matzo balls would be to wrap them in seasoned bacon strips and deep-fry them. You’ll have a crispy layer of bacon with a chewy filling.
  • Pan-fry them: A simple yet delicious way to eat matzo balls, pan-frying gives them an effortless upgrade. The exterior becomes golden and crusty, while the interior remains tender and flavorful.

Matzo balls contain gluten, so they aren’t the best options for those following a gluten-free diet.

They also lack fiber, so you might want to increase your water intake throughout the meal to avoid stomach upsets.

Final Thought

Matzo balls are one of the few testaments of Passover, and they help us remember the culture and its history even years later.

With soups being the main dish created out of them, matzo balls are great even when fried or added to other meaty dishes.

You just need to try them all and find which works best for you.

Whatever the reason or meaning behind the food, it is undeniable that matzo balls are delicious.

You can never be at fault for wanting to eat delicious food and appreciating them, so give matzo balls a try.

What Do Matzo Balls Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

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