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Lunar Delicacies: What Do Mooncakes Taste Like?

Mooncakes are the star of the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated across many Asian cultures.

These pastries carry centuries of tradition and come packed with a variety of fillings.

Some love them for their sweet lotus seed paste; others can’t get enough of the savory salted egg yolk center.

Ever bite into a mooncake and find yourself on a flavor rollercoaster?

That’s because each type offers a unique eating experience.

Whether you’re a mooncake newbie or a seasoned fan, getting to know what each kind tastes like can be a real game changer.

Ready to find out what hides beneath that golden crust?

What are Mooncakes?

what are mooncakes

In simple terms, mooncakes are Chinese desserts made, sold, and eaten during the week-long mid-autumn festival.

The tradition of this festival can be dated back to 2000BCE when the Shang Dynasty ruled over China.

The main ingredients used to make the mooncake consists of flour, eggs, lard, sugar, and salt, with different components for the fillings as preferred.

As the years passed, the designs of these cakes changed to other shapes such as a lotus, star, or the traditional round moon shape.

What Do Mooncakes Taste Like?

what do mooncakes taste like

The taste of mooncakes is highly diverse.

Starting from the traditional lotus seed paste savory taste to the more contemporary custard and cream cheese flavors, you will be able to find almost any flavored mooncake that you prefer.

Generally, all mooncakes have a softshell which is sweet and crumbly.

Depending on what the filling is, the taste of the mooncake can vary widely.

Let’s discuss some common mooncake fillings and what they taste like.

Lotus seed paste

This is the most traditional mooncake filling, dating back hundreds of years.

Although a staple in many ways, it is also one of the most expensive types of mooncake.

Since the paste ingredients are hard to acquire and make, the Lotus seed paste mooncake is very expensive.

The taste of this mooncake is a mixture of savory, salty, and mildly sweet.


If you’re a newcomer to mooncakes, this will be the best option since it has flavors already familiar to many people.

It’s made of conventional custard filling, creamy, and extremely sweet.

Red bean paste

Another more traditional filling, the red bean paste filling, is very popular.

It has a rich color and a thick texture reminiscent of baked sweet potatoes.

Ham with kernels

This is one for the books if you like trying new things.

Made from candied ham, this mooncake filling, along with chopped nuts and seeds, gives it a burst of different textures and flavors when you take your first bite.

Typically, the kernels used for this recipe include pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds.


Another traditional mooncake filling is the coconut filling which is nothing but shredded coconut made into a paste and piped into the soft mooncake bun.

It is a prevalent flavor that is mild and creamy with a rich texture that will blow your mind away.

Green tea

A new addition to the flavors of mooncake fillings is the green tea flavor.

These green tea-flavored buns are sprinkled with a green-colored powder to bring the look together to give it that aesthetic appeal.

Cream cheese

Another super rick mooncake flavor is the cream cheese filling.

For all cheesecake lovers, this is a flavor that you have to try.

Its creamy texture paired with the soft bun makes the dessert so delicious.

You should expect to bite into a soft, flaky, and crumbly outer layer and a soft inside overwhelming your taste sense with a burst of different flavors.

Depending on the filling, the outer layer may be chewy or moist, but this depends on how you like your mooncake to taste.

Commonly, mooncakes are all sweet.

Even if it’s a savory filling, there is always a hint of subtle sweetness breaking through the different flavors.

How to Serve Mooncakes?

how to serve mooncakes

Mooncakes are a symbol of tradition made and sold during the Mid-autumn festival in china.

Often, these cakes are gifted to families during the festival or given to colleagues, friends, and business associates.

Mooncakes are traditionally filled with coconut flavor, red beans, or lotus seed paste, but you can get as creative as possible with the fillings.

Unlike traditional desserts, you can have them whenever you want and not just at the end of a meal.

These are treated as delicious sweet snacks that can be enjoyed on any day.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even go for interesting fillings like ice cream mooncakes and strawberry mooncakes.

Final Thought

Mooncakes are delicious sweet dishes originating from China that has room for a lot of growth.

The versatility of the mooncakes is what makes them popular since you can find them in virtually any size, shape, and flavor.

You can even cook your filling recipes and stuff your mooncake with it.

Above all, mooncakes have a rich heritage that dates back to ancient China and is still celebrated today by sharing sweet desserts with the community.

What Do Mooncakes Taste Like? Do Mooncakes Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of mooncakes? Wonder no more! Delight your palate with the unique and sweet flavors of mooncakes. Experience a delicious blend of rich, dense fillings encased in a thin, tender crust, making mooncakes a truly delectable treat.
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