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Discovering Moxie Soda: What Does Moxie Soda Taste Like?

We’ve been drinking carbonated beverages for as long as we can remember, and Coca-Cola might be most people’s first preference.

But did you know that Moxie Soda was one of the first carbonated beverages in America?

Yes, Dr.

Augustine Thompson was the founder of this fantastic soft drink, initially sold as a medicinal drink to the masses.

It has quite a fascinating history behind it, and a theory suggests that it was named Moxie after an imaginary lieutenant.

With the ever-advancing modern world and all the latest soft drinks, it has produced, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve never tasted Moxie.

So if you feel like you’ve been missing out and wondering, “what does Moxie soda taste like?” We’re here to help.

What is Moxie Soda?

Moxie soda is a carbonated soft drink that famously made its way in the mid-1980s and is still a favorite drink among most people.

The soft drink became popular not only because of its taste profile, a plus in most soft drink fanatics’ palates.

But also due to its medicinal benefits like relieving paralysis and insomnia and helping with nervousness, among many different conditions.

Founded in Maine, Moxie soda today is celebrated as the soft drink of the state.

It doesn’t end there; although most people find this sweet-bitter soft drink unbearable and would often compare it to tasting like burnt rubber or rust, we agree that those are just exaggerations.

The Moxie Soda has made its way into various chefs’ recipes, used for cooking the finest meats, desserts, and you name it.

We can assume that the related herb aftertaste, right after the sweetness, makes it a one-of-a-kind flavor to experiment with.

What Does Moxie Soda Taste Like?

When Moxie soda is on the table, there may be many different reviews and how it tastes for most people.

While it depends on a person’s palate, the most general answer you would get is sweet with an acidic aftertaste.

One of the many reasons people like it is its unique tasting flavor, which is a great marketing feature since they break out from the general sweet carbonated drink-tasting profile to something people have never tried before.

But believe it or not, the uniqueness worked out great since Moxie soda has been here for centuries, and they don’t seem to stop anytime soon.

The ingredients used in making the soda taste so sweet are a mix of natural and artificial flavorings you would expect on a soft drink.

But what gives it the bitter herbal aftertaste at the end?

The culprit is the gentian root extract.

Herbal medicines are known to add this extract, so adding it to this soda gives its unique aftertaste bitterness, straying away from people’s everyday favorite drinks like Coca-cola.

So if you like root beer with a little bitter-tasting end, Moxie soda might turn into your favorite carbonated beverage.

However, time and time again, people have complained about the soda not retaining its original flavor.

But fret not. Maine still stays true to its original taste profile that people love and continues to do so.

You can quickly get to try your Moxie soda, unadulterated, from their official webpage.

How Do You Properly Drink Moxie Soda?

It is a love-hate relationship among people globally regarding Moxie soda.

This is seen with all the mixed reviews that are on the internet.

For most people who love this drink, you can accept it as it is and acquire the taste for it directly.

But there isn’t a proper way to drink Moxie soda since people have been making recipes to enhance or make the most of the flavor for centuries.

So if you want to spice it up or the bitter aftertaste is just not for you, we’ve got you.

A good idea to lighten the bitter end would be to pour yourself a glass of Moxie soda and add some ice cream, preferably vanilla.

This can enhance the taste profile and give you a better drinking experience overall.

There are even tons of cocktails based on Moxie, like the New Englander, and all you need to make it is a mixer, gin, some couple of ice, lime, and Worcestershire sauce to serve yourself a great evening.

Not only drinks but the unique flavor of the Moxie soda is added in many recipes like barbecue sauces, meat recipes, and the like.

Finding the perfect recipe might help you fall in love with this unique beverage.


We hope this article answers all your questions about Moxie Soda and act as an encouragement for you to give it a taste.

While the soda may have mixed reviews, if you like sweet beverages like root beer, that’s your reason to try it.

You can also try the hundreds of recipes that add Moxie soda as an ingredient and experiment with its taste.

What Does Moxie Soda Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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