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What To Serve with Nachos? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Whether you serve them as appetizers or main dish, nachos offer ample flavors and textures.

They’re a Mexican culinary dish that consists of fried tortilla chips covered with melted cheese, veggies, meats, herbs, and condiments.

Nachos can be crunchy, crispy, juicy, sweet, sour, and spicy all at once, as you can include a variety of ingredients.

The snacks also team up nicely with several items like mango pico de gallo, cowboy baked beans, Southern fried corn, and Jalapeno Cheddar cornbread.

Hence, if you want to know what to serve with nachos, you arrived at the right place because we’ll list the ten best dishes below.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Nachos?

Nachos are tasty but often light and can’t keep you full for long.

So, while you can enjoy the snacks, you need other foods to fill your belly.

Besides, you can’t have a complete meal with a single dish.

Additional items are necessary for you to obtain all the nutrients.

If you serve nachos at dinner or any special occasion, it won’t look attractive to see only one dish on the table.

Your guests will be delighted to see several items along with nachos, making the meal more exciting.

What To Serve with Nachos? 10 BEST Side Dishes

The ten dishes listed below are considered the best to serve with nachos.

1 – Chunky Guacamole

Besides cheese sauce, meats and veggies, you can also enjoy guacamole with nachos.

But instead of making it a smooth paste, you can keep it chunky to make it a little different.

Guacamole is an easy dish to make as there isn’t any cooking involved.

The dish also doesn’t need too many ingredients, but it’s flavorful, and nachos will taste even better when you have guacamole on the side.

You must have the best avocados to make chunky guacamole.

Your avocados should be ripe but not overripe.

Squeeze a fruit lightly, and if it gives in slightly to gentle pressure, it’s ripe but not too ripe.

2 – Mexican Roasted Veggies

Roasted vegetables also taste good with nachos.

They add variety, a fresh element, and also fill you up.

The veggies also enhance the taste of nachos, so you have a yummy combination.

The dish consists of Mexican seasonings, and thus the name.

Roasted vegetables can have a variety of ingredients regardless of the season.

The more, the better, as you get to taste different items.

Broccoli, cauliflower, onion and zucchini, are some veggies you can use for the dish.

You may also use carrot, bell pepper, and yellow squash.

A dash of lime juice and cotija cheese topping will complete the dish.

3 – Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp taste good with nachos, and they’ll make a perfect combination.

The seafood is easy to cook, and you can complete the cooking in a short while.

Shrimp tastes excellent in any way, but when soaked in a marinade and grilled, the seafood will taste even better.

The marinade has tequila, which is also called grilled margarita shrimp.

Any seafood is best only when they’re fresh.

So cook and eat the shrimp as soon as you buy them.

If the shrimp you buy is super-fresh, it will still taste suitable for two or three more days.

4 – Tortilla Soup

You can also eat nachos with soup, so what is better than tortilla soup? It’s an authentic Mexican dish, so it makes an excellent combination with snacks.

Tortilla soup is also a popular dish, so it’s only fair to add it to the list.

Your tortilla soup can be vegan or non-veg, and both will taste delightful.

If your nachos are vegetarian, a non-veg soup will be perfect, and vice versa if the nachos are vegan.

The tortilla soup and nachos combo will satisfy your hunger cravings and please your senses.

Make a huge batch if you invite plenty of guests, or there won’t be sufficient food for everybody.

5 – Homemade Chili

It’s another hearty dish, and homemade chili also complements nachos, so the combination is perfect.

If you’re looking for a dish to keep you full, homemade chili is the right item to serve.

It’s a flavorful dish and though it looks complex, it’s easy to make chili.

Beef is the typical meat for chili, but you can also use other meat.

It will taste just as delicious.

While spices do their job, kidney beans (canned), stewed tomatoes (canned) and tomato paste make the dish more delicious.

So, you have to use these three ingredients.

6 – Fresh Tomato Salad

Nachos also taste good with raw veggies.

So, adding a fresh tomato salad to the list seems like a good idea.

It will refresh your palate, and the pairing will fill you nicely.

Making tomato salad is simple; you only need to prep, chop the veggies and mix the veggies with the dressing.

You will need tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs, and red wine vinegar for the dressing.

For the dish, grape tomatoes are the first choice.

They have an oblong shape and are a little smaller than cherry tomatoes which are rounder.

7 – Cowboy Baked Beans

Nachos taste lovely with hearty dishes, so we have to include one more.

Cowboy baked beans are yummy and filling, and they’re also popular and everyone’s favorite.

Hence, your meal will be complete when you combine the two dishes.

Cowboy baked beans contain barbeque sauce, at least two types of beans, ground beef, and crumbled bacon.

You can add some other ingredients too. The dish also contains molasses and brown sugar.

So, you have a sweet and slightly tangy dish with unique flavors.

You can add more than two types of beans if you want variety.

8 – Southern Fried Corn

Corn like potatoes are flavorful and versatile.

They pair nicely with almost everything. It also tastes good no matter how you cook them.

Grilling is one of the most popular methods of cooking corn, but it tastes good when fried too.

Corn fried in the Southern style is different but delicious.

The dish also tastes excellent with nachos.

When you add some bite-sized bacon pieces, you won’t want to add anything else.

Your corn dish will need only few ingredients with corn kernels as the primary item.

To make a dish with fresh corn, look for the best variety.

The freshest corn should have an even firmness throughout.

9 – Mango Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo is also a suitable dish to have with nachos.

But you can create a twist to the dish by adding mango.

While it will be a little different, the dish will be equally delicious.

You can make this pico de gallo as you usually do.

You only have to add diced mango apart from the usual ingredients.

It doesn’t take much time to make the salsa, so create a big batch.

That way, everyone will have enough.

The mango pico de gallo is vegan and slightly spicy as you include jalapenos.

However, go easy on the chilies if you can’t handle much heat in your dishes.

10 – Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

Last but not least, we’ll finish the list with a simple but tasty cornbread.

It’s delicious and pairs nicely with nachos.

When you eat the two items together, you’ll enjoy the flavor and fill up your belly.

Cornbread is an invention of the Native Americans but is now a staple in the Southern US.

It’s a popular dish at many events because it’s delicious and easy to make.

The original cornbread only had water and cornmeal, but now it’s made of different ingredients.

For this dish, you can make it spicy by adding jalapenos and also some cheddar cheese.

It will make the dish cheesy, hot, and flavorful.


You now have ten dishes to serve with nachos.

Hence, you mustn’t worry about what to serve with the snacks.

You can make any dish you like depending on how many guests you have.

You can also mix and match the dishes to keep the meals interesting.

Choose different styles of cooking to add more variety to your menu.

Besides, you can select a separate item every time so that it doesn’t get boring.

Your event will be a success and everyone will enjoy if you follow that routine each time you host a party.

What To Serve with Nachos? 10 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Chunky Guacamole
  • Mexican Roasted Veggies
  • Grilled Shrimp
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Homemade Chili
  • Fresh Tomato Salad
  • Cowboy Baked Beans
  • Southern Fried Corn
  • Mango Pico De Gallo
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread


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