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Yeasty Wonders: What Does Nutritional Yeast Taste Like?

Nutritional yeast is the secret handshake of the foodie world.

Think of it as cheese’s cooler, vegan cousin that’s been hitting the gym.

This flaky, golden goodness packs a punch of cheesy, nutty flavor without any dairy.

Ever sprinkled magic on your popcorn? That’s nutritional yeast.

It’s the unsung champion of kitchen cabinets everywhere, turning ‘meh’ into ‘more please’ with just a sprinkle.

Trust me, your snacks are about to level up.

What is Nutritional Yeast?

what is nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is a food product that contains many nutrients.

It’s deactivated yeast that comes from saccharomyces cerevisiae and is sold commercially.

It’s the same yeast that bakers use but not alive.

The organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae produces three main types of yeast, including Baker’s yeast, Brewer’s yeast, and Nutritional yeast.

Out of these three, the last one comes in two forms, fortified and unfortified.

Of these two, fortified is more nutritious and common.

You can find nutritional yeast in three forms; powder, flakes, or granules.

It’s available in many grocery stores and health food shops.

It’s usually packed in a plastic container, bag, or shaker, and it has a pale-yellow color.

Nutritional yeast is safe to store in a jar, and it has a shelf life of about two years if stored correctly.

Just make sure to close the jar with an airtight cover, and you don’t need to worry about it.

What Does Nutritional Yeast Taste Like?

what does nutritional yeast taste like

One thing is quite sure; it doesn’t taste like yeast.

You know that strong beer-like flavor? Nutritional yeast tastes nothing like that.

Instead, most people who ate it say it tastes similar to cheese.

If you love cheese, then you can substitute it by using the yeast in many of the recipes.

Not only does it taste similar to cheese, but when cooked, it looks very much like crumbled feta or parmesan.

While it goes by the familiar name nutritional yeast, a lot of people call it ‘nooch’ or ‘nuch.

’ People in Australia call it ‘savory yeast flakes’ while it’s ‘brufax’ in New Zealand.

In Ethiopia, it’s called ‘yeshi’. So, you now know that nooch shares its flavor with cheese.

But what about its actual taste? Is it sweet, sour, salty, spicy, or something else?

The wait is over; nutritional yeast is nutty and savory, giving a subtle hint of umami flavor.

Since it leans towards savory, you can guess that it’s a bit salty rather than sweet.

Nutritional yeast has plenty of nutrients, with a 2-tablespoon serving providing 50 calories.

The exact amount also has protein (8g), fiber 4g, carbs 5g, and fat 1g.

It is rich in B vitamins and all nine essential amino acids.

It also has several minerals and offers numerous health benefits.

Parmesan has similar nutritional value with nutritional yeast in another comparison, with both providing 40 calories for the same amount.

However, cheddar has a higher calorie, with 56 for the same quantity.

How to Use Nutritional Yeast?

how to use nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is a versatile ingredient, and it pairs well with many other items.

So, you can use it in many different ways.

Spread it on dishes: There is no limit to the number of foods to that you can add nutritional yeast.

If you love to sprinkle cheese on your food, nooch can certainly work.

You can put it on roasted Brussels sprouts, creamy mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes.

It also goes well with soups, salads, and pasta dishes.

Make yummy vegan cheese sauces: Nooch is healthy food for vegans and vegetarians.

If you used to love cheese and milk but don’t want to use them any longer, the yeast would be a suitable replacement.

You can add it to cheese sauces or simply make vegan sauces with vegetables and nuts.

You can also add it to vegan mac and cheese, pesto, and vegan alfredo sauce.

Sprinkle it on tofu scramble: Enjoy some umami flavor in your breakfast by sprinkling some nooch on your tofu scramble.

Enhance the flavor of kale chips: Kale chips are delicious and healthy, no doubt.

But you can boost its flavor even more by adding some nutritional yeast to it.

You can have a nutty and cheesy taste but sprinkle it on after adding the kale with salt, olive oil, and pepper.

Nutritional yeast is healthy and delicious but see that you consume only moderate quantities per day.

Or, like anything else, no matter how nutritious, it can cause side effects.

It can also overwhelm the whole dish if you add more amount.


So, you learned that nutritional yeast gives a nutty and cheesy taste and can substitute cheese in many dishes.

It’s also a healthy ingredient that contains multiple nutrients.

Whether you are a vegan or not, it can be your ideal ingredient to replace the cheese in your life and provide you with all the nutrients.

It has a long shelf life, but you should keep it tightly closed in a suitable area of your kitchen.

Enjoy a cheesy, nutty taste whenever you eat some nooch-included dish.

What Does Nutritional Yeast Taste Like? Does Nutritional Yeast Taste Good?

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