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Medicine Cabinet Mystery: What Does NyQuil Taste Like?

Nyquil seems to be a savior for kids with a runny nose, cold, cough, and more.

However, it may not be a favorite dose among young ones, including adults.

Anyway, it’s understandable since medicines generally may not have the most appealing taste.

That said, what does NyQuil taste like? It’d be challenging to give an instant answer as this medicine has variations resulting in taste differences.

In this post, we’ll give a comprehensive guide on the taste profile of these variations—additionally, share tips to make its taste better.

Let’s dive in.

What Is NyQuil?

NyQuil is a popular over-counter medication manufactured by Vicks.

The brand has numerous products catering to different symptoms of the common cold.

The common ingredients found in NyQuil’s medications are alcohol, hypnotics, and sedating antihistamines.

Hence, it’s always advised to have them before hitting the sack.

There is also a day version known as DayQuill, which is free of antihistamines to avoid feeling sleepy.

You may have it in the daytime without having to worry about drowsiness.

Also, in some NyQuil products, there is no alcohol content.

Despite its attractive color and packaging, its overwhelming taste might appeal to only some.

Nevertheless, what medicine tastes good? Ultimately, we just have to bear and consume it to cure cold symptoms.

Fortunately, we have some tips to help you stomach this medication. More on this is discussed below.

What Does NyQuil Taste Like?

The phrase “looks can be deceiving” may be best applied to this medicine.

Given its attractive colors and ingredients, one may think it tastes delicious or fruity.

It should be noted that some people have no issue with the taste of this medicine.

Eventually, it’s subjective and likely to have different opinions.

Red NyQuil has a daytime formulation, while green one contains a nighttime formula.

There is also a taste difference between these two variations.

People who have tasted green NyQuil say it tastes similar to black licorice.

It’s also bitter with a slight hint of sweet notes.

The menthol taste is also hard to miss in this variation but quite hard to stomach.

Some even reveal that it’s hard to describe the taste of this medicine.

In comparison, the red one is cherry flavored but not so appealing if we go by the user’s feedback.

It tastes like a cross of sour milk and cherries.

Some also say it tastes like Concentrated Kool-Aid.

The list will go on about how NyQuil tastes bad.

Regardless of their taste, these medications effectively cure cold symptoms.

Having a runny nose or coughing spoils the day and one’s entire mood.

So, what other options do we have than to consume NyQuil unless we switch to home remedies?

Having these medicines as recommended is also advisable, especially for children.

Avoid serving more than it’s required.

Furthermore, we suggest visiting a doctor if the cold or fever doesn’t go away with these medications as they would provide better alternative.

How to Make NyQuil Taste Better?

Not everyone can stomach the taste of NyQuil.

Given this in mind, we have come up with tricks to have this syrup.

That way, you don’t have to struggle with its taste and consume it wholeheartedly.

Check below some of the tips to make this medicine taste better and bearable:

  • Suck an ice cube before having the syrup. This tip is preferably best for adults than kids. .

The ice cube will numb your mouth while reducing its sensitive taste.

Quickly take the syrup during this phase.

  • Keep water or juice close by. After having the syrup, drink the water or juice right away to get rid of its horrid taste. .

The aftertaste of NyQuil may not be the best feeling, so wash away with your favorite juice before getting a taste of it.

Highly refrain from having grapefruit juice as it may not be the best combination for this syrup.

  • Coating your tongue with peanut butter is also an excellent way to make this medicine bearable. It’s perfect for kids. .

Before serving the syrup, spread the peanut butter over the tongue.

The strong and sweet taste of this butter eliminates the bitterness of NyQuil.

  • Another easy trick would be holding your nose while gulping this syrup. Without its smell, you won’t get its taste.


Whether cold, fever, headache, or body pain, NyQuil covers it all.

Its taste may not be appealing, but it serves multiple purposes.

The taste profile of this syrup is hard to describe as there are several products with different ingredients.

Due to this, it results in taste variations.

Both children and adults find it difficult to have this syrup.

However, it’s an excellent medication to cure cold symptoms effectively.

At the end, you must bear its overwhelming taste.

Perhaps, the tips mentioned above can be of great help to stomach the taste of NyQuil.

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