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Switch Up Recipes: 5 BEST Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes

Ok, so you’re ready to whip up some okonomiyaki, but you’ve hit a snag—you can’t find okonomiyaki flour anywhere. Been there, done that.

The good news? Your kitchen saga isn’t over yet.

We’ve all stumbled into recipe roadblocks, only to discover some of the best meals come from a good ol’ kitchen improv.

Today, we’re sharing our top five go-tos for when that specific flour seems to be playing hide and seek.

These swaps are about to save your dish and maybe even kick it up a notch.

Grab your apron, because we’re about to turn this cooking hiccup into your next kitchen victory.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Okonomiyaki Flour

if you don’t have okonomiyaki flour, or can’t find it in stores, don’t worry.

There are several substitutes that will work just as well.

here are the five best substitutes for okonomiyaki flour:

1 – Takoyaki Flour

Takoyaki flour is a type of wheat flour that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

It has a slightly sweeter taste than regular wheat flour, and its texture is more dense and chewy.

Takoyaki flour is typically used for making Takoyaki, a Japanese dish made of battered octopus balls.

However, it can also be used as a substitute for Okonomiyaki flour.

When substituting Takoyaki flour for Okonomiyaki flour, it is important to add an extra egg to the batter to compensate for the difference in texture.

The resulting pancakes will be slightly sweeter and denser than traditional Okonomiyaki, but they will still be delicious.

2 – Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a type of flour that is made from wheat.

It has a light, powdery texture and a slightly sweet taste.

Wheat flour is often used in baking, but it can also be used to make dishes such as pancakes, waffles, and bread.

Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese dish that is traditionally made with wheat flour.

However, wheat flour can be substituted for other types of flour, such as rice flour or buckwheat flour.

The taste and texture of the dish will be slightly different, but it will still be delicious.

So if you’re looking for a change of pace, why not try making Okonomiyaki with wheat flour?

3 – Tempura Flour

Tempura flour is a type of wheat flour that is used for making tempura, a Japanese dish of fried foods.

The flour is light and has a slightly nutty flavor.

It is also high in gluten, which gives it a chewy texture.

When made into tempura, the flour provides a light, crunchy coating.

Tempura flour can be found in most Asian markets.

It can also be substituted for Okonomiyaki flour, which has a similar taste and texture.

To substitute Tempura flour for Okonomiyaki flour, simply use an equal amount of Tempura flour in place of the Okonomiyaki flour.

This will give your dish a light, crunchy texture with a slightly nutty flavor.

4 – Deep-fried Flour

Deep-fried flour is a type of flour that has been fried in oil.

It is often used as a coating for deep-fried foods, such as chicken or fish.

The frying process gives the flour a crispy texture and a slightly nutty flavor.

Deep-fried flour can be purchased at most Asian markets, or it can be made at home by frying plain flour in oil.

When deep-fried flour is used as a coating, it helps to create a crisp, golden-brown exterior.

It also helps to seal in the moisture of the food, resulting in a more tender and flavorful interior.

Deep-fried flour can be used as a substitute for Okonomiyaki flour, which is another type of wheat flour that is commonly used in Japanese cooking.

To make the substitution, simply replace the Okonomiyaki flour with an equal amount of deep-fried flour.

The finished dish will have a similar flavor and texture.

5 – Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs are small, dry pieces of bread that are used as a filling or coating in various dishes.

They can be made from any type of bread, including white, wheat, and rye.

Bread crumbs have a light, airy texture and a slightly sweet taste.

They are often used as a binding agent in meatballs or casseroles or as a topping for baked dishes.

Bread crumbs can also be used as a substitute for Okonomiyaki flour.

When combined with water, they create a sticky dough that can be used to make Japanese-style pancakes.

The dough can also be fried and shaped into balls or discs.

Bread crumbs offer a versatile way to add flavor and texture to various dishes.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Okonomiyaki Flour

Revamp your okonomiyaki experience with our top 5 substitutes for okonomiyaki flour. Elevate your dish with these alternatives that perfectly mimic the original texture and flavor profile.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Substitutes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Takoyaki Flour
  • Wheat Flour
  • Tempura Flour
  • Deep-fried Flour
  • Bread Crumbs


  • Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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