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Crisp and Sweet: What Do Opal Apples Taste Like?

If you are a lover of all things apple, this variation might end up being your favorite.

The Opal apple has such a delicate and pristine look that it can be hard to imagine cutting it open and biting into it.

But it’s one of the fruitiest and tart apples you’ll find on the market these days.

There are several different varieties of apples across the world these days.

And trying all of them might seem impossible due to availability issues.

The opal apple might just be one of them.

These tender and delicate fruits are cultivated chiefly in Europe and were only recently introduced in the west.

So, you may or may not have seen them in your local supermarket.

If you’re dying to know what does opal apple taste like? You should read on.

You may be motivated to try and find some for yourself.

What are Opal Apples?

The advancement of technology has made it possible for us to develop the best crops for consumption.

These days we have many choices regarding veggies, fruits, and even meat products.

One such variation is the opal apple.

You might have seen these crisp and dainty-looking jewels sitting in the fresh produce aisles in your local store.

They are easily confused with golden apples because they are very similar.

They are, in fact, a propagated species of the ‘topaz’ with ‘golden delicious.


The Institute of Experimental Botany first developed the fruit in Prague through natural methods.

They named the new cultivar species’ UEB 32642′, and ‘opal’ became its brand name.

In the US, FirstFruits Farms LLC in Washington grows and markets the fruit.

One of the unique features of the fruit that has made it extremely popular is the low amount of polyphenol oxidase.

This means the apple will not brown or oxidize when you cut into it.

What Do Opal Apples Taste Like?

Some of the most successfully propagated apples in the world.

The opal has retained all of its parents’ best traits.

They hit the jackpot when it comes to taste, color, and sturdiness.

The plants are easy to cultivate, give excellent yield, and are disease resistant, making them popular amongst cultivators.

Golden and topaz apples are highly sought after for their unique taste and color.

The opal, which is a hybrid of both these fruits, has gained notoriety because of its unique blend of sweetness and tartness.

The delicious goldens are known for their soft, tender flesh and yellow-golden color.

They have a slight pink blush when fully ripe and taste like a pear with subtle notes of honey and cinnamon.

Red topaz apples resemble granny smiths; however, they tend to have an assertive sweet undertone that balances the tanginess.

The opal, which is a hybrid of the two, contains the flavors of both parent fruits.

They are incredibly crisp, refreshingly tart, and have an irresistible honey-like sweetness.

The fruit’s skin isn’t waxy or glossy and can be eaten, unlike some other species of apples.

You can taste flavors similar to that of pear, banana, and coconut, and there’s a slight floral aftertaste.

Biting into an opal will be one of the most satisfactory things you can do.

The flesh gives a satisfying crunch, and it’s not as acidic as other crispy variations.

How to Serve Opal Apples?

First, we suggest you try the apples in their natural form before you head to the kitchen and grab your recipes.

It is often sold sliced to show off its best trait, staying pale white even after being exposed to the environment.

They also have the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness, making them a great snack to enjoy.

However, if you’ve got enough to keep around to eat fresh, then why not incorporate them into your pie recipes? Opals are naturally sweet, so that you can decrease the sugar added to your dish.

They also pair well with spices and can be stored for extended periods.

If you want to add them to dishes but are unwilling to hamper the taste of the fruit, you can add them to salads.

This can be any salad that requires you to use apples, or you can try out your recipes.

They pair well with kale, pomegranates, cucumbers, and goat cheese.

These apples are also an excellent substitute for baking.

Opals can be used in place of other apples as filling for pastries.

The fruit can also be incorporated into savory dishes like stuffed pork chops.


This variation of apple is relatively new to the market but has been an instant hit with shoppers.

With the demand for opals rising daily, we’re sure they are here to stay.

But they may not be as easy to get your hands on since many prefer opals over other varieties.

They are the ideal on-the-go snack for adults and children but also have many uses in the kitchen.

So, do yourselves a favor and try the opal apple before it becomes hard to find since it is gaining popularity with many people.

What Do Opal Apples Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

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