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Juicy Liquid Gold: What Does Orange Juice Taste Like?

Who doesn’t love orange juice? It’s the second most popular morning drink right after coffee.

Reportedly, there has been a decline in consumption of this citrus fruit juice, but it is still loved and relished by many.

Orange flavors are found in various products or recipes.

Its juice, flesh, and zest have several applications.

The juice of this citrus fruit is widely consumed across the globe.

But have you ever wondered what it tastes like?

In this post, we’ll answer the question, “what does orange juice taste like. In addition, we’ll reveal different ways to have this juice.

What is Orange Juice?

Orange juice is a nutritious drink happily consumed by people all over the world.

It’s made by extracting juice from oranges through commercial tools or by hand.

This type of juice is high in crucial nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C.

Consuming this drink provides multiple health benefits, including improved heart health, reduced potential risk of kidney stone development, and more.

Commercial orange juice may taste relatively different from home-produced juice.

It has higher sugar content and additives that may not be good for your health in the long run.

In contrast, the homemade juice of this citrus fruit is fresh and healthier.

It may not be as sweet as the commercial ones and may have a shorter shelf life.

In fact, it’s advisable to consume organic orange juice right away as it gets bitter.

It’s due to the presence of limonin, a bitter substance found mainly in citrus fruits.

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like?

Describing the taste of orange juice looks easy but it’s pretty challenging.

Various factors need to be considered in determining its taste profile.

For instance, commercial and organic orange juice taste relatively different.

You may get the orange flavor, but the difference lies in sweetness and tart level.

Organic juice has a slight hint of tartness compared to the one found in stores.

It also depends on the orange species, as some are extremely sweet, while others have a slight hint of bitterness.

The climatic condition also plays a crucial role in determining the taste of the orange.

The homemade juice of this citrus fruit has a slight note of tartness, with a sweet taste being the dominant flavor.

However, it gets bitter if it’s kept for a long time. Nonetheless, it’s fresh and healthier.

Its shelf life may be shorter as it gives a fermented smell if kept for too long.

Hence, it’s advisable to consume it soon before it loses its freshness.

In comparison, commercial orange juice has a longer shelf life and is sweeter.

It may not have a zesty flavor like the organic one, as it leans more towards artificial flavoring.

There is a vast difference in taste profile between freshly squeezed and store-bought orange juice.

We recommend sticking to homemade juice, whether orange or any other fruit, for a healthier lifestyle.

Anyway, it’s an individual choice to decide what to opt for.

How to Use Orange Juice?

Both freshly squeezed and store-bought orange juice can be used in various recipes.

The commercial produced of this citrus fruit juice is mainly used in cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

In contrast, organic orange juice has broader usage in kitchen recipes.

Here are some creative ways to use orange juice:

  • Make orange chicken which includes freshly squeezed orange juice. This chicken dish is a popular Chinese recipe that is pretty simple to make. Why waste money on a takeout order if you can prepare it yourself?
  • You can also use the citrus juice for deglazing, meaning scraping bits that are stuck in your cookware. Instead of using vinegar, use this juice which also leaves a sweet flavor.
  • Give your bacon a unique twist in flavor by glazing them with honey and orange juice. It results in a sweet and tangy flavor with a slight note of umami taste from the meat. Excellent combo.
  • Orange juice-infused scrambled juice sounds like an odd combo. But believe us, they taste incredible. Add this citrus juice to your scramble eggs that add sweetness, plus leaves a refreshing taste.
  • Use this citrus juice in salad dressing instead of vinegar and oil. Not saying these are bad, but adding this juice gives a new, aromatic, and tart taste to your salad.


Almost everyone has tasted orange juice at least once.

It’s a popular drink enjoyed by people of all ages.

The taste of this citrus juice is likely to vary, given due to multiple factors.

One such would be the difference between organic and commercially produced ones.

Homemade orange juice is a mix of sweet and sour tastes, while the ones found in stores are sweeter but not fresh or zesty like the organic ones.

Choose one that’s good or convenient for you based on your taste and preference.

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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