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Japanese Soda Delight: What Does Original Ramune Taste Like?

Japanese soda is undoubtedly exceptional to purchase because of its taste and the fun you have while opening the bottles.

Likewise, you can enjoy unwrapping the tiny bottle opener of the Ramune and hearing the chiming of the marble against the glass as it opens.

It’s a delightful experience whenever the pressure of the soda gets released on opening.

Owing to the entertainment that it provides and its flavor, the drink is trendy within the Japanese subculture of pop.

You can even get Ramune merch.

We’ve discussed the unwrapping captivation, but what does Original Ramune taste like? Let’s learn about this interesting Japanese soda and all it offers.

What is Original Ramune?

Ramune’s origin story is dim and blurry, but a current theory says that the soda beverage was invented in Japan’s Kobe during the late 1800s.

A pharmacist from Scotland named Alexander Cameron Sim was residing in Kobe and created Ramune.

The drink’s base was made to be lemonade, which brought about its Japanese cognate name—Ramune, which means lemonade.

Hiram Codd, an Englishman, invented the beverage bottle, and it’s called the Codd-neck bottle because of its shape.

The carbonated drink has a lemon base and has been advertised as a cholera-prevention beverage.

Ramune is made from glass, and the bottle is sealed with a marble.

It’s similar to the lemon Banta drink by Indian producers and is sold worldwide.

This local soda has been revered as an excellent soft drink and is gradually gaining popularity.

Its well-defined design makes it attractive to the eyes, and its amazing flavor brings a nice kick to the tongue.

We shall discuss the flavor profile more as we go forward.

What Does Original Ramune Taste Like?

The Original Ramune has a long backstory filled with interesting facts.

What was before a preventive measure against Cholera is now an iconic & refreshing soda drink.

The lemon-lime flavor took the brand to the next level because of its citrusy taste encapsulating a summer day.

It’s a perfect beverage to enjoy when the day is warm and humid.

It contains ample evidence of citrus with one sip, and the aftertaste has a hint of sweetness.

It’s not a heavy drink, but it’s not too light, so it’s a revitalizing must-try for everyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

With only 10 grams of sugar content, the drink makes a healthier alternative to other soda drinks.

Less sugar content means less calorie intake, which leads to the prevention of weight gain and its risks.

It also helps you avoid problems concerning metabolism, such as high blood pressure.

Original Ramune is slightly better than regular soda, not only because of its taste and sugar content but also its nutritional content.

It’s the number one Japanese soda because it has no caffeine and only slight acidity.

It’s also gluten-free, so many medical professionals recommend this drink to give your body and your taste buds a good push towards healthy revitalization.

A lot of companies that produce soda drinks incorporate caffeine into their beverages.

This improves their taste but also increases the likelihood of health risks.

Fortunately, you can enjoy both the benefits of a brightened flavor with zero caffeine with Original Ramune.

How to Use Original Ramune?

Many people find the Ramune bottle unusual and don’t know how to open it up.

The bottle’s seal is made of marble material; you just need to press down using your palm to drop the marble down.

You must press like this for 5 seconds to release the carbonated pressure within the liquid.

After you remove the cap, you can pour the Original Ramune into a cup, but you can also drink from the bottle itself.

You just need to learn how to slowly tip the bottle because the marble can come rolling down again into the neck of the bottle.

This will block the liquid from coming out and delay you from enjoying your beverage.

Other ways to enjoy the Original Ramune is by making a Japanese Highball.

This cocktail is a famous bartender special due to its well-focused details and excellent quality recipe and ingredients.

You can use some whiskey, which is best served chilled, and pour the liquor into a glass w ice cubes.

After stirring, you can top off with the Original Ramune to complete your night.

Chuhai is another Japanese alcoholic drink that you can make with the help of Original Ramune.

It is served most frequently in izakaya-style eateries to salary workers in Japan.

This cocktail will need some shochu, any fruit juice you like, and, yes, the Ramune.

Substitutes for Original Ramune

The Original Ramune is a unique but versatile drink, so it’s a one-of-a-kind drink.

It’s a little hard to find anything that can substitute its flavor because it’s best to stick to the one and only drink.

But if you’re in real need of an alternative, here are a few options you can check out:


Ramune and its consistency are very similar to that of Sprite.

The flavors are also comparable to each other because of the lemonade base that Original Ramune has and the citrusy lime taste of Sprite.

Like Ramune, it’s free of caffeine, so it’s an equivalent substitute.

Lemon Juice

If you’re looking to replace this lemon-lime carbonated drink, the best choice is an essential lemon juice.

It has the same ingredients, and so it has similar tastes.

The citric and tangy tastes of the lemon can be blended with water, or if you want that extra kick of bubbles, you can replace it with sparkling water.

Flavored Sparkling Water

There are various producers of sparkling water with infused flavors like citric fruits.

If you can find a bottle of lime or lemon-flavored sparkling water, you can enjoy refreshment instead of a Ramune.

It usually does not contain sugar, so it’s a healthier substitute, but if you like having some sugar, you can add a tablespoon or two.


Ramune has a blend of not one but two flavors, lemon, and lime.

This Japanese soda has a creatively designed flavor profile that you can have instead of your boring old lemonade.

The most prevalent version is the lime-lemon flavor, and this is known as the Original Ramune, which a lot of people call their favorite.

It’s a drink that’s one of a kind, not to mention its unique Codd-neck packaging.

Purchasing this glass-bottled drink will give you an aesthetic enchantment and a refreshing feeling when you take a sip of it.

So serve it cold and enjoy your blue drink.

What Does Original Ramune Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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