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What Does Penguin Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Have you ever wondered about the taste of a penguin? What would it be like? Is it fishy, meaty, or salty?

It’s no surprise that some have tasted this bird in the past, but it’s not a delicacy.

Also, eating or hunting a penguin is illegal in most countries.

So you may never get to taste it, and you won’t find its meat anywhere.

Still, some might be curious.

So what does a penguin taste like? How is it prepared? We’ll answer your question in this article.

What is Penguin?

Penguins are aquatic birds that spend their whole life on land and sea and breed on islands.

These flightless species, though considered a bird have flippers instead of wings.

Although they cannot fly in the air with flippers, they’re excellent swimmers.

Penguins dwell in Southern Hemisphere, and about 18 to 21 species are alive today.

They feed on squid, krill, fish, octopus, or other sea-living creatures.

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Since they have sensitive ears, it works to their advantage while hunting for food.

The Emperor penguin is widely known and is also the largest, tallest, and heaviest of all the species.

On the other hand, the smallest species is called the little blue penguin, or korora.

These seabirds are known to be sociable and live in large groups, especially during the breeding season (October to March).

Also, their black-and-white color protects them from predators, known as countershading.

As such, while underwater, their back blends with the color of the dark water, while their bellies match the water’s surface reflected with sunlight.

What Does Penguin Taste Like?

The majority of the population doesn’t know what it tastes like because hunting for penguins was banned a long time ago.

Not only that but also its meat was never sold in the market.

Even if it were legal, catching them from their dwelling place would be hard, and raising them is not an option because of their diet.

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Though they were eaten by Antarctic explorers long ago, it’s illegal now in most countries because of the Antarctic Treaty, which prohibits the consumption of its meat or eggs.

But looking at their diet, their meat seems to taste fishy as they feed primarily on fish and marine animals.

And, if you’re curious, you may try eating what they usually feed on, like squid and others, as their taste largely depends on their diet.

Also, penguins contain high levels of myoglobin, so that’s where they get their signature red color meat.

Besides tasting fishy, their meat is high in fat content as per their diet, similar to fish and beef.

So their meat undoubtedly contains a good amount of cholesterol.

No wonder why they’re so big and heavy with lean muscle mass.

Some say that penguins are too fishy and taste like chicken or beef, but we’ll never know their authentic taste.

Although its meat doesn’t contain any dangers for consumption, they’re high in mercury.

So overconsumption can lead to mercury toxicity, and it’s dangerous as it can affect the lungs and digestive system.

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At worse, it can be life-threatening.

How to Cook and Serve Penguin?

Unfortunately, there are no recipes on “how to cook a penguin,” nor it’s considered a cuisine in any country simply because its meat is not found unless you go to the south pole and illegally capture one.

But even if you cook a penguin, it’ll be similar to beef.

Since penguins are pretty large, their meat can’t be tender.

Undoubtedly, its meat will taste fishy and oily with a texture similar to beef, duck, or fish because that’s how most people describe it.

Also, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever come across the meat of a penguin being sold in a store or supermarket.

Hence, we’ll never know how it’s cooked or how much time it takes to be cooked to perfection.

We can only guess.

Though penguins were once hunted for their fat, their meat was never considered to be cooked or tried in different ways.

Typically, the consumption of penguin meat is illegal, but certain countries have exceptions under certain conditions.

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Moreover, you can also find the meat of exotic animals and endangered species like walruses and seals on the menu in some restaurants.


We hope this article has satisfied your curiosity about the taste of penguins.

These seabirds are fascinating creatures and live exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

Penguins mate for life and reunite with their partner every year but don’t spend much time together.

You’ll also find more interesting information if you dig more, and it’s worth knowing about these adorable flightless seabirds.

We can say that penguins are not tasty because not only do they have tough meat, but they also have lots of fat, and they can have a fishy taste.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Penguin Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

What Does Penguin Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


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