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Peppered Perceptions: What Do Peppadew Peppers Taste Like?

You may have seen Peppadew peppers on restaurant menus or in some recipes.

Most people think it’s one of the pepper types but is the name of the brand.

It’s a South African brand owned by Peppadew International.

The pepper used in this pickle is Piquanté and its seed is patented.

Several products are sold under this brand, but this is one of their star items among the lot.

This sweet pepper is widely marketed by the company and sells as Peppadew peppers.

Finished product is sold in jars and exported across the globe.

This pickle is usually used as pizza toppings or as a condiment.

So, what do Peppadew peppers taste like? This post will reveal its taste profile and other crucial aspects.

What is Peppadew Pepper?

This pepper’s unique flavor makes it stand out, so much so that the growers trademarked the name.

In fact, the brand was also named after this flavor.

Eventually, the demand grew, and many people thought Peppadew was the name of the pepper.

This sweet and spicy pepper is native to South America but was first discovered in South Africa, and cultivation started widely.

Piquanté pepper doesn’t taste like your regular but has a balanced level of sweetness and heat.

The Scoville heat unit in this pepper is 1100 to 1200, which falls on the milder side.

Due to this, it makes an excellent condiment for sandwiches, dips, pizza, and salads.

It’s readily available in stores worldwide, showing its popularity and demand.

What Do Peppadew Peppers Taste Like?

A bit of sweet and spicy best describe the taste of this pepper.

It has a unique taste yet is versatile, allowing you to add in various recipes or have it as it is.

Here the chilies are pickled in a sour and sweet brine, which further lets you have an enjoyable experience.

The spice level is mild, making it suitable even for those with low spice tolerance.

Its heat level is the same as a poblano pepper but is way milder than a jalapeno pepper.

Like cherry peppers, its size is small and tomato shaped.

Often people think they’re the same types but are pretty different.

Cherry peppers are hotter and are slightly larger than Piquanté.

Nonetheless, both are used for marination or pickled.

You can use Peppadew peppers in various types of cooking as it blends well with most of the ingredients.

Make a stir fry noodles or use them as a dipping sauce for finger foods.

There are ample choices.

If you can’t find this sweet pepper near your area, substitute it with:

  • Poblano peppers, primarily used in the southwest style and Mexican cuisines, share the same heat level as this sweet pepper.
  • Piquillo peppers are also sweet like Piquanté and come with mild heat.
  • Pimientos are small and red-colored peppers that barely have heat.

As per the company’s information, this pepper is rich in Vitamin C and has low calories.

How to Use Peppadew Peppers?

Peppadews are mainly used as a condiment for a variety of dishes.

Use them as toppings on sandwiches, salsa, pizza, and wraps.

You can also add them to antipasti platters, snack plates, charcuterie boards, and party plates.

Its vibrant red colors enhance the aesthetic of the food platter.

It also makes an excellent flavoring for dips, dressings, sauces, salsas, and soups.

You may also use the leftover brines as salad dressings or use as marinades.

Here is a simple hummus sandwich using Peppadew Peppers:

Ingredients required.

  • Hummus.
  • Pita bread.
  • Thinly sliced red onion.
  • Chopped tomatoes.
  • Chopped Peppadews .
  • Sliced cucumbers.


  • The first step is to choose hummus types. You can opt for homemade or buy readymade from stores.
  • Take pita bread and carefully slice its top to stuff the ingredients.
  • Spread pita pocket with hummus using a butter knife.
  • Add the remaining ingredients to the bread pocket.

And there you go.

The hummus sandwich with Peppadew peppers is complete and ready to serve.

You can also use sandwich bread if pita bread is not available.


As we reach the end of the post, we hope it has answered the taste profile of Peppadews peppers.

It is a condiment made of Piquanté peppers known its sweet and spicy taste.

It’s a brand trademarked by Peppadews International, which is responsible for marketing this product along with the rest of its items.

This pickled pepper has versatile taste making it suitable to add to a variety of recipes.

Peppadews is readily available in stores, or you can get it online.

If you have low spice tolerance, this would be perfect as its heat level is mild, which is similar to Poblano peppers.

In fact, you may substitute it with this one if this product isn’t found near your place.

What Do Peppadew Peppers Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

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