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Effervescent Elegance: What Does Perrier Taste Like?

Refreshing, elegant, and sparkling is one way of defining Perrier.

For those living under a rock, Perrier is like the Kardashians of sparkling water, and it’s hard not to notice its existence.

It’s carbonated mineral water with a long history of delighting beverage seekers for more than 150 years.

Known for its unique combo of balanced mineral content and distinctive bubbles, Perrier is famous for a reason.

But, if you’ve never tasted one, you’re probably thinking – what does Perrier taste like? Worry not.

We’re here to answer the question and offer several valuable insights on the drink.

Let’s begin.

What is Perrier Water?

Perrier stands for both the drink and the brand that manufactures it.

It’s a French brand that specializes in naturally bottled mineral water.

Perrier is typically known for its signature green bottle and the drink’s carbonation.

The drink is also usually considered healthy due to its calorie and sugar-free status among mineral waters.

Unlike other fizzy drinks, this one is also known to shy away from stevia, artificial sweeteners, etc, along with artificial colors and sodium.

Although it originated in France, Perrier is now known and drunk across the globe.

The drink also serves as a carbonated soft drink alternative due to its zero-calorie and sugar content.

Apart from its distinct look and content, Perrier is notorious for its vast collection of flavors ranging from lime to strawberry.

But, of course, the first one to make it into the market was the flavor-free, all-natural Perrier mineral water.

What Does Perrier Taste Like?

While many beverages often come with many ingredients, most Perrier’s are known for their minimal ingredients.

Hence, most non-caffeinated Perrier contains only one or two ingredients.

This is one reason why Perrier beverages typically taste like any other sparkling water taste.

Hence, there’s nothing too crazy about their taste.

Of course, Perrier has deep hints of minerals, giving it a geological and salty flavor.

This minerality is the front-runner of each sip you take of Perrier.

Knowing that Perrier has 9 different sparkling water flavors, it takes work to club together the taste of Perrier.

In its essence, it tastes precisely how most sparkling water would taste.

However, each flavor offers a different taste to the drink.

For instance, in the lime-flavored Perrier, bright citrus notes linger over the edge of your mouth with every sip.

Similarly, the strawberry-flavored Perrier carries notes of strawberry.

But, the flavor can leave your palette a little overpowered if you’re not used to consuming flavored sparkling water.

Regardless, if there’s one thing Perrier is known for, it’s the consistency of the drink.

Even with added flavors, it delivers the right balance between added flavors and the saltiness of the mineral with every sip.

It’s consistent and steady with the right bubbling.

What more can one ask for? Well, fortunately, there’s more.

You can also gain health benefits from drinking Perrier, such as aid in digestion, prevent dehydration, fatigue, and more.

How to Serve Perrier?

Perrier alone makes a great drink alongside any snack and light dishes.

Plus, the added flavor combo makes the drink even more ideal.

But, if you’re looking for something extra, there are numerous ways to serve and enjoy Perrier.

But how? Let’s look into it.

Although Perrier is quite thirst-quenching by itself, it serves as the perfect partner for anything related to cocktails and other drink recipes.

This deadly (delicious) combo is due to the crisp carbonation of Perrier, thus, making it an ideal partner for making beverages, especially when hosting small gatherings at home.

Some popular choices of cocktails you can use Perrier with are:

  • Pina colada.
  • Jungle vision.
  • Curve & color.

These are just some familiar names, but there are so many other drinks you can ideally pair with Perrier for any occasion.

This is another reason why Perrier is still very popular within the sparkling water scene.

Moreover, if you’re looking to experiment with some new drink recipes to battle the summer heat, you already know what to add to the ingredient list.

That’s right. Perrier.

So, if you’ve got a handful of Perrier’s with you, consider whipping up some tasty drinks and serving them to your guests (or yourself).

It’s a refreshing choice, and it’s easy to make.


Perrier is among the most popular and sought sparkling water, and there’s a good reason for it.

It’s good as a solo drink, and it also makes a good pairing for other drinks.

So, if you’ve been wracking your brain trying to figure out its taste, we hope you’ve found all your answers through our post.

Now that you’re aware of Perrier’s taste try some of the killer cocktail recipes we’ve mentioned.

Whether it’s a small Christmas gathering, a summer party, or simply the urge to experiment, Perrier is an excellent sparkling start.

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What Does Perrier Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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