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Sipping on Pink Whitney: What Does Pink Whitney Taste Like?

What’s your drink of choice? A Negroni Sbagliato? Been there, done that.

Move over to the pink side of town with the equally stunning Pink Whitney. Pink is in.

We’ve all seen this bright fuchsia color grace fashion runways and celebrities on red carpets, and it is now making moves in clubs.

This pretty pink drink packs a punch with a hit of vodka.

If you don’t know what a Pink Whitney tastes like? Sorry to say, but chances are you’re hearing about this the first time, too, but we got you.

Read on to find out all about the Pink Whitney.

What is Pink Whitney?

Suppose you’re new to this drink. It is “not a big deal”. The Pink Whitney hasn’t been around for long.

It was inspired by the former NHL player Ryan Whitney.

In 2018, Whitney, who hosts the podcast Spittin’ Chicklets, revealed to his listeners that he enjoys a pink lemonade with New Amsterdam Vodka.

Then like all things Hollywood, a collab was born in the form of a new drink- the Pink Whitney.

So, what exactly is a Pink Whitney? It is a New Amsterdam Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka.

It has a light pink hue that looks and smells divine.

Unlike other vodkas, the Pink Whitney contains sugar and has 100 calories per 1.5 ounces.

A bottle of Pink Whitney will cost you about $15, which is a good deal.

What Does Pink Whitney Taste Like?

Pink Whitney has a strong citrus flavor from the pink lemonade.

It also has a sweet, tangy smell and flavored kick with the alcohol.

If you have to compare it to another drink, it almost has a similar taste profile to a lemon drop martini.

It’s not too sweet and has a very light flavor profile, making it perfect for making cocktails with other types of alcohol.

The Pink Whitney tastes more like straight vodka, which is lemon-flavored.

It is not too sour but has a little bit of a tang.

You can balance this zesty citrus flavor by cocktailing with other drinks.

The taste of Pink Whitney Vodka is similar to that of pink lemonade.

The vodka is strong, so it’s not like a mixed drink, just straight liquor.

It may seem strange that a vodka maker would focus on pink colors and sweet candy flavors, but some people love the color pink or are more likely to choose a drink that tastes like fruit or candy.

This vodka allows them to experience their favorite colors and flavors in an alcoholic way.

The alcohol content in a Pink Whitney is 30%.

With such a hefty content, you are looking at 4-6 shots to keep the buzz going.

Best advised to keep the drink at a maximum of 8-10 shots for a night because no drink is worth a terrible hangover.

How to Drink and Serve Pink Whitney?

A Pink Whitney is essentially a lemon-flavored vodka drink.

You can opt to cocktail it with more fruity options or drink it as it is.

There are so many fun ways to mix with a Pink Whitney, and you can pair it with 7-Up or sprite, lemon-lime soda, juices from berries like- cranberry, strawberry, or even a cola.

You can make different Pink Whitney drinks, and the sky is the limit, folks.

You can try any of the following drinks:

  • Pink Whitney Shot.

A Pink Whitney shot is the easiest way.

Just make sure to keep your drink very chilled beforehand.

If you forgot, don’t worry- throw some ice in a cocktail shaker with the drink and shake it.

Strain and serve.

  • Pink Whitney martini.

You don’t need a mixologist to prepare this drink.

Remember to have the drink, and the glass chilled prior.

All you need is ice and 3 ounces of Pink Whitney.

Mix the two, and you can serve that shaken or stirred, as you wish.

Garnish it with some lemon shavings.

  • Pink Whitney Strawberry Lemonade.

Here’s another quick and easy recipe that involves minimum preparation.

A fresh and tasty drink for any occasion.

The best part about this recipe is you can substitute the strawberry with raspberry, blueberries, blackberries, and even peaches.

Hull and slice 3-4 berries. Add an ounce of club soda and 3 ounces of Pink Whitney.

You can garnish it with a strawberry.


End the workday with a glass of pink Whitney. It’s quickly becoming the favorite go-to drink for many people.

Currently served most often at parties and in clubs, it has entered the marketplace as a versatile drink that can also be bought inexpensively as an “after-work” drink in bars.

What makes this a fan favorite among office workers? You can have a good time with just a few shots and make it to work the next day without feeling like a mess.

Also believe it or not there are real health benefits of Vodka too.

What Does Pink Whitney Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Interested in the flavor of Pink Whitney? This vodka-based cocktail boasts a sweet and tangy taste reminiscent of pink lemonade, making it a refreshing and popular choice among cocktail enthusiasts.
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