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What to Serve with Pita Bread? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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Bread represents the staple food of most cuisines out there.

It works with pretty much everything – you can spread some butter on top of it, and it is delicious.

Now, bread is also available in all kinds of varieties – enriched with seeds, potatoes, wraps or even pita bread.

Pita bread may not be as popular as the classic loaf, but it is definitely convenient.

You can chuck anything inside it, but you can also use it as a base for different foods.

Now, whether you like this type of bread or you have some leftovers, here are a few ideas when not sure what to serve with pita bread.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Pita Bread?

why consider serving side dishes with pita bread

Eating plain bread is great when it is fresh.

Hot bread is impossible to beat – even without any spread whatsoever.

Its aroma and flavor are out of this world.

However, other than this scenario, plain pita bread is not the best choice.

It feels dull and dry – your taste buds will crave for something wet.

Besides, lots of plain bread will help you gain a bit of extra weight.

If you are expecting some guests, serving plain pita bread is totally out of the discussion.

What to Serve with Pita Bread? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Here are some great choices that will work wonders with pita bread.

1. Homemade Mediterranean Hummus

homemade mediterranean hummus

Pita bread originates in Mediterranean cuisine, so it pays off sticking to something similar.

While this dish is not the most impressive one, it makes an excellent starter, and it can definitely open the appetite for the main course.

While you can find hummus in commerce, it is simply not as delicious as the homemade one.

The hearty aroma of chickpeas blended into a paste will blend in with the grainy aroma of pita bread.

Since hummus is soft and spreadable, it will be easily absorbed into the pita bread – even more delicious.

2. Chicken Caesar Salad

chicken caesar salad

This is your opportunity to turn plain pita bread into an actual meal.

The carbs in pita bread will work well with the protein in chicken, as well as the vitamins and minerals in a salad.

It is a complete meal that will provide energy in no time without feeling heavy.

The refreshing salad will make the bread feel lighter.

Plus, you need a proper dressing for this salad, or it feels a bit dry.

Such a combo takes less than five minutes to prepare – assuming the chicken is already done.

3. Crispy Fresh Veggies

crispy fresh veggies

Open up your pita bread, come up with a decent pocket and fill it up with chopped vegetables.

It makes no difference what veggies you like – tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and so on.

Top up with a bit of mayo, and you have the perfect pocket meal.

Veggies are crunchy, and the texture is excellent with the pita bread, as it also tends to absorb some of their natural juices – not to mention the dressing.

Since all veggies work with bread, there is no way you can go wrong with this recipe.

You can put out everything on a platter, so your guests can come up with their own meals.

4. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

roasted sweet potatoes

Bread and potatoes may not represent the best combination out there – they are both rich in carbs, and they may feel a bit heavy.

However, this dish is delicious.

The fact that you use sweet potatoes will give your meal a slightly sweet aroma.

Just like the pita bread, roasted sweet potatoes tend to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The dish itself would be a bit dry, so it asks for a proper dressing.

A bit of salad will also make it feel more refreshing.

5. Crispy Cucumber and Sausage

crispy cucumber and sausage

This could be the ideal combo if you want to impress someone – mostly because it is not too common.

However, sliced cucumbers are great with chopped sausages.

Use pita bread as a pocket for this combo, or simply spread everything on top.

The result? Perfect.

Cucumbers are crispy and have a refreshing flavor.

Pita bread makes an excellent base for everything.

Meanwhile, the sausage will give you a smoky and meaty aroma.

Sprinkle a bit of dressing on top, and you have just turned a plain pita bread into a fulfilling meal.

6. Shredded Chicken Gyros

shredded chicken gyros

If you love Greek cuisine, you just cannot go wrong with this combo.

While gyros might be difficult to find, it basically consists of shredded chicken – you can also use pork if you prefer it.

Again, it goes inside the pita or on top of it – you can then wrap it.

The bread will absorb some of the juices in your meat, while the grainy aroma works wonders with the meaty flavors.

There is not much to think about in terms of texture – nothing special here, yet you can always add a bit of salad for some crunchiness.

7. Crispy Veggies and Beef

crispy veggies and beef

This combo gives you everything your body needs from a meal.

You have protein from the beef, carbs from the pita bread and vitamins from veggies.

Chop the veggies and make sure the meat is minced.

Mixing everything together in a pita pocket is better than having things separately on a plate.

The idea is to grab a bit of everything with each bite.

The dish combo is quite common in Greek cuisine, so you might as well throw in some tzatziki.

Crunchy vegetables tend to make the difference in terms of texture.


As a short final conclusion, figuring out what to serve with pita bread will give you plenty of options.

Anything goes on a pita – from plain butter or jam to all sorts of vegetables and dressings.

However, you want to gain as much as possible from this combo.

Whether it comes to impressing guests or having a delicious meal, you need something more sophisticated.

The above-mentioned dishes will take minutes to prepare and feature a delicious taste.

While simple, the taste is what makes the difference at the end of the day.

What to Serve with Pita Bread? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Homemade Mediterranean Hummus

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

  • Crispy Fresh Veggies

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes

  • Crispy Cucumber and Sausage

  • Shredded Chicken Gyros

  • Crispy Veggies and Beef


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