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Perfect Complements: Discover the Best 7 Sides for Poached Eggs

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A simple egg can save the day.

It is fulfilling, rich in protein, healthy and easy to prepare – you can get eggs done within five to ten minutes only.

Now, eggs can also be prepared in a bunch of different ways – each of them tastes great.

One thing, in particular, stands out – poached eggs represent a modern and posh variety of classic boiled eggs.

While most people would rather have them in a restaurant, a little attention can give you an excellent meal.

Not sure what to serve with poached eggs? Here is what you have to know.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Poached Eggs?

why consider serving side dishes with poached eggs

If you think about it, you do not necessarily need anything with poached eggs.

Sure, a bit of bread will do, especially when it comes to grabbing all the leftovers from the plate.

But then, just like regular eggs, poached eggs work with anything.

If you cook for yourself, just grab whatever you like from the fridge.

Things change when you cook for someone else.

You actually make an effort to prepare poached eggs, so everyone will expect something fancy as a side dish as well.

Plain bread just will not do.

Fortunately, there are lots of great ideas.

What to Serve with Poached Eggs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Here are a few options to impress your audience when unsure what to serve with poached eggs.

1. Fresh Smoked Salmon

fresh smoked salmon

This is not the type of dish that will give you a large, heavy meal.

It is not the type of meal that will make you feel like taking a nap.

Instead, it is a healthy and nutritional meal that will supply you with energy.

Smoked salmon and poached eggs make a good combo for brunch, a light dinner or even breakfast.

Eggs are soft and delicious, while the salmon has a smoky aroma and a texture that complements them.

Moreover, salmon is rich in some healthy fats, which will add a bit of moisture to your eggs.

2. Creamy Spinach and Hollandaise Sauce

creamy spinach and hollandaise sauce

This is another light combo that will supply your body with protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as an excellent taste.

The slowly simmered spinach will not have such an intense flavor, but it will still maintain its unique aroma.

Spinach and eggs go hand in hand – poached eggs on top of a creamy spinach base will blend in perfectly.

As for the Hollandaise sauce on top of everything, it slowly penetrates the combo for each bite to make the difference.

The texture is soft and may feel a bit unusual – a slice of bread will help.

3. Tacos with Crispy Potatoes

tacos with crispy potatoes

This is one of the complete meals based on poached eggs.

There is nothing impressive about it, apart from the taste.

You get a bit of everything – tacos have a grainy aroma that absorbs sauces.

Crispy baked potatoes add to the texture, but they also have a hearty flavor.

Then, you have the poached egg on top.

Break it, and the yolk will evenly spread around like a sauce.

What else can you ask for?

4. Black Beans and Avocados

black beans and avocados

Now, if you want to keep things healthy and on the vegetarian side, black beans and avocados make a good combo.

Black beans have a unique aroma – hearty and deep.

Avocados are rich in healthy fats and feature a distinctive taste.

Besides, egg and avocado is the ultimate combo for breakfast.

However, it is not fulfilling enough – this is when the black beans kick in.

In terms of texture, black beans are a bit crispy, which is great for soft avocado and egg.

Whether as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, this combo is refreshing and will not put any strain on your digestive system.

5. Chorizo and Halloumi Pancakes

chorizo and halloumi pancakes

You cannot go wrong with this dish if you like the Mediterranean cuisine – especially the Greek one.

The firm halloumi is chewy and has a unique texture that works with anything.

While chorizo is Spanish in theory, it goes well into pancakes or on top of your dish.

This type of pancake is unique and feels quite fulfilling.

It is delicious, so feel free to prepare more than what you need – you may have to spend about half an hour in the kitchen, though.

The dish is quite salty, so make sure you have plenty of fluids around.

6. Crunchy Pork Chops

crunchy pork chops

Pork chops and poached eggs work well – meat and eggs, after all.

However, both dishes are more sophisticated than the average meals you cook for yourself.

This dish is likely to impress your guests.

Pork chops have a smoky aroma, as well as a powerful meaty flavor.

On the other hand, poached eggs may feel a bit neutral, but the yolk spreading over meat will give it a completely different taste.

Overall, despite the eggs being chopped, the dish could be a bit heavy and oily, so you may need some bread too.

7. Kale and Parmesan Tartine

kale and parmesan tartine

Keep things simple in design, but impressive in taste.

Nothing beats the taste of poached eggs when they break over tartines.

Tartines with kale salad and a bit of Parmesan on top will make the difference.

Kale is refreshing and slightly sour.

Parmesan has a mild bitterness.

Combine these flavors with savory eggs, and you have a perfect breakfast.

This is the type of dish you can prepare in 15 minutes – if you cook for others, try to prepare more than what you need.

Your guests will devour these tartines.


In the end, figuring out what to serve with poached eggs will give you lots of options.

In theory, anything that works with eggs will work regardless of how you prepare them.

Therefore, your potential sides are extremely diversified.

The above-mentioned dishes aim to provide a bit of balance, whether it comes to the texture, taste or flavor.

Most of them can be done in no time and they bring in accents from different cuisines.

They are mild and can make some refreshing meals.

What to Serve with Poached Eggs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Fresh Smoked Salmon

  • Creamy Spinach and Hollandaise Sauce

  • Tacos with Crispy Potatoes

  • Black Beans and Avocados

  • Chorizo and Halloumi Pancakes

  • Crunchy Pork Chops

  • Kale and Parmesan Tartine


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