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A Culinary Curiosity: What Do Possums Taste Like?

Possums are more than just the shy neighbor in your backyard that appears at nightfall to raid your garden and garbage.

Many consider their meat a meal; it is a significant part of Southern cuisine.

If you’re interested in trying this exotic meat, you’ll want to be ready for what comes after you procure it.

After all, everyone seems to have different opinions about its impact on their taste buds.

Now, what do possums taste like? There isn’t a definite answer, as some possum meat tastes better than others.

So, this guide will discuss possums and how they taste compared to other game meats.

What is Possum?

Possums are medium-sized marsupials that live in forested habitats such as woodlands, swamps, and farmlands.

They are found in many parts of the United States and Canada.

Possums are nocturnal and measure around 15 to 20 inches; they can weigh anywhere between 4 and 12 lbs.

If you’ve never seen one, it looks like a rat but is about the size of a small dog.

A possum’s body is covered in long, grayish fur and has a white face with dark, naked ears.

Meanwhile, its feet are black, and its tail is hairless.

Because of the threat from numerous predators in the wild, possums have adapted to living alongside humans.

You can find them under sheds and in backyards.

Possums are shy animals and often pretend to be dead when encountering strangers.

In the cities, you will find them in garbage dumps and cave-like structures.

But in the suburbs, they feed on insects and animals and live on trees.

What Do Possums Taste Like?

Possums have the earthy and umami taste of dark game meat.

It is similar to rabbit and squirrel meat.

However, possums, like pork, have a higher fat percentage and feel greasy on the palate.

The meat also has a pungent smell that may make it challenging to eat.

It is very prominent when cooked with minimal seasonings.

And you can easily mask it with condiments.

Possums are also similar to pork in texture, but the texture and fattiness are all there is to their similarities.

Nonetheless, they’re rich in protein and will make excellent meals when prepared into a savory dish.

You can remove the excess fat by parboiling the meat before making it into a proper dish.

This will make the meat lean and more enjoyable.

Meanwhile, the pungent smell of meat can be masked by using a generous number of spices or reducing the blood content in meat by soaking it in milk.

The taste may differ slightly depending on the quality of the possum’s diet.

A possum that feeds on garbage will taste unpleasant compared to one that feeds on a proper diet, such as animals and insects.

If you’re not ready for the awful taste of possum meat, keep a handful of veggies ready.

It tastes pleasant with simple ingredients like potatoes, carrots, and garlic.

Besides, hot and savory condiments are another way to enhance the meat’s flavors to their best.

Can You Eat Possums?

If you’re familiar with the animal and its lifestyle, it may seem impossible to eat possums.

However, there’s more to the truth.

You can eat possums; if you choose to, you should be ready to put some extra work into cleaning and prep.

While it may seem like an unhygienic activity, possums are edible and enjoyed by many hunters.

Injured possums, in particular, require special care to ensure they are parasite-free.

One easy way to prepare the meat is to marinate it in a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water for at least 30 minutes.

This is a crucial step because a possum’s diet consists of many insects and animals, many of which are disease-bearing.

And improper preparation may put you at risk of disease transmission.

So now, should you eat possums? While no law restricts you from eating possums, it is an excellent choice to avoid hunting them as they make a significant part of the ecosystem.

Despite not looking the friendliest, possums are one of the best neighbors you can have.

They keep the pest population in check and minimize the outbreak of diseases.

Beyond their shy temperament and unfriendly appearance lies the ability to keep snakes, rats, slugs, and many more pests at bay.

Since possums aren’t a common meat source, you’ll likely have to hunt, skin, and gut it yourself.


Possums can be as delicious as popular game meats like rabbits and squirrels.

But the key to thoroughly enjoying its meat is to put sufficient effort into the preparation.

The meat can be fatty and smell pungent, but it’s nothing a short parboil and seasonings can’t extinguish.

So, if you ever hunt a possum, don’t take a quick way out; instead, give it the best prep you’ve ever had.

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