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Prawns Taste Adventure: What Do Prawns Taste Like?

Prawns are a delicacy enjoyed everywhere.

And the best thing is you can prepare this aquatic critter in thousands of ways.

We can think of buttery prawns, spicy prawns, a prawn salad, and more.

But whatever way you prepare it, they have that pleasingly fishy taste that you get from shrimps and lobsters.

Plus, prawns are available everywhere. They are not specific to any culture’s cuisine.

Many people have tasted prawns. But they cannot quite describe what it tastes like.

Let us answer the question, “what do prawns taste like”.

What are Prawns?

Prawns belong to the crustacean category of aquatic animals.

They belong to the Decopoda family, along with crabs, shrimps, and lobsters.

People often confuse prawns with shrimp, although they are different.

But several menus feature prawns and shrimps side-by-side.

In fact, they look similar when prepared in a dish.

It is hard to tell each one apart unless you are a seafood expert.

Generally, prawns are bigger in size.

But there are also shrimp species that are bigger than prawns.

The term “prawn” is often used in the United Kingdom.

Americans refer to them as shrimps.

You can also use the two ingredients interchangeably because they are similar in taste.

Prawns feature on several seafood menus worldwide as they are readily available.

Plus, there are different types of prawns you can use.

Some of them are tiger prawns, spot prawns, Eastern king prawns, etc.

What Do Prawns Taste Like?

Now we come to the exciting part of the article.

So what does a prawn taste like? Prawns have a mild and buttery taste.

You might think they have a fishy taste and smell.

But they do not taste as fishy as other seafood.

They also have a mild sweetness and are not as salty because they are found in fresh waters.

You can also get earthy tones from some prawn varieties.

It has a chewy but soft texture and is mildly crunchy.

They also have a pleasing aroma that is not like other marine animals.

They are also packed with beneficial values and considered healthy by many experts.

Raw prawns retain their sweetness. But it has a more fishy taste.

Although it is subtle, cooking it is a more suitable option.

But it is safe to enjoy raw prawns as well.

Prawns and shrimp are often featured side-by-side on menus.

And if you’re wondering whether they taste similar, the answer is yes.

Though they are different animals, they share a similar taste profile when cooked.

But prawns have a sweeter taste than shrimps.

This is because prawns are primarily found in fresh waters.

On the other hand, shrimps taste saltier because you can only find them in saltwater.

Prawns also have a tougher texture.

Prawns also have a sweeter and more unique flavor than lobsters.

They are also less chewy and cheaper than their crustacean counterparts.

While preparing prawns, make sure to add plenty of seasonings.

But you want to add them in subtle amounts.

Too many additions can overpower the sweet taste of the prawns.

How to Cook and Serve Prawns?

Prawns are a versatile item on any menu, whether it be lunch or dinner.

You can sauté, steam, deep fry, or grill them using various seasonings.

Prawns look excellent in a salad as well.

As you can see, you can literally prepare it any way you want, and it fits all occasions.

Let us look at some delicious ways to prepare and serve prawns.

The first step before preparing prawns is to remove the shell.

Some people skip this step as they like their prawns with a bit of crunch.

You also want to remove the digestive tract, which is that thin black line on their backs.

Grilled shrimp is one of the easiest ways to prepare and serve them.

You can also toss them into fried rice for a more filling meal.

Deep-fried prawns are a delicious treat as well.

You drench them in a flour and egg batter and fry them like deep-fried chicken.

Serve them with a tasty dipping sauce for a delicious snack.

Some people also enjoy raw prawns and shrimp.

If you want to try it, serve it with chopped parsley and lemon slices.

However, there is a high risk of food poisoning if your digestive system does not agree.


Prawns will remain a delicacy enjoyed worldwide.

The best thing about them is there are endless ways to prepare them.

But the highlight of prawns as a dish is their subtly sweet flavor.

If you have second thoughts about seafood, give prawns a try.

They do not taste fishy like other seafood.

Non-seafood lovers also enjoy prawns because of this quality.

Whether you find prawns or shrimps on a menu next time, try it.

What Do Prawns Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

Prawns, a type of shellfish similar to shrimp, boast a sweet, delicate flavor with a slightly firmer texture than their smaller counterparts. When cooked properly, prawns offer a succulent and juicy eating experience, making them a popular choice in various cuisines around the world.
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