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Savoring the Sea: What Does Puffin Taste Like?

To newcomers, puffin sounds like the name of a new vape company. Unfortunately, that’s not it.

A puffin is a seabird residing in the Northern Atlantic region.

It’s a small bird that’s black and white and is usually captured by hunters for consumption.

So, this leads us to one question – what does puffin taste like? That’s precisely what we’re here for.

To uncover that question for curious readers.

Although puffins are seabirds, they have a unique taste that resembles various food items.

So, today’s article will look into its compact flavor profile, how to prepare them, and more. Let’s start.

What is Puffin?

Also referred to as “sea clown” or “sea parrot,” puffins are small seabirds that are usually black and white in color.

These seabirds typically reside in their native region of the Pacific & Indian Oceans and the North Atlantic and are found at sea.

If not, they’re usually found nesting near rocks deep inside soil burrows.

Appearance-wise, puffins have a short and broad bills with round heads.

The bill is typically used to catch fish.

If you visit their native regions, you’d generally find adult puffins standing upright on beaches or rocks, waiting for their prey.

Puffins are of three species, namely, the Atlantic puffin (found in North America), while the other two are the Pacific Puff.

The latter usually populate large colonies in offshore islands or cliffs.

To avoid confusion, one breed comes with horns atop its skull, while the other carries an orange patch on the stomach.

But the patch usually fades after their first mating season.

What Does Puffin Taste Like?

While many may not necessarily be exposed to puffin meat, they’re considered a highly nutritious food.

But it’s not easy to taste puffin meat as it’s not available in the U.S.

So, for those curious peeps, we’ll try our best to describe the taste of puffin.

Puffin meat appears quite dark, but it’s not entirely black.

The meat typically contains low fat or cholesterol content.

Thus, it serves as a fantastic meat choice for those interested in such meat without compromising the flavor and taste.

When it comes to taste, puffin meat delivers a pretty light taste yet produces a specific oily texture, making it seem fatter than chicken or fish.

However, the taste is not at all overpowering.

Thus, it doesn’t take over your palette as most game meats do.

Although the meat is relatively light, it’s not as pale as pork or beef and offers a taste similar to fish and liver.

Compared to other traditional meat, puffin tastes like pork, beef, and chicken.

Typically, the texture of puffin meat will vary depending on its preparation.

This is crucial to determining its final taste, as puffin meat can be prepared and cooked in numerous ways, such as boiling, frying, grilling, etc.

As mentioned earlier, puffin meat is also considered quite nutritious.

But in what way? The meat is known to contain high protein.

Hence, it serves as a great alternative to beef or chicken.

How to Cook Puffin?

Cooking puffin meat is not new, and dishes of such nature are pretty special in their native regions, such as the North Atlantic, etc.

With that, one most common way of cooking puffin meat is through the boiled or smoked method.

Normally the meat is cooked using the oven by roasting or baking.

So, using an oven will be a great start if you’ve got your hands on some puffin meat.

This method helps ensure the meat delivers an even texture once cooked and helps avoid overcooking as well.

If you’re dealing with puffin meat with skin, prepare it by allowing the skin to turn crisp.

If you’re used to grilling steak, you can also apply the same method to puffin meat.

This will create a more crusty flavor and texture, which is usually missing in boiled puffin meat.

However, if you’re looking to tenderize the meat, consider boiling the meat to create a soft outer layer that tastes almost juicy.

You can even try the popular Scottish “haggis” recipe for this.

Lastly, when preparing puffin meat, it’s crucial to understand that the cooking duration may vary depending on the cut of the meat.

Thinner cuts usually require less time, while thicker cuts require adjustments accordingly.


Overall, the puffin is a nutritious meat with an oily texture and light taste.

But there’s so much more to it that you’d have to try it to understand its full taste.

Hence, if you’re interested, you can follow some of the methods we’ve mentioned earlier.

Puffin also makes a great alternative to traditional protein-based meat as it’s similar to beef or chicken.

But it has way less fat content, which is a plus for anyone.

Moreover, despite the similar taste, puffin meat can still bring something unique to the table.

So, if you’re searching for a new protein meat, puffin meat is it.

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