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How Long Does Red Bull Last? Does Red Bull Go Bad?

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Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world.

It boosts your energy and contains some minerals needed in the body.

I like the drink’s sour taste; therefore, I take the drink even when I do not need to boost my energy.

I’m not too fond of shopping, so I find myself buying things in bulk, and Red Bull is one of the drinks I buy in bulk, and I keep them in the pantry for more than one year.

I also travel a lot for work, and it might take more than six months before getting back to my house.

Such a working schedule means that most of my shopping expires before I return.

I have been throwing away the rest of the shopping but have never disposed of my Red Bulls.

Still, I have always wondered, “How long does Red Bull last?”.

It is important to be concerned about this as it might risk your health if you end up drinking Red Bull, which has stayed for a long time and probably expired.

That is why I thought of coming up with this article, to help you with everything you need to know.

What’s Red Bull?

what red bull

Red Bull is an energy drink manufactured by an Australian company, Red Bull GmbH; it is sugar-sweetened and comes in flavors such as tangerine, kiwi apple, peach, blueberry, and tropical fruits.

The main ingredients include natural flavors, artificial colors, taurine, magnesium Carbonate, citric acid, baking soda, sugar, and carbonated water.

It also contains vitamins and minerals.

According to Red Bull, the drink’s nutritional composition in every 100ml is as follows, energy 195kj, carbohydrates 11g, fat 0g, protein 0g, fiber 0g, caffeine 30mg, vitamin B6 33%, calcium 1%, and salt 0g.

The nutritional composition may vary depending on countries.

Drinking Red Bull has several benefits, including increased cognitive performancethat allows you to keep working for an extended time.

The increased attention and performance result from caffeine and sugar in the drink.

The sugar also boosts your energy, enabling you to be more active hence the name energy drink.

How Long Does Red Bull Last? Does Red Bull Go Bad?

how long does red bull last does red bull go bad

Red Bull goes bad if kept for a long time or in extremely hot conditions.

Although, it can last relatively long without going bad when stored in a pantry.

According to Red Bull, the drink’s shelf life is about 15 months, as indicated in the expiry date at the bottom of the can.

However, in a question-and-answer section, they stated that it is safe to drink it even after 18 to 24 months.

It means that you can safely consume a Red Bull that has lasted for two years.

That is such a long time, and it means that unless you had forgotten the Red Bull, you can’t have a stock that lasts that long.

Additionally, the expiration date on the can does not necessarily mean that the drinks go bad immediately after the date is exceeded because you can still have the drink six months after its expiration date, and it will still be good.

Red Bull last a minimum of 24 months when stored in the fridge.

It is bound to last longer because the refrigerator minimizes any reactions of the chemicals and denaturing of vitamins in the drink.

Bacteria can hardly grow in a refrigerated condition and hence poses no risk of spoiling the drink.

My colleague said that he consumed a Red bull that had stayed in the fridge for two and a half years, and it still had a good taste and had no adverse health impacts.

Freezing a Red Bull would increase its shelf life significantly.

Freeze It estimated that freezing a Red Bull can extend its shelf life for more than nine months.

Therefore, a Red Bull with a shelf life of 15 months can remain in excellent condition for more than two years.

Opening the Red bull can significantly reduce its shelf life.

If you open, reseal, and refrigerate the drink, Coffee Affection recommends drinking it within seven days.

If you open the drink and reseal it but fail to refrigerate it, you should drink it within five days.

Finally, if you open the drink but fail to reseal or refrigerate, you should drink it within 1 to 2 days.

How to Tell if Red Bull is Bad?

how to tell if red bull is bad

There are several ways to know whether a Red Bull is Bad:

  • The first and most straightforward way is to check the expiry date. If the Red Bull is past the expiry date, it is likely to be bad, especially if it has exceeded the date by more than nine months. .
  • Secondly, you can check the Red Bull can for signs of bloating because a bloated can indicates the presence of a chemical reaction within the can. In such a case, the chemicals in the drink react with the container and produce hydrogen gas that causes the can to blot, and such reactions indicate that the drink has gone bad and is unsafe for consumption. Additionally, chemical reactions can cause a stain at the brim of the Red Bull can, and the stains indicate chemical reactions, which means the drink has gone bad. .
  • Thirdly, check the color of the drink after opening; the beverage should have a clear color but should not appear cloudy because a cloudy appearance shows that the drink is undergoing some chemical reactions, especially due to bacteria. Bacterial contamination can also cause the can to swell; hence, you should toss the drink because it is unsafe to drink. .
  • Finally, you can tell the drink is bad if it tastes strange. The taste of the Red Bull has remained consistent, and if you detect a weird taste in your drink, it has likely gone bad. Taste can change due to bacterial contamination or reaction of the drink with the metallic can, and it is safe to dispose of the drink immediately. .


Red Bull is a pleasant-tasting drink that significantly boosts your energy and cognitive performance.

It is sugar-sweetened and has caffeine which plays a significant role in mental stimulation and increasing your energy.

It is desirable because of its low sugar and caffeine content. It has a relatively long shelf life.

If you still have a can or two that has expired and you are wondering whether you should drink or toss them, the answer is you can still drink them if they have not exceeded the expiry date by more than six months.

You should, however, check whether the can is bloated, if the drink is clear, or if they have a strange taste.

How Long Does Red Bull Last? Does Red Bull Go Bad?

Recipe by Andrew Gray Course: Shelf Life


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  • Red Bull

  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags

  • Labels and markers


  • Red Bull shelf life:
  • Unopened: best in 18 to 24 months
  • Opened in Pantry: 1 to 2 days
  • Opened in Fridge: 5 to 7 days

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  • Make sure to label your container with the content and date.
  • Store the container in a cool, dark place, like a pantry or fridge.
  • If you freeze the product, thaw it in the fridge before using. Always check for signs of spoilage before using.

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