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Is Rhino Meat Legal? What Does Rhino Taste Like?

Rhinoceros, commonly known as Rhino, is a large animal known for its distinctive features, especially the horn.

Although this animal is mainly hunted for its horn, its meat is also quite popular among wild meat enthusiasts.

Rhino horn has various medicinal purposes and is considered an illegal practice.

But the poachers keep hunting for horns, thus leaving them on the brink of extinction of this species.

Now the question is, what does Rhino taste like? The meat is mainly compared with elk meat and has a flavor like chicken.

Continue reading as we delve more to know about Rhino and whether it’s legal to have its meat.

What is Rhino?

what is rhino

Rhino is one of the largest animals, and it comes under megafauna, which comprises large or giant animals.

A rhinoceros consists of five species:

  • Black Rhino.
  • Sumatran rhino.
  • White Rhino.
  • Javan rhino.
  • Indian Rhino.

Sumatran rhino is the smallest among these species and is known to have the most hair.

Indian rhinoceros have a single horn and are also popularly referred to as great one-horned rhinos.

Javan is the most endangered Rhino, followed by the Sumatran rhinoceros.

Additionally, it’s listed among the world’s most endangered large mammals.

A rhinoceros is mainly known for its horn and its illegal hunt by poachers.

Because of poaching, the population of this animal has declined and is on the verge of going extinct.

Its meat is popular in African and Asian countries but is not sold in the open market.

And some African countries allow trophy hunting.

Namibia has also legalized rhino hunting, but it comes with strict regulations.

What Does Rhino Taste Like?

A rhino’s meat tastes similar to beef but is less fatty.

As mentioned earlier, it also tastes like elk meat, and some compare the flavor to chicken with a beefy texture.

However, the closest similarity would be pork.

Most of us would assume Rhino’s meat has a hard texture because of its masculine body and thick skin.

However, you’d be surprised to know that its meat is quite soft, red in color, and has a rosy tint.

Rhino meat is less fatty which is not great for marbling.

It’s most suitable for making hard steak and will require cooking oil to do it.

A common misconception about wild meat is that it’s healthy and offers multiple health benefits.

However, you should note that these animals carry different viruses and can transmit to humans if consumed.

Hence, it’s essential to be careful while having this type of meat.

One should cook well to kill bacteria or germs, and avoiding undercooked or raw wild meat is always advisable.

  • The nutritional content of Rhino.

Meat generally has a high number of calories and is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, iron, and fats.

Unlike pork or beef, which has a high content of fats, rhino meat has a low-fat level.

Is it Illegal to Eat Rhinos?

is it illegal to eat rhinos

The legality of eating rhinos depends on the laws of the countries.

It’s illegal to smuggle flesh and horns of this animal, but eating meat is allowed to some extent.

In South Africa, the government has decided to legalize the trade of the horn of Rhino to prevent illegal smuggling.

Additionally, they have proposed to sell the meat in the public market.

However, it has received mixed views globally as it will decrease the population of rhinoceros which is already endangered.

Rhino horn and meat are in demand in countries like Vietnam and China because of their linkage to ancient medicinal usage.

Globally, major animal conservation organizations are against the trade practices of Rhino in general.

However, a gray market exists where meat is available through different dealers.

Rhino’s meat is edible, and there isn’t a definite answer about its legality of meat consumption.

A lucrative black market exists where its meat and horn are sold at exorbitant prices.

Poaching of rhinoceros is considered illegal in most countries.

The government and several organizations are working together to prevent it from going extinct.

Various countries, including the United States, India, and Europe, have stringent laws against rhino poaching and smuggling of its body parts.

Final Thought

Rhino is a masculine and large animal, but its meat is soft and tender.

It tastes like pork, but some people compare it to beef, which is less fatty.

Although rhino meat is edible but is not sold in the open market, its horn is more in demand, especially in countries like Vietnam and China.

Various organizations and the government have taken measures to prevent the illegal trading of rhinoceroses.

There has been an alarming decline in the rhino population in recent years where some subspecies has extinct.

We hope that this article answered your question about what Rhino tastes like.

Ensure ethical practices and get its meat only from a legal dealer.

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