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How Long Does Rumchata Last? Does it Go Bad?

RumChata is a liqueur cream that combines rum, cream, cinnamon, vanilla, and other tastes.

Does RumChata go bad, its shelf life is affected by several factors, including storage environment and whether the bottle has been opened or unopened.

You can keep their open bottle for up to two years after the date of manufacture if their storage is in a cool, dark location away from heat and sunshine.

It is crucial to understand that this is only an estimate, as the product’s quality can degrade with time.

RumChata should be drunk within six months of opening the bottle for the best flavor and quality.

What is RumChata?

what is rumchata

RumChata has a rich, sweet flavor similar to cinnamon toast or cinnamon rolls with a smooth, creamy texture.

It can be consumed independently, over ice, or in sweets and cocktails.

The adaptability of drink is one of its distinctive features.

It can be used in various beverages, from straightforward combinations like RumChata and cola to more intricate drinks like the RumChata White Russian.

Moreover, it can be used in baking and cooking to give foods like French toast, pancakes, and cakes a creamy, cinnamon flavor.

Overall, RumChata is a delightful and functional cream liqueur favorite among mixologists and non-professional drinkers.

How Long Does RumChata Last? Does RumChata Go Bad?

Like other options, RumChata is a super long-lasting liqueur that people normally have in their diet.

You can open the bottle and store them in a good place for their long shelf life.

Like most cream liqueurs, RumChata has a short shelf life and can spoil over time.

Opened Bottle

RumChata bottles that have not been opened can be kept for up to two years from the date of manufacture if they keep in an excellent, dark location away from heat and sunshine. If you keep them in the freezer, there is no definite time for their storage.

Unopened Bottle

If you have not opened the drink bottle for future use, they will be in good condition for many years.

Just ensure that you choose a perfect place for their storage as the bad temperature can lead to spoilage at an early stage.

RumChata should be drunk within six months of opening the bottle for the best flavor and quality.

The food may lose flavor and texture after six months, and the cream may begin to curdle, rendering it unpleasant to eat and possibly dangerous.

Yes, with time, if a person needs to take care of drinking correctly, they might go well.

Having a proper storage place of it is a must for using them in good condition for an extended time.

How to Tell If RumChata Has Gone Bad?

how to tell if rumchata has gone bad

Acidic Or Off-Smelling Aroma

Your RumChata may have gone bad if it has an acidic, off-smelling, or sour aroma.

The liqueur’s cream could degrade and release an unpleasant odor over time.

If you notice such a change, it’s the right time to dispose of it and get a new option on time.

Texture/ Look

If your RumChata has a thick, lumpy, or curdled appearance, it has likely gone bad.

It could happen if the cream in the liqueur separates or starts to thicken.

By looking at the drink, you can easily frame an idea if it is good or bad.

Weird Flavor

If your RumChata has a strange or unpleasant taste, it may have gone bad.

It could occur due to the cream spoiling or the other ingredients in the liqueur degrading over time.


With time there is even growth of molds on the drinks; if you notice even small patches, avoid their use.

Only using them will be a good option if they are fresh and without molds.

How to Store RumChata?

how to store rumchata

Keep In A Cool, Dry Place

RumChata needs to be kept out of the heat and sunlight.

The cream in the liqueur can degrade and affect the flavor and texture badly when exposed to heat and light.

Keep them in the pantry area as they have an average temperature where you can use the drink for an extended period.

Keep The Lid Tightly Closed

Once opened, RumChata should be kept in the fridge with an adequately sealed cover to keep the air content in atmosphere out of reach.

The liqueur may oxidize and lose its flavor if exposed to air.

Even moisture can be there in the pack that will lose the taste and flavor of the drink significantly.

Don’t Freeze

Freezing the liqueur might cause the cream to separate, giving it a lumpy, unpleasant texture.

RumChata is best kept in the refrigerator as opposed to being frozen.


RumChata should be drunk within six months of opening for the best flavor and quality.

The liqueur starts to lose its flavor and texture after six months, and the cream may begin to curdle.

Rest some variation in time can be there based on the storage method.

It is also important to note that RumChata has a shorter shelf life than liquor due to its comparatively low alcohol content of 13.75%.

In addition, food should not be consumed if it shows signs of deterioration, such as a foul scent or a curdled look.