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Anise-tingling Insights: What Does Sambuca Taste Like?

If you want to know what Sambuca tastes like before drinking it, you’re not alone.

This alcoholic beverage is a famous Italian drink and is made with oils from herbs.

It’s normally served after dinner to aid in digestion.

Sambuca has been gaining the spotlight in the past few years as a famous party drink popularly known as “razzle-dazzle”.

It’s widely used in numerous drinks and cocktails to boost flavor.

Also, you’ll find this Italian liqueur in different seasonings depending on the ingredients or production.

But don’t fret. This post will help you figure out what type of flavor to expect from this famous alcoholic beverage.

What is Sambuca?

Sambuca is an alcoholic drink from Italy made with herbs like licorice root, cinnamon, coffee beans, star anise, and citrus peel.

It comes in three varieties, white, red, and black.

Each type tastes slightly different and contains about 38% – 42% alcohol content.

Typically, the black and white sambuca is flavored with coffee beans or licorice root, while star anise is used for the red one.

Also, some manufacturers add a bit of sugar to sweeten the beverage, but some prefer it unsweetened.

The name of this beverage comes from the Italian word “Sambucu,” which translates to “elderberry tree,” and it’s often argued that the monks first introduced this alcoholic beverage.

This drink is famous throughout Greece and Italy and is served neat or with water.

But this alcoholic beverage can also be used in several ways, such as adding it to your morning coffee, milkshake, cocktails, and more.

However, if you want to appreciate its authentic flavor, it’s best to drink it neat.

What Does Sambuca Taste Like?

Sambuca has a unique taste and is generally defined as having a distinctive flavor because of the ingredients used, and it can be unpalatable for some.

Typically, this liqueur tastes like licorice with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, or anise.

Also, compared to vodka and whiskey, sambuca is considered to have a smoother taste, but the flavor can be pretty intense for some people.

Sambuca is similar to ouzo drink, a strong alcoholic beverage from Greece.

When mixed with water, this clear liquid gives off a cloudy appearance, also known as the “ouzo effect,” which results from the essential oils used in the alcohol.

Though black and white sambuca is made using the same ingredients and is commonly served neat, the taste and alcohol content varies.

Typically, the white sambuca contains around 38% alcohol volume and has an anise flavor with a hint of vanilla.

In contrast, the black liqueur has an alcoholic content of about 42% with a licorice-like taste and is fruity.

Sambuca is commonly served neat on the glass as a shot, mixed with water, or as a digestif after dinner.

It’s also relished as a coffee killer and is taken after drinking coffee to cleanse the strong coffee flavor from the mouth.

This famous Italian drink pairs exceptionally well with several cocktails and is a popular ingredient.

Now, let’s look at the different ways of incorporating sambuca into your refreshing afternoon drinks.

How to Drink and Serve Sambuca?

The traditional way of drinking sambuca is by adding three roasted coffee beans, which is an Italian way of representing or wishing you health, prosperity, and happiness.

Sambuca is also commonly enjoyed with one coffee bean called “con la mosca,” meaning “with the fly”.

Interestingly, the coffee beans can be toasted by igniting the drink to intensify the flavor.

Lighting the sambuca shot is very common in nightclubs, popularly known as flaming shots.

But this method requires professional skill and cannot be replicated.

So, don’t try it at home as it can be dangerous.

You can drink sambuca directly from the bottle, pour it into a glass with ice cubes and enjoy it chilled, mix it with sparkling water, or combine it with several spirits as it blends well with numerous brewed beverages.

Sambuca can be added to everyday drinks like coffee, club soda, lemon or orange juice, sparkling wine, and more.

Likewise, you can also try experimenting with other beverages to create a new flavor.

Depending on your preference and taste, you can use several ingredients to garnish your drink, such as lemon wedges, olives, fresh herbs, and brandied cherries.

Lastly, add some ice cubes, or use an extra-large ice mold.


Sambuca is popular for several reasons.

It’s a famous party drink commonly enjoyed as a bomb shot, served as an aperitif after dinner to ease digestion, used as a coffee killer, can be used in several cocktails, and many more.

This traditional Italian alcohol is usually served neat, and flavors may vary depending on the drink’s color and ingredients.

However, avoid this beverage while pregnant or during breastfeeding.

Try sambuca with your friends if you’re yet to taste this popular anise liqueur.

What Does Sambuca Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Curious about Sambuca? Delve into the bold and sweet flavor of this anise-flavored liqueur, with hints of licorice and herbs. Explore how Sambuca is enjoyed as a digestif or mixed into cocktails for a unique taste experience.
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