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From the Ocean to Your Plate: What Do Sardines Taste Like?

Sardines – while some consider it fishy, others are downright lovers of its distinct taste.

They are also one of the most affordable seafood and readily available in tins.

But what do sardines taste like?

Right off the bat, sardines have a very strong taste and aroma.

Besides, they’re also not the most appetizing to look at.

So, if you’ve never tried them before, you may wonder what on earth people see in these tiny, oily fish.

Surprisingly, this fragile seafood is actually flavorful when appropriately cooked and comes packed with nutrients.

Want to learn more about sardines? Read on.

What are Sardines?

what are sardines

Sardines, also known as pilchards, are generally considered “forage” fish, meaning they are small, oily fish commonly used as bait or feed for larger predatory fish.

Sardines are also a popular choice of food for many people.

Belonging to the Clupeidae family, sardines are called so because they were once abundant on the island of Sardinia during the 15th century.

Although sardines are often associated with canning and being eaten out of a can, fresh sardines are even quite delicious.

They’re a good source of many nutrients that your body needs and can be cooked in various ways.

If you’ve never tried fresh sardines, you might be surprised by how much flavor they have.

They’re also often compared to anchovies (another small and oily fish species) in taste and appearance.

Planning to give sardines a try? Just head out to your nearest fish market and ask for some.

You can also look for them at specialty food stores.

Plus, you can even buy canned sardines online.

What Do Sardines Taste Like?

what do sardines taste like

Like all seafood, sardines have a flavor that reminds us of the oceans.

However, highly fishy flavors aren’t a favorite among many people, and sardines rank way too high on the fishiness scale.

But is that all there is to them, or are there more unknown facts you need to know? One thing we know is that this fish can be a favorite or the last meal option among seafood lovers, and its taste is what makes up this stark difference.

Firstly, sardines taste like herring but with a more robust flavor.

Canned ones are salty and have a meatier texture; these are the ones that have an incredibly strong fishy accent and often make a terrible first impression on picky eaters.

A sardine’s bones are small and fragile, so you can cook this fish without removing its bones.

In fact, they add an interesting texture when cooked.

Sardines aren’t without their share of health benefits.

You will acquire a good amount of protein, Vitamins D and B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and minerals.

These nutrients are enough to keep you energetic throughout the day.

So, when you eat sardines, you’re benefitting your heart, muscles, and bone health.

It is one inexpensive way to provide healthy nutrients to your body and fuel it up to reward you with a stress-free life.

Canned and fresh sardines taste similar, but canned ones have more flavor because they are usually preserved in oil.

Nonetheless, you can use whichever you like and alter the flavors you dislike with fun cooking methods.

How to Prepare and Cook Sardines?

how to prepare and cook sardines

Canned sardines do not need any preparation other than an optional grilling.

However, fresh ones need to be prepared by removing the fish’s head, fins, scales, and insides of the belly.

If you aren’t a fan of the strong flavor of sardines that overwhelm every ingredient in the dish, you can opt for these cooking methods:

  • Make a sardine curry: This is a classic dish for sardines. All that’s required is to cook your sardines in a pasta salad, preferably one that is tomato based. Adding fresh herbs makes a significant difference in the overall taste. .
  • Sardine salad: Make sardines a salad’s best friend by roasting them lightly in oil. You might want to consider removing the bones for this one; it’ll give you an easier time munching on the salad.
  • Add them to your pasta: You cannot do without some of your favorite food, including pasta. Simply grill your sardines, add them to any pasta dish, and see how it takes over your whole meal.

If you’re buying fresh sardines, they should be firm and smell fresh, not like they’ve been out for days.

And if canned sardines are on your grocery list, buy those preserved in olive oil or plain water if you want to minimize the fat intake.

Final Thought

Now you know that sardines can be a thing of joy or a reason for disgust; there truly is no in-between when it comes to people’s opinions about sardines.

But you haven’t read this far to be all against the fish; sardines can be delicious too.

And you’ve just learned some cooking methods to truly become a master of your kitchen and turn all yucks into yums.

With just some simple changes, you will impress yourself and guests alike, and never say no to sardines again.

What Do Sardines Taste Like? Do Sardines Taste Good?

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