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An Unconventional Taste Test: What Do Seagulls Taste Like?

Seagulls plague the shoreline and common tourist spots near the coasts.

But have you ever thought of having them for dinner? The bird may not be a popular culinary item, but it is actually widely eaten across the globe, although there can be contrasting reviews.

What do Seagulls taste like? All these questions but no answers.

Fortunately for you, this article will not only help you understand the taste profile of this bird but also the various ways that you can incorporate its meat.

So, let’s have a look at the Seagull through a brief introduction before you head on to its flavors.

What are Seagulls?

Seagulls are a species of waterbirds that are typically abundant around the coastal areas and waterways.

These birds are generally white or gray in color with slender wings dressed in black markings.

Their bills are long, while their feet are completely webbed.

They are part of a more extensive and widespread family tree filled with birds found away from the sea.

These birds have a negative reputation among individuals who reside around the coasts because they tend to steal food from them.

However, Seagulls are birds that are incredibly intelligent, with a high adaptability and beautiful appearance.

It can be, on the other hand, challenging to identify them.

There are several handy guides that help in telling these birds apart from one another, yet they don’t seem to help much.

Now that you know what these birds are, let us look at how they taste and how you can eat Seagulls.

What Do Seagulls Taste Like?

Now that we’ve established that Seagulls are edible birds, let’s discuss how they taste.

As long as you cook Seagull meat carefully and adequately, you can easily enjoy its taste.

They have a flavor that resembles that of Chicken meat.

They do, however, contain a fish-like scent and taste because they reside in the water-surrounded areas.

The meat from these Seagulls contains a fishy and rubbery texture mixed in with a gamey meat flavoring.

This flavor profile actually depends on what the bird has been feeding on before it was killed and cooked.

To those who don’t know what it tastes like and are tasting it for the first time, you might even take a liking to it.

Many individuals have claimed that Seagull meat simply tastes like a combo of fish and chicken cooked together.

Other than rubbery, the texture of this meat actually has an oily feel that makes the Seagull dish quite gritty.

So, most people find it hard to swallow because of this.

Seagulls have an abundant supply of protein even though they have meat that’s oily.

Apart from being low in Cholesterol levels, the meat is also relatively low in fat.

It also contains many other nutrients and minerals that are well-needed for a healthy diet.

However, before you consume this bird’s meat, you must be aware of the many negative consequences that come along.

While the feathers carry different contaminants, they can easily be cleaned off with proper sanitation.

However, live seagulls can be home to illnesses such as E.

Coli, and these lead to gastrointestinal problems and Septicaemia.

How to Eat Seagulls?

Seagulls can be consumed raw, just as any seabird across the globe.

But most individuals who have tried it raw do not recommend doing so.

These birds are sea dwellers and can easily harvest different kinds of diseases, including salmonella and other infectious bacteria.

This can lead to harmful food poisoning if the meat is eaten improperly.

If you want to try some Seagull meat, you must thoroughly clean the bird.

Make sure everything is well-sanitized before you decide to cook it.

Cooking the bird well will help punch down on food poisoning scares, so ensure the meat is well-cooked.

You can eat a Seagull just like you eat Chicken—grilled, baked, roasted, steamed, etc.

If you like the fishy taste, then go ahead and cook it right after cleaning.

However, if you don’t, you better soak the meat in warm water mixed with salt for more than 8 hours to separate the fishy flavor from it.

This bird meat always tastes fantastic with some vegetables on the side, so add in your favorites and enjoy.

Although roasting and baking are quickly done in an oven, when you’re grilling it, you need to take extra care.

It’s easy to overcook the meat and burn the skin, so keep a close eye on it while grilling the Gull.

When the meat within feels tender, and everything is cooked through, the skin will turn brown and crispy.

You can serve this with any side dish of your choice.


To sum up, Seagulls may not be a typical meat found in the culinary scene, but it is a growing product.

These birds are found to have meat that is tough and flavors that resemble gamey, chicken, or fish.

Although there are risks that can be met with when consuming this bird, you can easily avoid them by cleaning them well.

So, pick your gull, and have a fantastic feast only after thorough sanitation.

What Do Seagulls Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

Curious about the flavor of seagulls? Learn about their taste profile and whether they're considered palatable in culinary contexts.
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