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What to Serve with Sesame Noodles? 7 Tasty Side Dishes

Usually made with thin spaghetti or ramen, mixed in a sweet-savory sauce, with sesame seeds and peanuts – sesame noodles seem to be surging in popularity for their irresistible aroma and flavor.

Have you always enjoyed this dish but now looking for ways to enhance it?

You can simply do so by serving your sesame noodles with a variety of side dishes.

So, what to serve with sesame noodles? We’ve mentioned some of the best side dish options below.

Read on and explore.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Sesame Noodles?

why consider serving side dishes with sesame noodles

Asian-inspired sesame noodles taste extremely delicious on their own.

However, sometimes it looks incomplete on a plate, especially on days when you’re super hungry.

This is where side dishes come in.

Serving some scrumptious side dishes with sesame noodles will help round out your meal and make it more filling.

Moreover, sesame noodles taste even better when paired with one or more side dishes.

The best part is, you have a sea of choices at your disposal when it comes to picking a side dish for sesame noodles.

What to Serve with Sesame Noodles? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Without any further ado, here are the 7 best side dishes that you can serve with sesame noodles:

1. Soft Poached Egg

soft poached egg

Egg and noodles? We don’t think there’s a better match than this.

When you crack an egg in a hot bowl of noodles, a perfect homemade meal is ready for you.

It is so comforting; it’ll stir up happy memories from your past.

Eggs go well with any kind of noodles.

Hence, there is no doubt it’ll taste equally delicious with sesame noodles.

The creaminess of the egg yolk will blend beautifully with the nutty taste of sesame noodles.

Though a soft poached egg with noodles is a hit, you can also go for boiled, half-fried, or scrambled eggs.

2. Garlicky Tofu

garlicky tofu

Pairing your Asian-inspired sesame noodles with another Asian side dish is a great idea.

Commonly, the flavors of different Asian dishes tend to complement each other really well.

It’s the same case with sesame noodles and tofu.

We get it; not everyone is a tofu fan.

However, this garlicky tofu recipe might just ignite the tofu love in you.

Give it a try. The garlicky taste of this side dish complements the peanutty flavor of sesame noodles.

With every bite, you’ll experience a rich burst of Asian flavors that are bound to excite your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

3. Chicken and Broccoli

chicken and broccoli

You may already know that chicken and noodles make another classic combination.

They taste amazing together and offer a complete meal.

This recipe, in particular, takes things up a notch with the inclusion of broccoli.

Moreover, it also makes your meal healthier- thanks to the many health benefits of chicken and broccoli.

You can enjoy this side dish in two ways.

First, you can stir fry some shredded chicken with broccoli separately and serve it on the side of your sesame noodles.

Second, you can add the chicken and broccoli to the sesame noodles to enjoy it as a one-pot meal.

4. Hot and Sour Soup

hot and sour soup

This traditional hot and sour soup recipe will make the perfect accompaniment to your sesame noodles any time of the day.

Even more so, on cold nights by the fire or when you’re feeling down.

It tastes nothing less than a restaurant-style soup. But it is super easy and quick to make.

So, even a novice cook can easily whip up this side dish in a few minutes.

Ingredients like chicken or veggie broth, cornstarch, mushrooms, green onions, salt, pepper, eggs are all you need to make a warm bowl of hot and sour soup.

For the seasonings, you’ll need toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, ground ginger, rice vinegar, and chili garlic sauce.

The hot and sour taste of your soup will enhance the savory flavor of sesame noodles.

5. Miso Fish and Greens

miso fish and greens

Many Asian households love pairing miso fish with sesame noodles.

Miso fish simply means fish cooked in miso paste.

For the uninitiated, miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning.

It is a fermented paste that has a salty, umami flavor.

The umami flavor is what goes really well with sesame noodles.

This combination will also fill you up with protein, and the greens are a healthy addition.

Moreover, the fresh, green leaves such as cabbage and spring onions will add a nice crunchy texture to your entire meal.

6. Assortment of Fresh and Crunchy Vegetables

assortment of fresh and crunchy vegetables

Although delicious, sesame noodles usually lack texture.

Hence, serving it with a variety of crunchy and raw vegetables is the best way to make up for it.

This is also a healthy vegan option if you want to keep your meal light and simple.

You can grab any of your favorite veggies, cut them into slices, and decorate them around your sesame noodles.

The assortment of veggies will also give out a nice, vibrant touch to your meal.

Cabbage, carrots, beets, and cucumbers are great for this recipe.

When pairing sesame noodles with raw veggies, it’s best to serve your noodles cold.

7. Roasted Shrimps

roasted shrimps

Here’s something quick and delicious for all seafood lovers out there.

Serve your sesame noodles alongside a side of crispy shrimps for a meal you’ll remember for a long time.

It is delicious, packed with proteins, and wholesome – what more can you ask for.

Besides, making this side dish is also as easy as ABC.

With minimal seasonings like pepper and salt, you can create a mouth-watering side dish for your sesame noodles.

Add a dash of avocado oil for added flavor before putting your shrimp in the oven.


Sesame noodles are becoming a favorite in several households around the world.

Many people choose to enjoy this dish on its own.

However, the way to increase its flavor is by serving the right side dish with it.

Now that you’ve read through our blog post on the best side dishes for sesame noodles, you have 7 great options to pair your star dish with.

Go on, pick one of these sides and treat yourself to a delicious, mouth-watering meal.

What to Serve with Sesame Noodles? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Searching for the ideal accompaniments to your sesame noodles? Your quest ends here! We've compiled a list of the 7 finest side dishes that impeccably enhance the delightful taste of sesame noodles.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Soft Poached Egg
  • Garlicky Tofu
  • Chicken and Broccoli
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Miso Fish and Greens
  • Assortment of Fresh and Crunchy Vegetables
  • Roasted Shrimps


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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