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What Does Shamrock Shake Taste Like? Does Shamrock Shake Taste Good?

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Shamrock Shake is a seasonal milkshake dessert often sold at McDonald’s restaurants during St.

Patrick’s Day, a festival celebrated by Irish people.

Perhaps, some of you might have got the opportunity to have this mint-flavored milkshake.

This shake is available only for a limited period which is during March, to commemorate this festival.

And if you didn’t have the opportunity to have this shake, you might probably be wondering what a shamrock shake tastes like? It has a refreshing flavor because of mint and with a chocolate undertone.

Note that the taste may vary due to the availability of different variations of this drink.

What is Shamrock Shake?

what is shamrock shake

Shamrock shake is a drink introduced in 1970 to celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day.

This drink is made from a blend of mint and chocolate and is topped with whipped cream or cheddar cheese.

Additionally, it contains peppermint extract, syrup, and food coloring.

To make this shake, you will need multiple ingredients.

Before, this shake was lime-flavored, but in 1983, it switched to mint.

It’s a seasonal drink available at McDonald’s in March.

This drink has caught much popularity in recent years, and you will see different variations of this drink posted on social media.

If you haven’t tried this shake yet, you can make one by infusing your style.

However, you need to visit McDonald’s during march month to have the original drink.

What Does Shamrock Shake Taste Like?

what does shamrock shake taste like

It’s hard to explain the taste of shamrock shake because there is much going on with the ingredients.

Additionally, various types of this shake have popped up in recent years.

Going by the original flavor, it is hard to avoid the mint flavor.

It’s sweet, and the cream as toppings makes it a heavy texture.

Some people have compared it to toothpaste because of the strong mint flavor.

If you browse through the internet, you will see debates and conflicting opinions regarding the taste of this shake.

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

You can give it a shot if you haven’t and see if it’s up to your liking.

Shamrock shakes have become quite a cultural phenomenon, and people of all ages relish this drink.

Some variants of the shamrock shake introduced by McDonald’s in 2017 are:

  • Shamrock hot chocolate.
  • Shamrock mocha.
  • Shamrock chocolate chip frappe.
  • Chocolate shamrock shake.

All these variants’ taste profiles blend well with mint.

With easy access to the internet and much information, you can prepare this shake at home.

  • Nutritional value of shamrock shake.

As per the nutritional information presented by McDonald’s, a large-sized shamrock shake contains 790 calories with a fat content of 22 gm.

Additionally, it has saturated fat up to 14 gm and 112gm of sugar.

It may not be the healthiest food, but it’s okay not to have it once in a while.

But looking on the bright side, this shake is calcium-rich, which is good for strengthening your bones.

How to Make and Serve Shamrock Shake?

how to make and serve shamrock shake

Shamrock Shake is a seasonal drink item available for a specific duration.

And in some cases, this shake might not be available in your local McDonald’s.

Fortunately, you can make this shake at home, as it’s pretty simple if you have all the ingredients.

To make shamrock shake, you will need a blender, whole milk, peppermint essence, and vanilla ice cream.

You can add food coloring if you want; it is optional.

If you like to have this shake by avoiding calories and fats, here is what you can do:

  • Substitute frozen yogurt with vanilla ice cream.
  • Replace whole milk with almond milk.
  • Instead of cream, use banana as topping for texture.

These are some tips you can apply to avoid having fats and calories.

The taste may not be to your liking, or you may like this better than the original version.

It’s essential to take care of your health, and one of the steps is to have healthy and nutritious food.

Shamrock Shake is a tasty dessert that makes you crave more.

And sometimes, we tend to cross the limit and have it excessively.

However, it’s advisable to have it in moderation to live a healthy life.


We hope that this article was helpful to you in sorting the taste of shamrock shake and its aspects plus its history and how it became popular globally.

Shamrock shake is one of the food items with an interesting backstory that got people intrigued leading to popularity of this drink.

This shake is delicious and often out of stock during the season.

Fortunately, you can make it yourself at home if you have the equipment and ingredients to make a shamrock shake.

You can infuse your style by adding ingredients you prefer and replace with the original ones for a new twist.

What Does Shamrock Shake Taste Like? Does Shamrock Shake Taste Good?

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