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Sipping into Sherry: What Does Sherry Taste Like?

Sherry Wine is a famous wine in the UK, along with other neighbors, France and, of course, Spain, its origin-place.

It’s known for its distinctive characteristic taste that it has, along with its ability to blend well with food.

Sherry has a lot to offer to a wine lover.

Whether you’re a fan of cocktails or drinking wine straight from the bottle, this Spanish idol gives you the best.

So, before you try it, what does Sherry taste like? In this article, we’ll discuss this question and various others regarding Sherry Wine to give you a better insight before consuming it.

What is Sherry?

Sherry Wine is a form of white wine that has been fortified and manufactured to be either dry or sweet, so it compliments savory food quite well.

The word ‘Jerez’ refers to the famous town of Jerez de la Frontera, a wine-producing region, and has been anglicized to ‘Sherry.


Sherry Wine is made from the best grapes grown in the Andalusian region of Spain.

The wine is made during intense heat during the summer, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature drops during the afternoons, the evening wind helps to deliver the best nuanced and properly dried Sherry Wine.

Like table wine, the method used to make Sherry is traditional and mainly comprises grape flavor and 70% ABV brandy.

Destilado, which is the brandy used, is incorporated in the fortification process of the Sherry.

Once this process is completed, the aging process begins with a combination of other elements.

What Does Sherry Taste Like?

Sherry Wine is a type of wine with similar qualities to white wine.

However, the noticeable difference is its good-orange hue.

It’s usually made from grapes, such as the ones used to make white wine.

These are commonly low in tannins, which lower the chances of nausea and vomiting when consumed.

Compared to white wine, Sherry has a sweeter taste to it.

It can be produced in different styles, and each one can differ in flavor as well as content of alcohol.

Although it’s usually manufactured from grapes, the taste depends on where the grapes are growing and, subsequently, the manufacture region.

A few sherries contain a nutty taste with sweet undertones.

In contrast, others make use of raisins and apples so you can taste the dryness and get a hint of these ingredients.

However, the flavor profile can land anywhere on the spectrum, depending on various factors.

It has a higher sugar content, so it’s sweeter than most wines.

Some may see this as a disadvantage, but it remains a popular option for many.

However, port wine tastes a lot sweeter than Sherry Wine due to its added sugar through the inclusion of syrups, honey, etc.

Sherry is not a wine meant to be drunk on its own because the sweetness can bring mild relief when you have it with spicy, savory food.

As grape is the main ingredient in this wine, the wine is high in potassium.

This helps in bringing down blood pressure as well as lowering heart attack and stroke risks.

How to Drink and Serve Sherry?

As always, wine and food go hand in hand, whether it’s a date night dinner or a family brunch.

Sherry can compliment any dish with elegance.

You can experience its tasty flavors with light snacks ranging from potato chips, olives, bacon and ham, and even almonds.

Since it has a sharp taste and smooth, light texture, you can pair Sherry Wine with fresh and raw seafood like sushi or ceviche.

Its slightly nutty flavor goes well with white meats, so chicken steak or turkey cooked in your preferred sauce hits the spot.

If you’re looking for a hearty meal with a glass of wine on the side, Oloroso (Sherry) is an excellent choice.

If the Sherry is dry, some cheese that’s pungent is highly recommended.

Manchego is a good option for cheese.

Incorporating Sherry into dessert is also a great way to enjoy it.

Cream sherry after a hearty dinner is fantastic, but you can also drizzle some wine over a saucer of pudding or your favorite ice cream.

If you’d like, you can put some Sherry Wine in your coffee next time.

Try something new during the mornings to wake you up with that well-needed calcium in your system.

It’s also quite good for digestion, so go ahead and try this out.


Sherry Wine is an iconic character on the table, alongside the main course and side dishes.

Although Spain is its home, it travels the world, quenching the thirst of so many people.

With different variations to choose from, experimenting with Sherry is an excellent idea for a game.

Sherry is for the ones who love their wines very dry, and it’s also for people who like a smooth blend of complex flavors.

The fruitiness and slight acidity are a great way to end your day.

So, enjoy its rich flavor and sip this wine with some tapas, paella, or tacos.

What Does Sherry Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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