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A Taste of the Wild: What Does Snake Meat Taste Like?

Snakes? Really? Well, why the harm if they’re safe to eat and considered popular game meat (except for some protected and endangered snake species)?

Although considered haram in some cultures, snake meat isn’t bad at all.

Some use it as a medicinal food, while some like to consume it for the thrill.

But if you can rid the notion of them being gross, you’ll be in for a delightful treat.

What does snake meat taste like? Be prepared to be surprised because its appearance has nothing to do with its taste.

What is Snake Meat?

Snake meat is meat obtained from snakes.

You can get access to this reptile meat through exotic meat markets or by hunting.

Not all snakes are considered game meat, so be mindful of which species you choose.

If you’re preparing something you’ve caught, just be ready to work with a long spine and a difficult time peeling off its skin.

Snake meat doesn’t have to be exclusive; venomous snakes are totally safe to eat.

And pythons and cobras are some of the most widely enjoyed snake meat.

You’ll find them sold whole or skinned and chopped.

And you can even find them as an item on some restaurant menus.

It is low-calorie, high-protein meat that you can benefit from if you add it to your diet.

One byproduct you’ll receive from snakes is, of course, its skin.

Snakeskin is considered exotic leather, and you can make a lifetime of memoirs.

What Does Snake Meat Taste Like?

There is no definite way to describe the taste of snake meat.

There are all types of edible snakes with varying diets.

And depending on what they’ve been fed, they can taste like insects or something more complex.

So, they don’t have much flavor of their own, requiring heavy preparation and a lot of seasonings.

Larger snakes, like the python, have relatively firmer meat with a taste like chicken.

It will be pinkish-white, chewy, and have a gamey flavor.

Their overly tough meat makes cooking somewhat challenging, but if you do it right, you’ll have the best-tasting snake meat.

Because of its sinewy texture and toughness, snake meat is called ‘desert whitefish’.

Some even say snake meat tastes like alligator meat (but that’s novelty meat, and not many have tried it).

You can use them as alternatives to chicken and pork.

That’s because snake meat has a similar texture and color, and you can easily alter its natural flavor as you do with pork and chicken.

Meanwhile, species like rattlesnakes can have lingering flavors of frog meat.

The meat is white and has a rubbery feel but is tender when you eat it.

So they’re some of the most widely-eaten snakes.

Snake meat doesn’t easily absorb seasonings and might end up tasting not as good as it should.

A long marinate will be helpful no matter how you prepare the meat.

To reap the health benefits of snake meat, they are prepared in different ways as health supplements, especially in some Southeast Asian countries.

How to Cook Snake Meat?

You’ve learned about the standard taste of snake meat, but you still have the upper hand at determining its overall flavor, and it’s in the way you cook it.

  • Tenderize the meat with milk marinate: Larger snakes, in particular, need at least an overnight milk marinate to reduce cooking time. Then, you can proceed with the marinating and cooking.
  • Stew: You know that snake meat doesn’t have much taste, so immersing them in a stew and letting them absorb the seasonings as they cook is one way to broaden its use. .
  • Breaded and deep-fried: This one’s easy and will give mouth-watering results. You need to take some seasoned and cooked snake meat, dip them in egg mix, coat them with breadcrumbs, and deep-fry until golden. They make great options as snacks with a drink, so try it out.
  • Make snake patties: This method is pretty handy if you want to try eating snake meat but cannot stand recipes with chunks of meat. You just have to mince cooked snake meat, add some flour and seasonings, and shallow-fry them. These are great when used in stews too. .
  • Snake soup: This one is for when you have not just one but different variants of snake meat. The broth is hearty and filled with minced mushrooms, vegetables, and fragrant spices, and the meat adds a chewy texture.

How to Buy Snake Meat?

If you visit Southeast Asian countries, you might have an easier time finding a place to buy snake meat.

And if you’re in the West, you’ll have quite a challenge, but these buying tips will make it easier:

  • Know which snake to get: This might seem simple and unnecessary but figuring out which snake meat fits your diet or aligns with the cooking methods possible is always a good start. Since some snakes are tender and firm and some extremely tough, a little preparation becomes necessary. .
  • Find a market that sells exotic meat: You won’t find snake meat just anywhere. You’ll need to research and find a seller with the species you’re looking for.
  • Buy from a trusted source: You want to ensure your snake meat supply comes from a reputed seller who knows their meat well and puts quality first.
  • Buy a headless snake (if venomous): Unless the snake has bit itself, you shouldn’t worry about buying a venomous species. The venom is found in the salivary glands in the head, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thought

Not everyone can gear up to eat snake meat, but you can feed your curiosity by incorporating exciting cooking methods to alter the taste and texture of the meat.

If handled well and prepared in the right methods, snake meat can be delicious and healthy for you.

Just make sure you discard the head.

So if you’re fortunate enough to access this exotic meat, say yes to try eating it.

Also, if you think about it, you’ll have eaten one of the most dangerous animals on earth.

What Does Snake Meat Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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