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How Long Does Spaghetti Squash last? Does it Go Bad?

Did you just buy Spaghetti Squash in bulk in a sale?

However, now you are thinking about how long they will serve you or do spaghetti squash go bad.

This is fruit spaghetti that will only serve anyone for a specific date and go bad.

As it does go bad, thus one needs to examine it closely when they have old stored spaghetti.

If anyone has bad spaghetti, this can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

Besides this, one can also experience swelling in the pancreas, kidney, and gall bladder; therefore, everyone should be careful and avoid consuming bad spaghetti.

What is Spaghetti Squash?

This a winter squash that is of oblong shape and has yellowish skin.

The fruit has a neutral and mild flavor and a hard outer rind that grows 12 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter.

Generally, its weight lies between 4 to 8 pounds, and it is also known as noodle squash or vegetable marrow.

When the flesh of this fruit is cooked then, it has long strands that look like noodles; because of this, it is named spaghetti squash.

The fruit also contains various nutrients that can provide you with numerous health benefits.

Squash is rich in antioxidants and protects your body from cell damage ad free radicals.

Antioxidants are also effective in preventing chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease.

People who are on a weight loss diet must consume the fruit as this contains a high amount of fiber and low calories.

How Long Does Spaghetti Squash last? Does Spaghetti Squash Go Bad?

As mentioned earlier, this is a winter squash; thus, they need a cool temperature for a longer shelf life.

Also, it’s hard to store them as they absorb smell if they are stored with food items with a pungent smell.

Besides this, over time, its texture becomes soft, which causes moisture and makes it worse.

Therefore if anyone desires to store it for an extended period, they need to provide their squash with favorable storing conditions.

If we talk about the usual shelf life of squash under appropriate conditions, then the whole spaghetti squash can be preserved for a month.

This squash does not need refrigeration as one can store it at room temperature for longer shelf life.

On the other hand, if you have cut-up or sliced spaghetti squash, its shelf life will only be 5 to 7 days.

Once the spaghetti is sliced, room temperature will not preserve it, so they need refrigeration.

Once the squash is cooked, this will only serve you for 3 to 4 days if stored in the fridge.

If anyone is not planning to consume the fruit within a short period, they must not slice whole squash as its more convenient for storing.

How to Tell if Spaghetti Squash Has Gone Bad?

  • Slimy or Pulpy Texture

One can see that the texture of squash must not be pulpy or slimy.

That is because when squash goes bad, it separates water, and a milky liquid gets collected at the bottom.

So if your squash also has a soggy or pulpy texture, it indicates bad spaghetti squash.

Therefore you should avoid its consumption and discard it.

  • Weight Becomes Light

If you have a whole squash, then when finding bad squash, you can consider its weight.

You do not have to slice it because if, after extended storage, it has become light in there, then this has undoubtedly gone bad.

That happens when moisture gets in the squash and decays over time.

So the firm flesh turns soft, and the squash feels lighter.

  • Off Odor

To find bad squash, you can take a quick sniff test.

Here you need to smell it after slicing because until the squash is fresh there will be a sweet and pleasant scent.

However, as soon as it gets worse, the pleasant aroma will turn into an off odor which means this has been stale.

So if your spaghetti squash is giving a dusty smell, then you should throw it out.

How to Store Spaghetti Squash?

  • Freezing

Freezing the squash can help you to retain its nutrients for a prolonged period.

That is why freezing is considered suitable for retaining the quality of sliced spaghetti.

If it is kept at a high temperature, then it will become mushy as they need a cool temperature for better shelf life.

The ideal temperature for storing spaghetti ranges from 13 to 16 degrees Celsius.

  • Airtight Container

When you are putting squash in the refrigerator or freezer, then you should keep it in an airtight container.

The container will prevent the spaghetti from any bacterial infection and foul odor.

This will also block any other food item from getting on the squash.

Make sure that the container you are using is dry and clean; otherwise, it can contaminate the entire content in the box.

  • Whole Squash

When you are storing this, you need to find a well-ventilated area.

This will retain its quality at room temperature, but you need to keep it in places like kitchen cupboards.

That is because these areas are not affected by direct sunlight and heat.

However, you must check that the cupboard must not be infested with pests.


For sliced squash and leftovers, airtight containers are essential if you want to store them for a prolonged period.

Even though whole squash has an extended shelf life, one must consume it within 15 days.

While purchasing, one should avoid buying spaghetti squashes with black spots on them.

That is because they will go bad earlier, as these spots indicate the initial stage of spoilage.

how long does spaghetti squash last does spaghetti squash go bad

How Long Does Spaghetti Squash last? Does it Go Bad?

Pondering the lifespan of your spaghetti squash? Explore how long spaghetti squash stays fresh and if it can go bad.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Shelf Life
Servings 1 Serving


  • Spaghetti squash
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Store your product in an labelled container in a cool, dark place like the pantry or fridge.
  • If your food is frozen, allow it to thaw in the fridge before cooking.
  • Make sure to look for signs that your food has gone bad before eating it.
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