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What to Serve with Steak Pie? 10 BEST Side Dishes

A steak pie is made from stewing steak and beef gravy, enclosed in a pastry shell.

Britain is the traditionally accepted place of origin, but it’s also popular in other places.

This meat pie is delicious and can stand on its own, but it’s versatile, so you can enjoy it with multiple items.

Beef broth gravy, fried plantains, Southern baked beans and mushroom risotto are some suitable items.

So when thinking about what to serve with steak pie, you have numerous options including the ones we’ll mention below.

Why consider Serving Side Dishes with Steak Pie?

A meat pie is flavorsome on its own but side dishes help to complete a meal so you need them.

It’s easy making steak pie but it won’t be enough if there are many people to eat a meal.

Of course, any function becomes more exciting when you have several items to enjoy so side dishes can help with that.

It will also not look good if you serve only one dish at any meal, even if it’s delicious.

What to Serve with Steak Pie? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Take a look at the following items you can serve with steak pie.

1 – Mushroom Risotto

Plain rice clicks nicely with meat, but you can enhance your menu by serving a special dish like mushroom risotto.

It’s popular, makes a perfect match with steak pie and you’ll have a full belly.

The main ingredients in the dish are rice and mushrooms.

Arborio is a variety of short-grain rice typically used in making risotto so it’s best to use it or you’ll not get the required consistency.

Regarding mushrooms, you can use portobello or baby bella variety as both are flavorful and suitable for the dish.

2 – Homemade Chips

Potatoes are another great combination with steak pie so it would be unfair to leave them out.

Potato chips or fries are also a favorite with everyone, so the pair will be a smash hit.

It’s also easy making chunky chips and you’ll have excellent results with the right potatoes.

Idaho or Russet are best for making chips as they’re high in starch and low in moisture.

If you can’t get hold of them, use Yukon golds.

When making chips, you don’t have to use many ingredients.

Along with potatoes, oil for frying and salt and pepper for seasoning are sufficient.

You can add a fresh herb for aroma but that’s optional.

3 – Sautéed Greens

Adding greens to your menu is excellent because they provide a fresh element, complete a meal and balance the flavors.

Green leafy veggies also make a lovely pairing with steak pie.

Sautéing is one of the best cooking methods for greens as you don’t need to spend a lot of time.

There is also no need to use plenty of seasonings.

A little salt, pepper and garlic are enough.

Collard greens, spinach, mustard leaves, Swiss chard and kale are all suitable for making the dish.

You can use all if you have them or only one or two if not.

4 – Fried Plantains

If you want more variety, fried plantains can serve that purpose.

They can pair nicely with steak pie as even the ripe fruits are mildly sweet and can balance the taste.

Making fried plantains is effortless because they cook fast and you need only oil and salt(optional) to fry the veggie slices.

But you must have the plantains at a stage where they taste great when fried.

The banana’s cousin turns black when ripe.

So you can choose plantains with black skin and bits of yellow.

These will be ripe but not soft to turn soggy.

5 – Cauliflower Cheese

It’s a dish frequently eaten with steak pie so it had to be added.

Cauliflower cheese also serves as a main dish and is a popular food in Britain.

But here we have included it as a side dish.

Cauliflower cheese is a dish where you add a delicious cheese sauce on top of lightly boiled veggie florets.

There are a lot of recipes and you’ll notice them using different cheese types.

However, Cheddar is the most common variety.

You have to boil the veggie florets lightly; they’ll taste best only if you use fresh cauliflower.

So, look for flawless heads with tight florets.

Avoid any with soft spots or blemishes.

6 – Apple Slaw

A classic coleslaw can also pair well with steak pie but let’s add a slightly different item to this list.

An apple slaw is a suitable version to serve with meat pie as it offers a crunchy texture and fresh aspect.

Making apple slaw is also easy; you only have to add apple to a regular slaw.

All other ingredients are what you usually use to make coleslaw.

You can use a red apple and a Granny Smith for more color.

Typical slaw is usually tangy or creamy.

But you can make it sweet, sour and creamy by adding mayo, lemon juice and brown sugar.

7 – Beef Broth Gravy

A gravy with steak pie and that too beef broth gravy? What can taste better than this pair? Beef broth gravy is one of the most frequently served side dishes with meat pie, so here it is.

But you’ll be amazed to know that you need only a handful of ingredients for the dish.

Beef broth, butter, all-purpose flour, salt and pepper make up the items needed for the gravy.

It’s delicious and popular, so make sure to make a large portion, or some of your guests won’t get it.

Everyone will get back to the gravy bowl for more so you should keep that point in mind.

8 – Southern Baked Beans

Nothing can pair better than baked beans in Southern style if you want comfort food with steak pie.

They’ll fill you up and make you feel good.

Baked beans typically contain navy beans but you can use a variety of beans like pinto, kidney, butter and even red beans.

Molasses, bacon, brown sugar and a hot sauce are the other regular items in baked beans Southern style.

Canned beans are more convenient, but you can use dried beans too, if you have time and want to create your version.

9 – Smashed Brussels Sprouts

Any veggie dish tastes good with steak pie so the more variety you have, the more exciting your menu will be.

Smashed Brussels sprouts can also make a lovely pairing with a meat pie.

It’s flavorsome, easy to make and versatile.

Smashed Brussels sprouts are like the roasted version, except that you have to smash each veggie piece.

You’ll also have to add a cheese such as Parmesan.

The smallest sprouts seem to be the sweetest so pick small veggies for the best-flavored dish.

Salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic will be sufficient to make the dish incredible.

10 – Mushy Peas

We finally have the last dish on the list and it pairs nicely with steak pie too.

Have you tried mushy peas? Even if you don’t like peas, you’ll love this dish because it’s delightful.

There are several recipes for mushy peas so you can make the one you like best.

If you want something simple, the one with butter, heavy cream, salt, pepper and green peas is will be perfect.

Frozen peas are convenient for making the dish, but if the veggie is in season, you can also use fresh peas.

It may take more time but your dish will taste even better.


Each side dish makes an excellent pairing with steak pie.

So it doesn’t matter whenever you make the rich dish.

You can choose what and how many items to serve on every occasion.

But if steak pie is a frequent centerpiece at family dinners or any occasion, don’t serve the same item at every event.

Keep a gap before cooking and serving the same dish.

Even if an item is wonderfully delicious, it can lose its attraction when you serve it repeatedly.

So, having a gap is a great idea.

What to Serve with Steak Pie? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Elevate your Steak Pie experience with our selection of the 10 best side dishes. From buttery mashed potatoes to rich gravy-soaked vegetables, discover the perfect accompaniments to complement the hearty flavors of this comforting dish.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Homemade Chips
  • Sautéed Greens
  • Fried Plantains
  • Cauliflower Cheese
  • Apple Slaw
  • Beef Broth Gravy
  • Southern Baked Beans
  • Smashed Brussels Sprouts
  • Mushy Peas


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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